I Photographed Thailand With A

I'm a professional photographer and people are always asking me about equipment rather than about technique and exposure. So on a recent trip to Thailand, I set myself a project to prove photography really isn't all about expensive equipment and with a bit of thought anyone can get great images with whatever equipment they have.


I Spent An Entire Night In The Airport Photographing People

I made this photographic series called "Night at the airport" because every time I have a layover at the airports during the night, or the day sometimes, I see people sleeping, reading, playing games on their telephones and I'm wondering where they're going to and where do they come from; if it's a business trip, they are going to see their families, or just travelling the world.

My Road Trip – A Personal View On Croatia

No parasols and no party boats. I'm more focussed on contrasts, light and shadow, traces of people and everyday culture - purely as I find all this on my trip. This my personal photographic view on the country.

Photographing Hang Son Doong, the World’s Largest Cave

In 2009, I was involved in a near fatal car crash when an oncoming car made an unsafe left turn in front of my vehicle, nearly killing me. This life changing incident was a blessing. It forced me to slow down and really assess how I was living and experiencing my life. This near-death experience […]


This Photographer Travelled Across New Zealand with a Gandalf Costume

What better way to explore the far reaches of New Zealand … uhh, I mean Middle Earth… than with Tolkien’s Gandalf as your guide? That’s what photographer Akhil Suhas was thinking when, while planning his 6-month trip across the country after university, he packed a Gandalf costume… just for fun. “I wanted a recurring subject […]

I Photographed the Wonders of North America on a 15,000 Mile Trip

Back in September 2016, I decided to fulfill my dream of traveling and photographing North America. Without any set itinerary, I hit the road and ended up driving and flying more than 24,000km (~15,000mi), experiencing some of the most amazing scenery and adventures.