This Panasonic ZS200 is Looking to Tackle the Sony RX100 Series

Arguably the less star of today's news, the Panasonic ZS200 is also probably the camera that is bound to sell better than its bigger cousin the Panasonic GX9. This is due to its fixed lens compact nature, the 1 inch sensor and a whole lot of other great stuff that's under the good.

The Panasonic ZS200 gets the new L Monochrome D mode that emulates the look of black and white film, and has a 2. 330K dot live viewfinder with a magnification of 0. 53x. For some that won't mean a whole lot but if you're a Leica user and understand the importance of viewfinder magnification, then this is pretty exciting. .

panasonic zs200

2018-2-13 16:01