Youll Want to Read This If Youre Planning on Buying a Vintage Camera

While we cover the latest and greatest cameras here on The Phoblographer, some of our favorites actually happen to be vintage cameras. Although vintage cameras lack most of the advancements we enjoy in today's cameras, they offer a completely different shooting experience.

Vintage Ad Shows What Film Photographers Wish They Were Stocking Up Today

With much on the world on panic buying mode due to lockdowns and quarantine, were sure there are now photography projects documenting grocery scenes at the time of COVID-19. A vintage ad we found, however, makes us both nostalgic about the time when Kodak reigned supreme and wishful that we were stocking up on their cool stuff instead.

Five Great Film SLR Cameras to Grab for Under $150

If youve been looking for some great cameras to begin your film photography journey with or add to your vintage camera collection, we can see how it can be overwhelming given all the choices out there.

Our Favorite 645 Cameras for Medium Format Photography Magic

If you feel limited by the square format for medium format film, it may be time for you to try other frame sizes available. Yes, theres more to shooting 120 film than the popular 6x6 format. If you feel like experimenting with other frame sizes, you may want to try 6x4.

Steve Simon Shows Why This Museum Tour Is a Must for All Nikon Fans

Award-winning documentary photographer and authorSteve Simon has recently visited the Nikon Museum in Tokyo, and as a long-time Nikon photographer, it proved to be such an exceptional experience. For those of us who can't visit anytime soon, he filmed a quick walkthrough as a preview of all the wonders we can expect to find. Nikon fans will especially find this a treat!

This 1959 Ad Will Make You Dream of a Kodak Christmas

We've been taking you all on a walk down photography memory lane for a while now, and we can't keep at it without sharing a vintage ad most fitting for the holiday season. This Kodak ad from the six decades past will get you either wishing for a Merry "Kodak Christmas" or in the mood to tick something off a film photographer friend's emulsional wishlist! (see what we did there?)

This Compilation of Old Kodak Commercials Is a Trip Down Memory Lane

Part of the charm of vintage cameras is the nostalgia factor, and with the rate things are going with the continued film photography resurgence, it looks like it will stay that way for a while. Whether you see it more as a novelty or an interesting part of photography, this compilation of Kodak commercials from the 1950s - 1960s surely makes for a nice walk down memory lane.

Youre Jealous of the Leica Gear This Photographer Got from Grandpa

Regardless of whether you shoot film, digital, or both, we're betting that it's every photographer's dream to unearth a Leica camera from their parents or grandparents' attic. So when content creator and vlogger Sara Dietschy got LOADS of Leica cameras and accessories from her grandfather, she absolutely had to do an unboxing video.

This Rollei 35 Classic Titanium Will Set You Back $2,600

The adage big things come in small packages definitely rings true with the Rollei 35 Classic Titanium. This pocket-sized wonder not only delivers clear and sharp photos that rival some of its regular-sized counterparts, but it also comes in a sleek, titanium-plated body, too.

Anyone Still Have These Cool, Vintage Girl Scout Cameras?

The Girl Scouts of yester-decades sure had some cool stuff back in the days, including some commemorative or special edition Girl Scout cameras. We spotted a few of them in a post by Redditor MrRabinowitz during our customaryRedditrounds, and we've been wondering, where have these been all our lives?

Studio C-41 Explores The Phoblographers Top 10 Film Gear Reviews

Our very own Chris Gampat very recently had a fun chat with Bill Manning for the latestStudio C-41podcast, and we want to share with our readers what went down. After talking about Chris' beginnings and how he got started with The Phoblographer, they dug deep into the main event: his top 10 film gear reviews.

Im Back 35mm Digital Back Launches Final Design on Kickstarter

Five months after their last Kickstarter campaign, the makers of I'm Back 35mm Digital Back are running another campaign to fund its final version. Apart from a leaner design, an elegant bayonet docking system, and dedicated back covers for some of the most popular brands and models, looks like the other features are still the same.

This Short Documentary Tells Why Film Photography is Still Alive

Compared to the fast-paced current of digital photography, film photography has been a calm and steady stream. Since the so-called analog resurgence, its advocates have been busy giving old cameras a new lease on life, keeping the demand for film going, and making new emulsions and cameras whenever the opportunity arises.