Sony Firmware Update Lets You Close the Shutter When Swaping Lenses

Sony has released a major firmware update for the sports-focused a9 II, adding a bunch of useful high-speed shooting features and other usability enhancements, including one much-requested Canon EOS R copy: the ability to close the shutter whenever you swap lenses.

Adobe Unveils Major Photoshop Update for Desktop and iPad

Photoshop turns 30 years old today, and in honor of this most feared of millennial milestones, Adobe has released a major update for Photoshop on both the desktop and the iPad, improving some of the most-used and important features on both platforms: Content Aware Fill and Object Selection. As usual, the updates were detailed in […]

Adobe Adds AI-Powered Subject Select Tool to Photoshop for iPad

As promised in November, Adobe has already released the first major update to Photoshop on iPad. This first update adds the Adobe Sensei AI-powered Subject Select Toolfirst debuted on the desktop in 2018to the iPad version, making it much easier to create complex selections in a single tap. The news was announced via the Adobe […]

Adobe Rolls Out Revamped Creative Cloud Desktop App

Adobe has launched a new version of its Creative Cloud desktop application that has been redesigned from the ground up “to be a more intuitive way to access your apps, update them, and discover new apps that complement or extend your creativity.

Instagram Will Now Warn You Before it Disables Your Account

Yesterday, Instagram announced two changes to its “Account Disable Policy. ” The first will enable Instagram to disable offending accounts more easily; the second means you’ll now get a warning before your account is shut down.

Latest Update Shows ONE INSTANT Peel Apart Film Could be Great!

Anyone who has backed the ONE INSTANT Kickstarter project and have been keeping tabs at the updates must be brimming with excitement now. They've just dropped the latest on the production prototyping so far -- it's a success, and as they say, the devil is in the details! It's amazing to see them so close to finally "hacking" the peel-apart instant film system, and they have the "latest (and greatest) tests" to prove it!

Weve Updated Our Sony a7r III Review to Include Animal Eye AF Tests

With the new Sony a7r III firmware 3. 0 update, photographers are getting a pretty significant boost to their camera's performance. A lot of this boost has to do with autofocus algorithms and what the Sony a7r III is now capable of with Animal Eye AF and the AI database that has been transplanted into the Sony a7r III.

UPDATED Gallery: Fujifilm X-T30 (RAW Image Edits)

We previously published ourFujifilm XT30 first impressions with SOOC JPEG images; but we've since then updated it with RAW File sample edits. This is the fastest that Capture One has created support for a new camera.

Adobe Updates Photo Ecosystem: LR CC Gets HDR, Pano, TAT, and More

Adobe just released its February 2019 update for its photography ecosystem, adding a little something to each of its photo-editing apps across platforms. Enhance Details The big feature in this update is the Sensei-powdered Enhance Details feature found in Adobe Camera RAW, Lightroom Classic CC, and Lightroom CC for both Mac and Windows. “The new […]

Latest Aurora HDR Update Features AI-Powered Quantum HDR Engine

If you're doing a lot of HDR for your landscape or architectural photography projects, the latest version of Skylum Software's Aurora HDR program could pique your interest. Pre-orders are now open for the Aurora HDR 2019, offered at $89 for new users and a limited time special price of $49 for current users who would like to upgrade.

Flickr Rolls Out a Fresh Look to its Galleries

Heads up, Flickr users! The platform has recently revamped its galleries, so you might want to take a look what has changed if you haven't been around making galleries of your favorite works by your favorite creatives.

Ferrania Fixes Major Factory Issues, Secures In-House Production of P30 Film

"Normally, when we are quiet it's because we are very busy. This time the opposite is true," Ferrania began in their latest update, referring to the factory being non-functional since February. There, they briefly mention the hardships that have halted their production -- but also, more importantly, that they've already fixed the problems and can now continuously produce the P30 film.

Apple MacBook Pro Updated: 8th-Gen Intel CPUs, More RAM, Pro Features

Apple just announced updates to its MacBook Pro lineup with faster performance and new features geared toward pro users. The latest 13-inch and 15-inch laptops feature 8th-generation Intel Core processors — up to 6 cores on the 15-inch (delivering 70% faster performance) and 4 cores on the 13-inch (for 2x faster performance). RAM can now […]

Apple MacBook Pro Updated: 8th-Gen Intel CPUs, 32GB RAM, 4TB SSD

Apple just announced updates to its MacBook Pro lineup with faster performance and new features geared toward pro users. The latest 13-inch and 15-inch laptops feature 8th-generation Intel Core processors — up to 6 cores on the 15-inch (delivering 70% faster performance) and 4 cores on the 13-inch (for 2x faster performance). RAM can now […]

Capture One 11.01 Brings Fujifilm X-E3 Support and Lots of Bug Fixes

Phase One has just updated their RAW processing software Capture One to version 11.01 which adds support for the Fujifilm X-E3 as well as support for 8 new lenses from Olympus and Leica. Beyond that, the update was focused on fixing a lot of the bugs that users had experienced since updating to the major update release of version 11.0.

An Update to the Ricoh GR II: Will There Ever Be a New Ricoh GR III?

The updated Ricoh GR III could potentially be nothing more than just a myth, but it still stands as a fact that the Ricoh GR II is a popular choice for many street photographers. This isn't to be confused with the older iteration of this camera which Eric Kim reviewed for us years ago.

C-Log is Coming to the Canon 5D Mark IV

If you use the Canon 5D Mark IV for shooting serious video projects, here’s some news that may be music to your ears: C-Log is coming to your camera. C-Log is Canon’s Log Gamma curve that allows you to capture maximal dynamic range from the camera’s sensor in a limited bit-depth video file (as opposed […]

Snapseed Update Adds Curves and Try Harder Face Detection

Google-owned image editing app Snapseed is a go-to for many photographers when they want (or have) to edit photos on their smartphone. And starting today, those people have a new, highly-requested editing tool at their disposal: Curves.

GIMP Crowdfunding Critical Updates like High Bit Depth and Layer Effects

One of the most popular free alternatives to Photoshop out there is GIMP, an open source graphics editor that packs a lot of punch. But if you want GIMP to really improveadding features like high bit depth and CMYK supportthe folks behind it are asking that you support one of their most prolific developers. In […]

Instagram Adds Stickers To Stories With Holiday Cheer

Stories were a huge feature addition to Instagram not only because the feature was directly ripped off from Snapchat, but because it gave Instagrammers a new way to interact with their followers without cluttering up their carefully curated feed.

Google Adds Themed Slideshows and Simpler Sharing to Photos App

The Google Photos app just keeps getting better. First, the app made made backing up your iPhone’s photos a breeze. Then it started turning Live Photos into stabilized GIFs. And now, now it can create themed slideshows a la Facebook, and make sharing your photos easier than ever.

Instagrams Latest Update Adds Save Draft Feature

In a world where we are constantly multitasking on our phones, jumping from app to app, task to task, being interrupted by messages or calls, it seems odd that one of the world's most popular networks would not have the ability to save a draft - yet that is just what Instagram users have been dealing with forever, but with the latest update, that all changes.

Shoot iPhone DNG RAW Photos Today in the New Lightroom Mobile

Adobe made a huge announcement today that will change the iPhone photography game entirely: the newest version of Lightroom Mobile for iOS now lets you capture RAW DNG photos right inside the app. This is huge news made possible by the release of Apple’s newest operating system, iOS 10. Lightroom Mobile could already edit RAW […]

DxO Unveils Nik 2.5: Adds 5 New Film Simulations and Affinity Photo Support

Fan’s of the Nik Collection plugin suiteformerly owned by Google, currently owned by DxOgot a new update today. With the Nik Collection 2.5, DxO has added five new film simulations to Color Efex Pro 4, as well as full compatibility for users of the popular program Affinity Photo. This update follows hot on the heels […]

Sigma Apologizes, Says Full-Frame Foveon Camera is Delayed Indefinitely

Sigma’s full-frame mirrorless camera with a Foveon image sensor has been sent “back to the drawing board” and delayed indefinitely. In an update posted to the brand’s website, Sigma’s CEO apologized for the delay, saying that he was “not in a position to offer any specific release plan.” Sigma first announced plans for a full-frame […]

GoPro Karma Drones Worldwide Bricked by Possible GPS Issue

Users of GoPro’s failed “Karma” drone are reporting that their drones have been unable to fly since the new year began. According to numerous forum and social media posts from across the globe, the drone is more-or-less bricked due to a lack of GPS signal.

Free Update Adds Real-Time Animal Eye AF to the Sony RX10 IV

The Sony RX10 IV is one of (if not the) most popular bridge/superzoom cameras on the market, and it just got better. As promised in an earlier announcement, Sony has released a free firmware update that improves the RX10’s autofocus by adding Real-Time Animal Eye AF.

Canon Shows Off Major Autofocus Update Coming Soon to EOS R and RP

Canon has released a sneak peek of an exciting firmware update coming soon to the EOS R system. The update is all about autofocus, and based on the teaser above it’ll provide a major boost in AF tracking performance to users of Canon’s full-frame mirrorless EOS R and EOS RP. With the plethora of camera […]

Pixelmator Pro Extension Adds Layers, RAW Editing and More to Apple Photos

Earlier today, popular macOS Photoshop alternative Pixelmator Pro just released a major update. Pixelmator Pro 1.4 ‘Hummingbird’ adds a slew of useful new features, but the biggest news is the addition of an Apple Photos extension that turns Apple’s built-in photos app into a full-blown editing suite by integrating all of Pixelmator’s features. If you’re […]

Olympus E-M1 Mark II Firmware v3.0 Brings E-M1X AF and IQ

Olympus has announced firmware version 3. 0 for the E-M1 Mark II mirrorless camera (which was announced in 2016). The update improves the camera’s autofocus and image quality to be on par with the new E-M1X announced in January 2019.

Samyang Unveils Redesigned 14mm f/2.8 and 85mm f/1.4 MK2 Lenses

Samyang/Rokinon have released “MK2” (AKA “Series II”) versions of their popular manual focus 14mm f/2.8 and 85mm f/1.4 lenses. These tried and true lenseswhich are available for Nikon, Canon, Sony, Fuji, and MFT camerasnow sport “a host of new and useful features” like weather sealing, an aperture click switch and more. The update does not […]

Ilford: Stockpile Rolls of Film, Not Toilet Paper

Yesterday, UK-based film manufacturer Ilford released an official company statement regarding its handling of the novel coronavirus pandemic. And while the statement covered all of the important updates, Ilford also took the opportunity to strike a cheeky, lighthearted note.

$10 E Release Firmware Doubles the Range of Your PocketWizard Triggers

PocketWizard has just released a major firmware upgrade for its Plus III and Plus IV triggers (more to come) that you absolutely want to check out. It’s called “E Release,” and it more than doubles the working range and the number of channels that your PocketWizard radio trigger is capable of. E Release is a […]

Loupedeck+ Now Works with Adobe Camera Raw

Loupedeck has announced that it’s popular photo editing console is now compatible with Adobe Camera Raw. Photoshop integration was previously launched in late 2018. “The Camera Raw integration provides more flexibility for Adobe users, allowing them to bring some of the basic features to the Loupedeck+ and increase functionality with Photoshop,” Loupedeck says. Things that […]

Moment Pro Camera App Update Adds Zebra Stripes and Focus Peaking

Moment just launched what it calls the “hugest update ever” for its Pro Camera app, which provides advanced camera features for both video and filmmaking in a simple-to-use app. Two new features for both iOS and Android are Zebra Stripes and Focus Peaking.