How to Pull Focus in 1500FPS Slow-Mo

Here’s a 2-minute video in which cinematographer Matthew Rosen explains how he pulled focus at high speed for detergent ad. The shot was of falling detergent powder, captured at 1500 frames per second with a Phantom Miro camera.

The 3D Shapes in These Photos Were Created Entirely In-Camera

If you take a look at photographer Charlie Kitchen‘s latest work, the images appear to be landscape photos with 3D shapes added in digitally. But appearances can be deceiving: each photo was created entirely in-camera without any help from Photoshop.

How to Dodge and Burn Your Photos Using Gaussian Blur

Here’s a 5-minute tutorial by photography artist Antti Karppinenthat shares a technique for effectively dodging and burning your photo using the Gaussian Blur adjustment in Photoshop. While not suitable for every post-processing situation you may find yourself in, this dodge and burn method can help you to add “punch” to the shot. It adds contrast […]

How to Heal Blemishes in Portraits with a B&W Adjustment Layer

There are many tips and tricks in Photoshop that can make editing life easier if you know how to use them. Here’s a 13-minute tutorial by PiXimperfect that teaches how you can easily identify and remove blemishes in portraits using a black-and-white adjustment layer.

How to Convert a Photo to B&W in 30s with Photoshops Calculations Tool

Have you ever used Photoshops Calculations Tool? It allows you to quickly blend two images together with optional blend modes and opacity. This 10 minute video from PIXimperfect explains how the tool works, and how it can be used to quickly convert a color image to black and white. The video starts off with the […]

How to Accurately Color Match in Photoshop

Adjusting colors of specific elements in a photograph can be used to bring harmony to an image or to add creative flair. Heres a 5-minute video that shows how to match colors in Photoshop. Russell Browns example photograph features a red chair sitting in front of a water scene, wearing orange flippers. This, naturally, is […]

Why the Technical Stuff Matters

Along with normal how-to articles and essays, Ive always liked reading and writing very technical, nitty-gritty articles about photographysometimes, articles on topics that rarely come up while actually taking pictures.

An Intro to Panning Your Camera for a Blurry Feeling of Speed

Looking to add some drama or action to your photos but not quite sure how? Look no further In simple terms, camera panning (or motion tracking as some people call it) is a technique where you follow a moving subject, shooting with a slower shutter speed to create a feeling of speed or action. If […]

The Role of the Slit-Scan Image in Science and Art

The use of slit-scan photography is actually quite old. It is often called line-scan, photo finish, or streak photography. Slit-scan photography has a rich and colorful history rooted in chemical analog photography.

These Photos Were Made by Spinning the Camera While Shooting

Natural Rotations is a photo series by Surrey, England-based photographer Simon Painter. Each of the images was created by spinning the camera while an exposure is in progress. “My technique involves moving the camera during an exposure of anything from 0.

How to Shoot a Portrait of Yourself Levitating

As with most creatives, when I have a concept in mind it will distract and consume me until it becomes a reality. I wanted to create a conceptual self-portrait that was dreamlike, surreal, and relevant to an inner conflict in my life.