These Media Companies Condone Unsplash Blindsiding Photographers

We’ve already spent a lot of our energy over here at Phoblographer talking about how and why Unsplash is profoundly detrimental to our industry. While they are not the only company to engage in rights grabs, or run the only contest guilty of blatant copyright obtainment, they are undeniably one of the worst, most unapologetic perpetrators.

Christopher Anderson on Presenting Emotional Truths Through Photography

The goal of every photographer, regardless of their chosen genre, is to let viewers see the world through their perspective at a given place and point in time. However, what goes on in the making of each photo and what makes a certain shot more powerful than the others aren't always easy to see for viewers.

Stefan Ruiz on Documenting the “Cholombiano” Street Culture of Mexico

If you're interested in a documentary approach to portrait photography you'll surely be fascinated at the projects of Brooklyn-based Stefan Ruiz. If you're just learning about him now, one of best ways to get acquainted with him and his work is a VICE Picture Perfect episode from 2012, which takes us behind the scenes of him at work documenting the "Cholombianos" of Monterrey, Mexico.  

This Artist Captures the Nightmare of Sleep Paralysis in Haunting Photos

Fine art photographer Nicolas Bruno has suffered from the terrifying condition known as sleep paralysis for 10 years. Therapy for the condition ultimately led him to creative expression as a way to cope with the affliction, as he discusses with VICE’s Creators Project in this video.

How To Stand Out Among 2.6 Billion Photographers

Do you have the feeling that, nowadays, almost everyone is taking photos? Not even that long ago, photography was much more exclusive. Despite the wide-spread use of point-and-shoot cameras, very few people were able to properly take photographs.


Try to be The Dumbest Photographer In The World

I always say the Universe’s favorite hiding place for the most awesome stuff is right behind fear. Isn’t that a little unfair? Why doesn’t the Universe put the great stuff right before the fear, so everyone can enjoy pure bliss? Although there are a million laws in the Universe, you only need to know one […]