Leaked: Apple is Adding a Triple Camera System to the Next iPad Pro

Apple didn’t announce a new iPad Pro at last week’s iPhone event, but it seems the company does have one in the wings. And according to the most recent leak, Apple is planning to double down on iPad photography by adding the iPhone 11 Pro’s triple camera system to the next iPad Pro. This tibdit […]

Samsung’s New Galaxy A7 is its First Triple-Camera Phone

Samsung has announced the new Galaxy A7, the company’s first triple-camera smartphone. As dual cameras have become a norm in the industry, the South Korean electronics giant is adding a third module for even greater photography powers.


Here’s an Apple Ad for iPhone 11 Pro’s Triple-Camera System

Apple just released this 38-second commercial touting the benefits of the new triple-camera system found in the newly announced iPhone 11 Pro. The iPhone 11 Pro and its triple-camera system. The ad shows a photo shoot with a dog in a sci-fi-style wind tunnel.