My Top 5 Photo Hacks as a Commercial Photographer

Over the past decade and a bit (the years are flashing by!) I have managed to find some great hacks. In this 3.5-minute video, I go through my 5 favorite hacks as a commercial photographer. #1. Tennis Ball Feet First, you can cover the bare ends of stands and boom arms with tennis balls. Many […]

20 Weird and Creative Photo Ideas to Try While Youre Stuck at Home

Photographer Jordi Koalitic has made his name by coming up with simple, creative ways to capture really interesting photos. And now that we’re all under lockdown, he’s using this skill to share 20 fresh photography ideas for the shutterbug who’s stuck at home.

8 Film Photography Tips for Beginners

Film photographer and YouTuber Willem Verbeek has released a helpful video for beginners that covers his 8 favorite film photography hacks and tips. Some are useful, some are obvious, and some are just good sense.

Photographer Goes Stop-Motion Skiing on His Living Room Floor

Barcelona-based photographer, filmmaker, and skiier Philipp Klein Herrero was going to go on a ski trip with his family before lockdown hit and they all got stuck inside. But Herrero decided to go skiing anyway… on his living room floor, that is.

10 Life Hacks for Your Photo Studio

Having a photography studio is fun, but it is even more fun when you start applying simple and cheap solutions plus common sense to make your shooting experience (and your clients experience) smoother.

Tips for Getting Kids to Smile Naturally in Photos: 10 Secrets From a Pro

Everyone has been taught from birth how to get a kid to smile. You just tell them to say “cheese” and they respond with a nice big natural smile, right? Well, anyone that’s actually tried this can testify to how well it works (if you didn’t catch my sarcasm… it doesn’t). You end up with […]

10 Ideas for Taking Amazing Photos of Boring Objects

I dont have an expensive camera. I use a Nikon D3000, which is one of the oldest entry-level DSLRs and I have only an 18-55mm kit lens. Because of this, I have to be creative to make good shots. I always try to make different photos than the others, but its really hard. There are […]

10 Lightroom Tips Every Photographer Should Know

In this video and article, I’ll share 10 helpful Lightroom tips that can improve your photo editing. #1. Auto tone in Lightroom The auto tone section Lightroom gives you is a really good start to your editing process in Lightroom.

7 Essential Lightroom Tricks I Use Daily

Everyones list of Lightroom tricks and shortcuts is a bit different and when I started to compile mine I wasnt 100% sure what they were exactly. Its funny how you dont even realize youre using these handy timesavers as they become second nature when you apply them within your editing workflow. In this 6-minute video, […]

7 Jedi Mind Tricks Every Portrait Photographer Should Know

Jedi mind tricks are not just for Jedi. Theyre for photographers too. Us portrait photographers face a difficult mission. We must form instant connections with our subjects. Have you ever photographed someone with whom you just cant click? I have, and it sucks.

8 DIY Photo Filters You Can Make at Home

If you’re looking to add a creative touch to your photos, you can consider making a DIY lens filter for custom effects. Here’s a 3-minute video fromCOOPH that suggests 8 photo filters that you can make at home to spice up your photos in seconds.

Photoshop CC Easter Eggs: Monkey, Banana, Coffee, and Toast

Did you know that hidden within Photoshop CC are a number of “easter eggs” that customize the photo editing app in wacky ways? Three that you can activate in the latest version of Photoshop CC are “Layer Monkey,” the “Banana Toolbar,” and “Coffee & Toast.

5 Hacks for Creative Photography in 1 Minute

Want to spice up your photography and try some unorthodox methods for getting unusual photos? This 1-minute video may be the inspiration you need. Photographer Dan Watsonruns through 5 neat accessories that will let you “hack” your way to creative photos.

This Guy is a Master of Mind-Bending Camera Illusions

Back in May, artist Kevin Parry released a viral illusion video of himself walking into a mirror in a forest and emerging out the other side. If you liked that one, check out Parry’s new video above featuring a compilation of many similar illusions. See if you can figure out how each one was done […]

7 Stupid Little Items that Could Save Your Life on Set

Camera body caps, duck clamps, cable ties, gaff tape, and moreif you’re not using these seven ‘stupid’ little items on set, you’re missing out. Photographer and filmmaker Peter McKinnon has learned a lot after nearly a decade of professional shooting, but some of the most useful “tricks” he’s learned have nothing to do with technique. […]

10 Sneaky Tricks Used in Food Photos

The foods you buy in the store and at restaurants are never as tasty as they look in advertising photos, but what many people might not know is that you probably wouldn’t enjoy eating the foods seen in those pictures.

9 Creative Photography Tricks You Can Do at Home

Ready to get creative this weekend? Good, because our friends at COOPH are back with 9 creative photography tricks you can try out at home when you have a spare minute. From making your own glitter “snow,” to magnifying glass macro and beyond, there are some really fun tips in here. Some of these will […]

7 Useful Camera Tricks for Nikon Shooters

If you’re a Nikon shooter, listen up. Wildlife photographer and knowledgeable Nikon shooter Steve Perry has some really useful tips and tricks that will make your life much easier. Perry has spent a lifetime shooting Nikon, and this video covers the 7 favorite camera customizations and tricks he’s discovered over the years. It’s worth noting […]

7 Beginner Tips for Shooting Better Landscape Photos

When I was growing up, I spent several summers living with my father on the Isle of Skye in northern Scotland. As a teenager, I didnt have an appreciation for the landscape, but as I grew up, I started noticing just how beautiful it really was. That is why I began photographing nature, and its […]

A Social Media Cheat Sheet for 2017

Want to win at social media in 2017? The folks over at On Blast Blog did some research on tips, tricks, and best practices, and they’ve created a helpful cheat sheet infographic with all kinds of helpful nuggets of wisdom.

9 Simple DIY Hacks and Tricks for Photographers

DIY photography tricks… need we say more? Whether you’re stuck in a creative rut or just want to break out of your photography comfort zone a bit, this video is the perfect way to start the week.

Photographer Uses Creative Tricks To Take Amazing Pictures (12 Pics)

Photography is all about perspective - the person behind the camera can use their imagination to tell different stories about a subject from a variety of angles. Perspective gives depth to an image and can make a two-dimensional photograph feel like a three-dimensional scene.

Shoot Better Golden Hour Portraits by Harnessing the Sun

The golden hour is popular amongst landscape photographers, but it is definitely worth utilising this for outdoor portraiture. By positioning the sun behind or in front of the subject, the lighting is changed dramatically.

Instagram Created a Monster: A No B.S. Guide to Whats Really Going On

I remember how excited I was when I first started posting on Instagram. I finally had a platform to get my work seen, tell my stories, share my life and get inspired by those of others. It was all about creativity and art and the work. It was fair and ethical and just awesome! Things […]

5 Handy Lighting Techniques using Foam Board

In this short-but-useful tutorial from DSLR Video Shooter, Caleb Pike runs you through 5 video and photography uses for simple foam board. Get out a pen and a pad, this photo DIY 101. Foam board (or Foamcore) can be found online or in dollar stores on the cheap. Caleb recommends picking up the 20X30 sheets […]

11 Secrets to Up Your Night Street Photography Game

Im going to share with you 11 secrets that will help you up your night street photography game. These tips are based on what I teach paying customers on my London Soho Night Street Photography workshops, but dont worry if youre coming to one, I have many more secrets! I love the way cities come […]

10 Portrait Photography Hacks Youll Wish You Knew Sooner

Portrait photographer Miguel Quiles recently released a two-part series on “portrait hacks” that might be his most popular series of tips ever. In the videos, he covers 10 tips from his years of experience shooting and teaching workshopstips that he says “everyone wishes they knew sooner.” Part 1 was released back in March of 2019 […]

7 Photography Composition Tips That Are Simple to Follow

In this 12. 5-minute video and article, I’ll share 7 of the composition tricks that I use in the field all the time. First of all, let me say that composition is difficult. It is, without a doubt, the hardest part of photography.

This Photographer Uses Clever Tricks for Extraordinary Photos

Jordi Koalitic is a Barcelona-based photographer who has racked up over 1. 3 million followers on his Instagram by specializing in “creative photography. ” Koalitic shares not only his finished photos but also behind-the-scenes photos and videos showing the tricks he used to create them.

12 Stunning Nude Photoshoot Tips From A Expert NSFW)

World-famous nude photoshoot photographer Greg Gorman shares 12 important tips & tricks for capturing high-quality, beautiful nude photography. The post 12 Stunning Nude Photoshoot Tips From A Expert NSFW) appeared first on 500px.

Learn 5 Cheap Lens Hacks in Under 5 Minutes

In this video and article, we will teach you 5 inexpensive lens hacks in under 5 minutes using the Canon EOS R and a Canon 50mm f/1.8 II. Lens Hack #1: Plastic Wrap The key for all of these lens hacks is to use them with a prime lens. This is why we chose the […]

5 Tips for Pro Bottle Photos in Just 5 Minutes

If you ever need to shoot a product photo of a beverage bottle, the concept might not seem too complicated, but seasoned product photographers actually have a number of tricks they use to take their images to the next level.

7 Tips and Tricks for Nikon Cameras

Photographer Steve Perry‘s most popular video ever was his “7 Useful Camera Tricks for Nikon Shooters. ” Now he’s back again with 7 more camera tricks that can help improve your shooting style and workflow.

8 Photography Hacks You Can Do with Cardboard

In this 4-minute video fromCOOPH, learn how to hack your way to better photos using cardboard. Light stenciling is one great way to use cardboard in photography. Take a cardboard box and cut out any shape you wish.