These Clever Camera Shots Were Done on a Tiny Budget

Karen X. Cheng made this 1-minute video that shows 5 creative camera shots filmmakers can do on a tiny budget. All you need is a little creativity. “Shots that used to take tons of expensive equipment and rigging can now be done much more easily, thanks to some developments over the last year — cameras […]

Photographers Photo Goes Viral After He Sends Prints to Pro Athletes

After the Seattle Sounders professional soccer team won the 2019 MLS Cup on November 10th, local photographer Chris Fabregas shot a photo of downtown Seattle as the city was celebrating. He then had a brilliant idea: he would send prints to Sounders players as a gift.

Watch a Shark Breach an Underwater Photographers Cage

A crazy video from 2016 is making the rounds again today after photographers started sharing it on social media. The video, which was captured three years ago off the coast of Mexico, shows the crazy moment when a Great White shark accidentally breached a diving cage… while the diver/photographer was still inside. The video was […]

Watch a Shark Breach a Divers Cage in this Viral Video from 2016

A crazy video from 2016 is making the rounds again today after photographers started sharing it on social media. The video, which was captured three years ago off the coast of Mexico, shows the crazy moment when a Great White shark accidentally breached a diving cage … while the diver/photographer was still inside. The video […]

Pro Food Photographer Debunks Viral Food Styling Hacks

Those “food styling hacks” videos that go viral online every few months might not be entirely truthfulin fact, they’re often entirely misleading. Which is why professional food photographer Scott Choucino put together this video reacting to/debunking some of the most common hacks he’s seen online.

People Look Frozen in This Super Slow Mo Shot at 960fps with a Phone

While traveling through the streets of New York City, filmmaker Glen Vivaris pulled out his smartphone and shot footage at 960 frames per second out the car window. He then created this 2-minute video that makes the New Yorkers on sidewalks look like they’re frozen in time. “The car was actually moving really fast in […]

This Black-and-White Photo Uses Color Grid Lines to Trick Your Brain

Check out this photo. Although it may look like a color picture upon first glance (and even more so if you squint or view it from a distance), it’s actually a black-and-white photo with thin color grid lines overlaid on it to trick your brain into filling in the missing color. The viral image was […]

A Photographers Powerful Photo and Message for a Mom After Birth

After a child is born, that newborn baby generally becomes the center of everyone’s attention. One photographer recently captured an often-overlooked moment of a mom post-birth, and her photo and the accompanying message are going viral, reaching millions around the world.

Hungary Using Distracted Boyfriend Couple to Tell Couples to Have Kids

The Hungarian government has launched a public campaign to encourage couples to have more children. What’s humorous is the choice of stock photo: whoever was responsible for the giant billboards chose the same couple that appears in the well-known “Distracted Boyfriend” photo meme.

Wedding Photography for Exposure is NOT a Win-Win

An old wedding advice article has resurfaced, gone viral, and riled up a lot of photographers and non-photographers alike. Back in 2013, the celebration-centric publication Holidappy published an article for budget-conscious engaged couples titled “How to Have a Free Wedding.

The Story Behind that Viral Photo of a Toddler Crying at the Border

One of the most viral and talked about photos this week is of a 2-year-old daughter looking up and crying at her mother at the US-Mexico border. The Honduran mother and child were being taken into custody by federal agents when they were photographed by Getty Images photographer John Moore, who shares the story behind […]

Photographers, We Are Better Than That

It was a classic NCAA Championship game. Perennial powerhouse Alabama comes back to tie the game in regulation and then win it in overtime. The game-winning play was a 2nd down, 41-yard heave-ho into the end zone that broke a lot of Georgia fans hearts. It was a play that will be etched in their […]

This Instagram Husband is an Image of True Love

An Instagram husband is being celebrated as a shining example of true love this week thanks to a set of viral photos showing him photographing his wife over the Christmas holidays. Taylor Burkhalter of Fayetteville, Arkansas, was with his parents at their home on Christmas Eve when he watched his dad patiently play his role […]

A Drone Photo of Trees Knocked Down After a Storm

Earlier this month, a storm named Xavier pounded Europe and caused extensive damage. A day after the storm, photographer Julian Stratenschulte took his camera drone out and captured this beautiful and slightly disorienting photo showing a row of trees that were knocked down, from a bird’s-eye view.

The Best Photos of the Great American Eclipse

Of the endless stream of Great American Eclipse photos being shared online, there are some notable gems that are going wildly viral on social media. Here’s a roundup of the amazing shots that are wowing viewers across the Web.

Bald Eagle Steals GoPro and Takes it for a Joy Ride

Environmental researcher Matt Beedle was using a GoPro camera to capture some shots of bald eagles a couple of years ago and ended up with some unexpected and viral footage: while the camera was rolling, an eagle decided to snatch it up and take it up for some aerial shots. Beedle was shooting footage in […]

This Bride Doesnt Have Girlfriends, So She Did a Photo Shoot with Bros

24-year-old Rebeca Brantes of Brazil is a computer engineering student who’s one of just 4 women in her class of 60 students. Leaving up to her recent wedding, Brantes realized that she didn’t have any girlfriends from school for a bridal photo shoot, so she decided to invite her best guy friends for an unusual […]

When a Kind Old Man Offered to Shoot a Couples Photo on the Beach

There’s a new viral photo going around that shows what happened when a generous gesture turned into a heartwarming photo fail. Reddit user Tyguy462 was walking around on a beach with his wife when a kind elderly man offered to shoot a photo for them. “Would you like me to take a photo of you […]

Slow-Motion: Amtrak Train vs. Snow

Here’s a slow-motion video that’s going viral: Nick Colvin captured an Amtrak train arriving at a station where the tracks were covered with a thick layer of snow. What results is a beautiful (and scary) white explosion.

4 Lessons for Photographers from the Story of Desiree Genera

On Wednesday night, a developing story kept popping up on my feed featuring Katrina Ortiz (a photo client) and Desiree Genera (a photographer). Initially, Katrina posted positive feedback regarding her hired photographer after receiving an edited image in digital format.

When a Cameras Frame Rate is Synced to a Helicopters Rotor

YouTuber Chris Chris captured the above video showing what happens when your camera’s frame rate is perfectly synced to the rotation speed of a helicopter’s rotor: the blades are frozen at the same angles in each frame, making it look like the helicopter is magically floating around with frozen rotor blades. It’s interesting to see […]

#MannequinChallenge, Photographer Edition

The #MannequinChallenge is a new viral obsession that has been taking off over the past couple of weeks. It involves shooting a short video in which everyone in the shot stays perfectly motionless like mannequins, frozen in time as they go about their lives.

Trying TikTok Photography Hacks to See if They Actually Work

Photographers Rachel and Daniel at Mango Street decided to try out a few “photo hacks” they found on TikTok. These sorts of quick “hacks” are notorious for being fake or exaggerated, and they wanted to see which ones actually work, and which ones are only “meh.

Brilliant Nike Ad Combines Archival Footage Into a Seamless Montage

If you spent any time on social media yesterday, you probably ran across the latest Nike ad titled “You Can’t Stop Us.” The brilliant bit of video editing was put together entirely from archival footage, combining multiple frames into a seamless montage that’s dropping jaws left and right. Each shot in the video is made […]

This Magical Rain Photo of Harry and Meghan Was Lit by a Strangers Flash

A magical photograph of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle beaming at each other under an umbrella has been going viral over the past few days after the couple’s first appearance together in public after they stepped back as senior members of the Royal Family (popularly called “Megxit”). Now the photographer behind the shot is sharing […]

When You Ask a Photographer Friend to Babysit Your Cat

Photographer and actor Josell Mariano recently had a friend ask him to babysit her beloved cat, Jade. He decided to use his time with the blue tabby cat to do a photoshoot. “If I babysit the cat for more than 3 days, the photos just happen,” Mariano says. “Here’s her face when she takes a […]

When the Cameraman Can Run as Fast as the Sprinters

Live side views of sprinters are usually shot using remote cameras on rails. But if you have a cameraman that’s as fit and fast as the athletes themselves, you can ditch the high-tech equipment and use just a gimbal stabilizer instead.

Do $5,000 Camera Lenses Float?

There’s a viral video floating around that appears shows a photographer accidentally dropping what looks like a Canon EF 500mm f/4L IS lens into a swimming pool while crouched at the edge. Photographer Steven Ho of Macau, China, posted the video to his Facebook page, where it quickly received hundreds of shares and tens of […]

Man Claims Photo Shows Angel Above His Truck

A Michigan man is receiving international attention this week after claiming that he has a photo showing an angel hovering over his truck at night. WPBN reports that East Jordan, Michigan fire chief Glen Thomas received an email from his security camera last week after it was activated by its motion sensor. Thorman says he […]

The Power of the Internet: My Journey from Vimeo to Planet Earth II

Five years ago I was somewhere in the wilds of central Vietnam, about to click upload on my first ever video project. If you had told me then that, in just a handful of years, I would be contributing to one of the entertainment worlds most prestigious and popular wildlife documentaries BBCs Planet Earth […]

The Story Behind the Incredible Photo of a Crow Riding an Eagle

Photographer Phoo Chan shares the story behind his incredible, viral photograph of a crow riding a bald eagle. Yes, it actually happened. No, it's not Photoshopped. The post The Story Behind the Incredible Photo of a Crow Riding an Eagle appeared first on 500px Blog.

Video of Chimp Browsing Instagram Goes Viral

A chimpanzee is making headlines this week for its unusual hobby: it enjoys scrolling through Instagram and browsing photos, and it’s quite skilled at doing so. The short video was posted by animal conservation advocate Mike Holston: View this post on Instagram A post shared by Mike Holston (@therealtarzann) on Apr 20, 2019 at 5:36pm […]

Dont Mess With THIS Photographer

A photographer over in Asia is attracting a great deal of attention online after he was spotted shooting birds with his mirrorless camera mounted on a rifle-style stock. Here’s the short clip that has been going wildly viral online (photographer to bird: “say hello to my little friend”): Leon the Professional While it may look […]

This Picture Shows the Birth of a Tornado

Storm chasing photographer Jason Weingart shot a series of time-lapse photos of a tornado forming in Kansas back in 2016. Afterward, he selected eight of the frames and created this composite photo titled “Evolution of a Tornado.

Trump Volunteer Blocks Photographers Camera, Plan Backfires

A volunteer at a rally for President Donald Trump reached out his arm last night to block a photojournalist’s camera as he tried to photograph a protester. Another photographer caught the move on camera, and today that photo-blocking volunteer has unintentionally become a viral news story.