The Easiest Black and White Film Emulsions to Start with

The saying goes that with most black and white film, you can get all of the forgiveness in the world. For the most part that's true; and that's why so many schools encourage students to start out with black and white film if they're teaching film photography.

The Panasonic GH5S is Designed to Take on Low Light Situations

The rumors have been flying around for some time now, and today we're getting the brand new Panasonic GH5S mirrorless camera at CES 2018. This new camera has a 10. 2MP Four Thirds sized sensor--the lowest number of megapixels on a sensor this size since 2009 when Olympus introduced the Olympus Pen EP-1.

This is What Camera Bag Marketing Hype is Like

It seems like every month there’s an earth-shattering new camera bag that can hold ridiculous amounts of gear in an absurd number of compartments. Fstoppers decided to poke fun at this niche in the photo industry and created this humorous 3-minute sketch showing what camera bag marketing hype is like when you buy into it. […]

What Is Dynamic Range and Why Is It Important?

Dynamic Range, if you have read a camera announcement or review in the last 10 years then chances are that you have seen this term more than a few times especially in the last 3-5 years. But if you are newer to photography or just never took the time to investigate you may find yourself wondering what exactly dynamic range is and why you should even be concerned about it. Today we are here to help you get that question answered.

ALPA Makes Moves Aimed At Medium Format Video Shooters

In a somewhat interesting move ALPA, the medium format camera maker, has started to make moves aimed at attracting medium format video shooters to their platform. The biggest of these moves is now bundling Hasselblads 100MP H6D-100C digital back with some of their cameras, in addition to adding more connectivity options for video specific features such as Arri-Rosette, Universal Rail, and standard 15mm rods.

10 Handy Photoshop Shortcuts for Working with Layers

Adobe just released this helpful 2-minute video that shares 10 handy shortcuts you can use in Photoshop when working with layers. Here’s a quick rundown of the 10 shortcuts (watch the video above for visual demonstrations): 1.

Shooting Portraits with Christmas Lights in an Ordinary Bedroom

With the holiday season just around the corner, photographer Irene Rudnyk decided to do a portrait photo shoot using Christmas lights hung from the ceiling next to a bedroom window. This 4-minute behind-the-scenes video shows her results and glimpses at how she set each shot up. Shooting with a Canon 5D Mark III DSLR and […]

This Timelapse Was Made by Flying a Drone in Giant Circles

Need a dose of inspiration for your aerial drone imagery? This 3-minute film of drone footage from Hong Kong-based production companyVisual Suspectwill provide it. It was shot by fixing the drone’s camera on a landmark while the drone flies around it in giant orbits, and the result is mesmerizing. The film is calledLow Earth Orbit, […]

Editing Sony a7r III RAW Files: Dynamic Range and Color Depth

The Sony a7r III is the company's latest offering when it comes to the high end, pro-oriented market. The same sensor from the Sony a7r II is at the heart of this camera but the processing has been upgraded to give it 15 stops of dynamic range at the lower ISO settings.

Review: Adobe Lightroom Classic CC (Apple iMac)

In light (pun intended) of the new changes that Adobe is announcing today at Adobe Max, we got the chance to play with the new Adobe Lightroom Classic CC to put it through its paces. For a while now, photographers have been complaining about Lightroom.

Review: BenQ SW320 PRO 32IN IPS LCD Monitor (32 inch)

TheBenQ SW320 PRO is one of the monitors on the market currently drooled over and dreamt about by many a photographer. It offers a whole lot for photographers who need to edit often in addition to printing, managing tasks like email, blogging, etc, and for general designing needs.

Contax T2: The Worlds Trendiest Compact Camera?

One of the most popular picks in the compact film camera scene, the Contax T2, has retained its allure almost three decades after it was introduced. It was created with the professional market in mind, at a time when the "luxury compact" was in vogue around the 90's.

Ricoh Theta V is a 360-Camera with 4K, Spatial Audio, and Live Streaming

360-degree cameras are evolving at a rapid pace in recent times, and the latest addition to the increasingly crowded marketplace is the new Ricoh Theta V. This incarnation of a 360-camera will allow you to record a 360-degree video in 4K, as well as live stream it (also in 4K). There’s spatial audio recording too, […]

Make Cyanotype Prints at Home with this Easy Tutorial

On a more technical note, cyanotype is a UV light-sensitive photographic process, which means you'll have to do your exposures in full sunlight or with the help of a UV light box. You also need to prepare your materials in a darkroom or a dimly lit room.

A Peek Into Photographer David Baileys Swinging London

If the United States had Richard Avedon, the United Kingdom has David Bailey. Hailed as one of the pioneers of contemporary photography, the English photographer continues to be a big name in the world of fashion and portrait photography to this day.

The Gripping Story of Dorothea Langes Migrant Mother

Many years after Dorothea Lange took her iconic Migrant Mother photograph in 1936, the portrait of a troubled mother with her bashful children remains one of the most important images of The Great Depression.

How to Create Long Exposure Light Trails in Video with After Effects

In this tutorial, I’ll break down how I create light trails from video and how you can create a video panning shot. A panning shot is where a camera pans horizontally to track a subject in a frame, keeping the subject sharp, while blurring the background. Recently I created a video for Toyota that combined […]

How to Give Your Still Photos a 2.5D Parallax Effect in Photoshop

Did you know that Photoshop has built-in animation tools? In this 12-minute video from Peter McKinnon, learn how to utilize them to animate your photographs and create a 2.5D parallax effect. Editing your photos in this way can bring them to life and add movement to them that could be cut in with video footage […]

Ridiculous Group Photo Poses You Can Try With Your Friends

Here’s a lighthearted 1-minute video by VGAG that provides some unusual posing ideas for group photos. We see a series of illustrations showing figures in different poses. For each one, a group enters the frame and tries to pull it off for the camera.

Why You Shouldnt Be a Photographer

Visual artist Simon Cade of DSLRguide created this 2. 5-minute video that can give some inspiration and encouragement to you if you’re photographer (or any other type of artist) who’s feeling defeated and unsure of whether or not to push forward in your craft.

An Advanced Look at Photoshops HSL Adjustment Layer Tool

Youve probably used Hue/Saturation/Lightness adjustment layers in Photoshop before, but there’s likely more to it than you may have known. This 8-minute video from f64 Academy looks at the tool in detail and shows how you can use it to enhance your control over color ranges. Have you ever noticed the little sliders at the […]

Could The Nikon D850 Have 8K Timelapse, Sony a7r IIs Sensor?

With last night's announcement of the new Nikon D850, the only thing that we possibly know about it is that the camera will apparently have an 8k timelapse mode. But if history is going to repeat itself, we may see something that Nikon has done before--use Sony's Sensors.

The Canon 6D Mk II Sports a Vari-Angle LCD Screen With No 4K Video

Rumors about the Canon 6D Mk II have been circulating the web for a while now; and today the camera is getting officially announced. The new Canon 6D Mk II is in many ways an incremental upgrade from the original Canon 6D in that it's not doing a whole lot to reinvent the wheel.

How to Isolate a Moving Subject: Panning for Beginners

Panning with a moving subject is a great way to show motion whilst also separating your subject from the background. Learn how to achieve this effect in this 11-minute beginner’s guide from photographer Josh Katz.

What Photographers Should Prepare For With Instagram

Instagram is evolving as a platform; it's surely come a far way from just being a place where you slap on a vintage looking filter. Instead, Instagram has evolved to become more of a marketing platform involved with advertising and keeping someone going through feeds.

Follow is a Short Horror Film About a Photographer in the Woods

Back in 2015, Lou Guarneri of Nailed It! Productions created a creepy horrorfilm titled “Follow Focus” about a photographer’s last walk in the woods. Now they’ve remade the film and titled it simply, “Follow,” and it’s as creepy as ever.

Get Your Creative Juices Flowing with the Boring Room Challenge

Every photographer and filmmaker will likely one day find they have some kind of creative block, and breaking through this can be a total nightmare. One of the best ways to do this is to force yourself to be creative in a really dull, plain situation.

7 Quick Tips to Revolutionize Your Still Life Photos

It’s difficult to stand out from the crowd in still life photography. When someone picks up a camera for the first time, still life is probably the initial thing they try. Therefore the internet is packed full of still life images, but these tips will help to give your photos an edge. In this short but […]

Heres the Right Way to Wrap Cords and Cables

There are few things in life more frustrating than tangled cords and rope, and you may run into both during a photo shoot. In under 5 minutes, this video from PremiumBeat will teach you how to properly wrap your cables to keep them tidy and save time. The Over and Under method is a tried-and-true […]

How to Make a DIY Leather Camera Harness For Under $70

Leather harnesses look super stylish, but they can cost upwards of $200 retail. What’s a cash-strapped photographer to do? French photographer Duncan Dimanche has a DIY solution for you, and it’ll only cost $70.

A Review of the $9,000 Medium Format Hasselblad X1D by Kai Wong

The $9,000 Hasselblad X1D medium format mirrorless camera contains the best performing sensor in the world, at least according to the folks over at DxOMark. Kai Wong just released this informative and lighthearted 8-minute review of this monster camera.

Incredible Chemical Reactions Caught on Camera

Beauty of Science is a project that wants to engage people with science through stunning macro photos and videos of chemical reactions. Photographer Wenting Zhuof Hefei, China, captures the incredible sequences of chemistry in action.

How to Shoot a White Product on a White Background

In product photography, using a white background can eliminate distractions and really make the product shine. But what if the product itself is white? In this 4-minute video, you’ll learn how to properly expose your shot in this challenging scenario.

Constructive Pessimism: Why Artists Are Never Happy

In this great video from DSLR Guide, Simon Cade talks about discontentment: how it can be harnessed as a fuel to keep driving forward, and as a signpost to assure that youre on the right track. All creatives know the feeling of that spark when ideas just flow, and the thrill that comes with just […]

This Guide Teaches You How to Use ND Filters for Stunning Long Exposures

Neutral Density (ND) filters are a great tool for producing unique photos in lighting conditions where a long exposure would otherwise not be possible. This 7-minute video tutorial goes in to detail about which filter to select for your scene, with before and after photos showing the effects possible. Craig Roberts is a travel and […]

7 Tips for Making Lightroom Run Faster

Not happy with Lightroom’s sluggish performance on your computer? Here’s a helpful 15-minute video in which photographer and instructor Anthony Morganti shares a number of helpful tips for optimizing your Lightroom’s performance.

Adobe Cloak is Content-Aware Fill for Video

Adobe demoed a number of technologies at Adobe MAX 2017 yesterday, including something called Cloak. It’s basically Photoshop’s Content-Aware Fill for video — you can easily remove unwanted things from video, as you can see in the 6-minute demo above.

Heres 4K Cinematic Footage Shot with the iPhone 8 Plus

Cinematographer Matteo Bertoli got his hands on an iPhone 8 Plus and took it out and about in Los Angeles to test its video capabilities. The 4K cinematic footage in the 2. 5-minute video above was shot entirely on the smartphone.

This is How the Leica M10 is Made

Want to see how Leica’s cameras are made these days? Photographer Richard Seymour made this 4-minute video that provides a beautiful look at how the new Leica M10 is built in Wetzlar, Germany. Leica writes that the M10 is exclusively put together by Leica specialists at the company’s factory in Wetzlar using 1,100 individual components. […]

Apertus AXIOM, The Open Source Cinema Camera

The AXIOM Beta is an open source camera developed by Apertus, which was successfully funded on Indiegogo in 2014. Progress went a little quiet, but they’ve now released an update. If you don’t know what the AXIOM camera is, then don’t worry – you’re probably not alone.

This Guy Made His Own 90mm f/2.8 Lens from Scratch

Plenty of photographers these days try their hands at making their own cameras, but Swedish photographer, inventor, and camera maker Mats Wernersson recently did something a little more unusual: he made his own 90mm f/2.

How to Add Front Bokeh to a Portrait Using Christmas Lights

We’re all familiar with the fuzzy circles that bokeh creates usually behind our main subject, but this lesson is about creating bokeh in front of the subject. And that is what Mark Wallace is about to show us in the 6-minute video above.

Photographer Flies from UK to South Africa to Confront Photo Thief

How far would you go to see justice if you found your memory card stolen and photos posted online? For travel photographer Paul Eustice, the answer is: halfway around the world. Eustice is an international landscape, travel, and adventure photographer based in Brighton, UK. He says that in late 2016 and early 2017, he spent […]