This Lego Instax Camera Has a Classic TLR Design To It

What's more fun than putting together a Lego Instax camera? For some of you, probably thing. There's a yearning in the Instax film photography community to have more cameras with different designs and full manual capabilities.


How I Made a ‘Frankencamera’ Digital TLR

I really enjoyed reading the Photography: The Definitive Visual History and it got me thinking about blending older forms of photography with newer digital equipment. I became obsessed with TLR (Twin Lens Reflex) cameras — not for their ability to view through one lens while capturing an image through the other, but for the style […]


I Got Two Free Rolleiflex TLR Cameras From a Kind Internet Stranger

It’s not every day that you receive free stuff from strangers on the Internet. (Much less, stuff you actually want). I figure that something like this should be commended… Several weeks ago I had commented on a Reddit r/history post before heading off to bed for the night. It was fairly popular, even making /r/all, […]