How to Trick Instagrams Algorithm for Higher Engagement (Maybe)

In mid-2016, Instagram started using an algorithm to order the photos you’re shown, which was a big change from the simple chronological feed that had been used since the beginning. If you’re not happy with the reach and engagement your photos on getting on Instagram, there’s a rumored trick you may want to try. Here’s […]

This is How You Shoot Bullet Time the Free and Easy Way

Want to shoot a “bullet time” shot but don’t have an ultra-expensive camera array or high-speed camera? Here’s a 27-second video showing a brilliantly cheap and easy way you can create the same effect with any video camera.

Tell a Story to Get Great Portrait Poses from Ordinary People

Want to learn how to get your portrait subjects to give you the poses and expressions you’re going for? Photographer Miguel Quiles made this helpful 11-minute video in which he shares one of his best tricks: getting subjects to play a character.

Stop Using Tape to Attach Your Gels: How to Use Magnets Instead

If youre like me and youve tried to attach gels to your lights in the past, youve likely resorted to using one of the many types of sticky tapes available. When I used to manage a studio, I would see all manner of tapes being used to attach gels to hot modifiers. From masking tape, […]

Page Markers Can Give Your Photos a Light Leak Look

Here’s a neat little trick for getting creative with your photos in-camera: placing colorful page markers right in front of your lens can produce a “light leak” look reminiscent of plastic toy cameras.

How to Shoot Fireworks with Film: An Analog Photography Tutorial

With pyrotechnics, the stars of the show are quite literally, shooting stars, stars being the fireworks industrys term for those bits of flying sparkly fire. As in any performance, stars need a stage, and in a photograph, the stage is everything else in the frame: the dark sky, buildings, or monuments, even your fellow audience members watching the show.

How to Run Nik Collection Standalone Without Photoshop or Lightroom

DxO recently announced that it has acquired the Nik Collection suite of popular photo tools after Google abandoned development in May. The Collection is still available as a free download and can be run as standalone programs independent of Photoshop and Lightroom.

A Rubber Band Can Take the Stress Off Your Cameras Tether Cable

If you often shoot with your camera tethered, there are commercial solutions out there for taking the stress off your camera and cable and protecting the cord from getting yanked out. But if you’d rather not spend your hard-earned money on such a product, an ordinary rubber band can do the same thing. “Instead of […]

How to Customize Your Lens Caps with Spray Paint and a Label Maker

The Film Look made this 2-minute video showing how they created customized lens caps to help better identify and keep track of them. After buying some cheap generic lens caps from eBay at the correct lens diameters, they disassembled them, masked the portions that contact one another (or else the paint will ruin the sliding […]

Quick Tip: How to Use Gels to Change the Look and Feel of Your Portraits

Popping a gel in front of your rim light is a quick, easy way to change the feel of your portraits. As JP Morgan of The Slanted Lens shows you in this quick tutorial, there are a few things to consider when using gels to augment the look and feel of a portraitfrom your background, […]

How to Use a Camera to Measure Foot-Candles of Light for Houseplants

Do you love both photography and houseplants? If so, did you know that you can easily use your camera to measure the intensity of the light falling on your plants? In the United States, optimal light intensity for houseplants is often discussed in foot-candles (and for those of you more familiar with lux, 1 foot-candle […]

I Pretended These Macro Photos Were Aerials And People Believed It

I recently shot a bunch of simple macro shots of sand textures when I was in Iceland. This was so-called black sand (which is actually volcanic and not really sand) in the area of Stokssnes. Lately, I’ve become more and more fascinated by the little things in nature. These patterns were formed by strong winds […]

How to Revive a Dead Rechargeable Battery in 30 Seconds

Have a rechargeable battery that won’t recharge properly? Before throwing it out, there’s something you should try. Here’s a 2-minute video by Lensvidthat will teach you one technique for reviving “dead” rechargeable AA and AAA batteries.

An Easy Way to Compose Landscape Photos at Night

When youre out taking nighttime landscape photos, one of the most difficult tasks is composing your photos exactly how you want. The reason? Its simply too dark to see anything. Looking through the viewfinder on a DSLR, it can be tough to make out any of the scenes important features. Live view might be even […]

How to Use a Bathroom as a Softbox For Beautifully Lit Portraits

Need to take portraits and dont have access to a lighting kit? No worries this 4-minute video from Jay P. Morgan of The Slanted Lens will show you how you can turn a bathroom or any room for that matter into a softbox to create beautiful soft light. As Morgan explains, a […]

Quick Tip: How to Open a Lazy Eye in Photoshop

They say the devil (or is it God?) is in the details, and this quick Photoshop tip from portrait photographer Bill Larkin is all about making sure you nail those details. Specifically: he shows you how to quickly and easily ‘open’ a Lazy Eye in Photoshop.

Shoot Creative Double Exposures by Cutting Out Half a Lens Cap

If you have a film or digital camera that can shoot double exposures, there’s a free do-it-yourself accessory you can use to get creative with the technique: it’s the half lens cap. Photographer Vincent Moschetti of One Year with Film Only writes that he experimented with this technique using his $1 Smena 8M, a 1970s […]

Lightroom Tip: How to Stack as Many Spot Removal Points as You Want

The spot removal tool in Lightroom is a fast and simple method to touch up a photo and cleanup imperfections. While not as accurate or full-featured as the various touchup tools in Photoshop, sometimes you only need a simple and fast way to perform a touchup directly from Lightroom. Using the tool is straightforward. You […]

Imitating Hazy Backgrounds with Diffusion Gels

Shooting in a studio has its advantages. But although being warm, dry and convenient are greatly appreciated, shooting between the same four walls can get a little boring if youre constantly using them as backgrounds for your shots.

A $6 IKEA Desk Pad Can Help Remove Stuck Lens Filters

How hard is it to remove a stuck filter on a camera lens? If it happens with a slim profile filter, you are left with less of a surface to grip. I tried the rubber band method, tapping method, oil drip method, hair dryer method, and plier method. Trust me, none of them worked. Adam […]

Did You Know That a Reflector Can Do This?

Here’s a handy trick that may be useful for beginning photographers: did you know that you can bend your reflector to change the quality of the light on your subject? Held in the concave position, the light becomes more concentrated this option results in a very sculptured look, giving the image an editorial feel. […]

How to Use a Phone Screen for Magical Portraits

Wedding photographers are always looking to take creative, novel portraits and a quick, simple trick is often sitting right in their pocket. By using a phone screen as a reflective surface, it is possible to cover up unsightly elements, add intrigue, and make an image that much more interesting. Heres how it works: 1. Start […]

This Secret Code Shows if Your Nikon Gear is Refurbished

If you’re ever buying a Nikon camera or lens and the seller tells you they purchased it brand new, there’s a very easy way to see at a glance whether it was actually factory refurbished. Simply glance at the serial number and look for a “secret code.

This is a 60-Second Handheld Photo of the Milky Way

Photographer Jonathan Usher of Wellington, New Zealand, recently created this photo of the Milky Way rising from the horizon near his city. But get this: he wasn’t using a tripod or any other stabilization — not even a rock.

Tip: Deodorant Spray Can Tone Down Reflections in Product Photos

Here’s a helpful 4-minute video in which photographer Phillip McCordall shares a few tips and tricks for dealing with reflections in still life photography. Perhaps you’re stuck lighting your subject and can’t get rid of big white reflections.

How to Use a Tube Light as an Invisible Softbox

Want to try out product photography but can’t afford a softbox? They can be expensive pieces of kit, but invisible ones cost a lot less. In this 6-minute video by Leo Rosas, learn how to use a cheap tube light as a makeshift softbox.