Testing the Speed Boost in Luminar’s Jupiter Update

Testing the Speed Boost in Luminar’s Jupiter Update
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Luminar has a new update, and it’s fast! Although I recently published an extensive review of raw processors that included Luminar 2018 v1. 1, the new update called Jupiter (v1. 2) has significant changes and improvements.

I believe it warrants an updated review covering the important changes. So here it is. Bottom Line First The most significant […].

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2018-4-13 21:43

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Skylum Software Releases The Luminar 2018 Jupiter Update

Skylum Software has released a major update to Luminar 2018 called Jupiter. Speed improvements, batch processing, camera and lens profiles lead the way in new features. Buy Luminar 2018 Jupiter (coupon code “canonrumors” to save more) From Skylum Software: We are happy to bring you the latest update to Skylum Luminar. With the new updated Read more... canonrumors.com »

2018-04-12 15:51