Lofoten, Norway: A Landscape Photographers Dream

Due to the pioneering adventures of a few, the Lofoten Islands have become a winter magnet for landscape photographers. Light has begotten this new pilgrimage. And February is the high season. The month commences with 5 hours of daylight and ends with 10.

For the World Traveler: Gura Gear Chobe 2.0 Review

From designs for hiking to street photography, camera bags are becoming less one-size-fits-all and more specialized. The Gura Gear Chobe 2. 0 is designed with the opposite idea in mind. Dubbed as an everyday bag, the Chobe 2.

The Reasons You Need a Backpack as Your Next Camera Bag

Of any standing photo publication, we've done the most reviews of camera bags. If you're typically looking for something, you come to us. So today, we're presenting an infographic on choosing the right camera bag for you.

The Most Fun Ive Had. Hasselblad 907X 50C Review

How many of you would believe me if I told you that the Hasselblad 907X 50C is an excellent JPEG camera? Many would probably clamor for my head on a stake. Others wouldn't believe me. And yet some would agree with me.

Hiking In Badlands National Park

We all know that the USA has a lot of national parks. Thus it is no secret that some become hidden gems. That sees few visitors throughout the years.

How To Save Money for Your Photography Passion

A common barrier for people trying to break into or sustain their path in photography is money. Gear, editing tools, accessories, travel, none of them are cheap. You would be forgiven for thinking that unless you're a rich business tycoon, then photography isn't an option for you.

Portraits of Strangers on the Streets of Cuba

For my project “The World I See,” I have gone to 19 countries in the last 12 months and walked up to strangers to ask for their photograph. In the beginning, I was just walking up to people, getting their photographs, and then walking away.

5 Reasons to Go Out and Capture Your Local Landscapes More Often

Denmark-based landscape photographer Mads Peter Iversen recently put together a tips video for landscape photographers that has nothing to do with technique and everything to do perspective. It’s called: 5 Important Reasons to do Local Landscape Photography.

Photographing Inside Cubas Legendary Boxing Gym

Cuba is home to many stunning scenes, intriguing locations, and fascinating people, and photographers across the globe have made it their mission to tell their story. The latest on our list of favorite documentary photography works set in the country explores one of its most iconic boxing gyms, as captured byJason Bax and John Towner.

Shooting Street Photos in Ethiopia

My first time in a Sub-Saharan African country was in Ethiopia, and to be honest I wasnt sure what to expect. Well, yes I know, I was expecting to get in the zone at all times and take hundreds of great pictures like I expect from all my photography trips. Not too much to ask, […]

Himalayan Winter: Frigid Frames on Film by Nandakumar Narasimhan

The Himalayas is home to some of the most stunning landscapes in the world, but also the resilient people battling some of the harshest winters on the planet. This was the premise that drew Singaporean photographerNandakumar Narasimhan to its famous peaks, in search of stories to photograph.

4 Bang for Your Buck 24-105mm Wide to Telephoto Lenses That Can Do it All

Like many other photographers out there, I have multiple lenses in my camera bag that are all suitable for various jobs and genres of photography. While it's nice to be able to pick and choose from a long list of prime lenses, sometime it's just really nice to use wide to telephoto lenses that can do-it-all, and 24-105mm lenses are just about the perfect do it all lens.

Review: SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD (1TB)

In my time using theSanDisk Extreme Portable SSD, I've learned just how incredibly fast technology and transfer rates have become. Despite being satisfied with my 2015 MacBook Pro and iMac computers, their Thunderbolt ports were always more than adequate for me.

Sonys New Cyber-shot HX99 is the Worlds Smallest Travel High Zoom Camera

Sony has recently introduced the Cyber-shot HX99, a versatile camera geared for travelers and weekend photographers, and touted as the world's smallest camera of its kind. It boasts of an upgraded image processor, 4K video recording capabilities, an extreme zoom range, and a bunch of other advanced features packed into an ultra-compact body.

Camera Bag Review: Tenba Cooper DSLR Backpack

Perhaps products that I spend the most time on for reviews here at the Phoblographer could be camera bags; in fact I spent two months reviewing the Tenba Cooper DSLR Backpack before I decided to sit at my desk and pen this review.

The Nature of Things in Light and Color: Minimalist Landscape Photography by Li Ye

Landscape photography has always been about immersing ourselves in nature's grandeur first, and bringing home photos that serve as a reminder of the experience. It's also the same for freelance photographer and writer Li Ye, who is based in one of the most sought after destinations among photographers: the mystic and majestic Tibet.

Jesse Echevarria Unravels the Beauty of Colorados Hidden Dunes

Attention, landscape photographers! Here's a spot to add to your list of stunning places to photograph. Brooklyn-based art director and photographer Jesse Echevarria says visiting and staying overnight at the Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado is a must, and he definitely has the photos to prove it.

Ryan Struck Photographs Adventure with Kodak Aerochrome Film

One of the things that I really enjoy doing is follow up interviews with photographers to showcase to you readers how they've grown and made themselves into success stories--and in the case of photographer Ryan Struck you'll have a giant smile on your face.

HEX Launches Spring Collection with New DSLR Backpacks

It seems like the never ending struggle as a photographer is to find the ideal camera bag to carry everything you need in a way that you prefer to carry it, along with whatever accessories and whatever else you want to carry with it.

Why Fujifilm is Right for Me and I Left Nikon

My photographic journey was a long one,with many twists and turns that eventually landed me in the world of Fujifilm. The first time someone suggested I try out a Fujifilm camera, I laughed at them.

Giacomo Bruno Beautifully Documents Tea Picking in Sri Lanka

Documenting daily life in plantations is one of the most beautiful projects that every photographer should take on if they have the chance. Every location holds a different story and shows a certain scenery but the messages are always eye-opening.

The TSA Will Require You To Take Your Camera Out of Your Carry-On Now

It looks like traveling through United States airports will become even more laborious, as you will now have to remove all electronics larger than a smartphone from your carry-on. Is it a huge deal? Not really, I think I’m asked to remove camera gear or I get hit by a second screening 50% of the Read more...

Live Show Recap: Travel

What’s up, jerks? We reviewed your travel photos last night, and you really came through! It’s a pretty ambiguous topic, but I think we got some really impressive submissions. We decided that travel photography was something that captured the unique spirit of a place, orportrayed motion and destination. Support our Patreon! You can vote on […]

Tenba Updates Travel Focused Roadie Bags with Industry First Features

If you are a photographer who often has to travel with your gear, be it a small kit or a large one, then you know the struggles and stress related to this. Finding a quality bag to protect your gear while in route to your destination can go a long way towards alleviating some of that and Tenbas Roadie line of bags are designed just for this purpose.

Foreigners Are Photo Ops in China

If you’re a tall white guy walking around in touristy parts of China, there’s a good chance you may be stopped by random people and asked to pose for a photo. This strange phenomenon can be seen in this 3-minute video recorded a few years ago by comedian Paul Ogata. It’s titled, “Yes You May […]

Patrick Temmes Inspiring Environmental Portraits Of People In Tigray, Ethiopia

Great environmental portrait photography usually shows people in a situation they live in (or sometimes at work and play) that says something about who they are. Patrick Temme's environmental portrait approach in his documentation work beautifully captured the grace and charisma of the people he encountered in Tigray, Ethiopia in Africa.

Before Traveling the Globe, See the World in Your Own Backyard

We’ve all heard of some of the world’s greatest and most spectacular places. Places like Yosemite National Park, the Grand Canyon, and Machu Picchu. Many of us dream of going to far away places such as Iceland, Santorini, Dubai, The Maldives, but for many of us, it is just that — a dream! Something we […]

When Someone Follows You Around the World to Copy Your Photos

Jack Morris (@doyoutravel) and Lauren Bullen (@gypsea_lust) are both travel photographers and Instagram’s favorite travel power couple! With a collective following of 2 million people, you can imagine they’ve developed quite a great following! Rightfully so, the work on their accounts are beautiful and they travel quite religiously. Just yesterday, Lauren posted something publicly on […]

Travel Without Traveling for Street and Documentary Photography

Whenever I travel for photography, theres a real sense of anticipation for the scenarios I might face, the feeling that the next great moment is just around the corner. As a street and documentary photographer, my intention when traveling is not to see the sights, or to eat the foods, or to hear the music […]

How I Use My GoPro Cameras for Landscape and Travel Photography

As a landscape and travel photographer with more than a decade of experience, I always found myself carrying a ton of gear. With huge wide-angle and telephoto lenses, multiple DSLR camera bodies, heavy-duty tripods, and occasionally drones in my backpack, my mobility while trekking to locations was often limited. However, things changed dramatically in 2016 […]

23 Surefire Landscape Photography Tips From A Pro

Landscapes may be a popular subject among photographers, but it takes a lot of mastery, patience, and a certain frame of mind to capture imagery that will really stir the viewers’ emotions and minds.

23 Landscape Photography Tips From A Pro

Landscapes may be a popular subject among photographers, but it takes a lot of mastery, patience, and a certain frame of mind to capture imagery that will really stir the viewers’ emotions and minds.

Photos of Kyrgyzstan, The Beauty of the South

The first time I visited Kyrgyzstan, I explored a bit of everything. The second time, I focused on the south shore of Issyk-kul Lake, where I mostly found impressive canyons and dry landscapes. This time I decided to visit the South of Kyrgyzstan.

Beginner Photography: Travel

Hey friends! This weekend I got to do a whirlwind weekend in San Francisco for my friends wedding. This will essentially be a two-part post, since next week’s topic is street photography and I did quite a bit of that while I was there (get ready to see some surfers)! This was my first time […]