Drawing Inspiration from Ansel Adams on Photographing With Intention

The reality remains that we're inundated with photos everyday. Virtually everyone now owns a smartphone, making it easy for billions of images to be uploaded every day. Only a fraction of these images are made with artistry and creativity, let alone intent and technical mastery.

This is How a Camera’s Shutter Speed Changes Based on Light

Want to see how cameras automatically adjust shutter speed to compensate for changing light conditions? A simple experiment with a ruler can help you visualize it in an interesting and unusual way. Here’s a short GIF that has been going wildly viral online after being shared on the subreddit /r/blackmagicf**kery yesterday. It shows what a […]

This is the Chaos Caused by Flying a Drone Near an Airport

On July 2nd, 2017, Gatwick Airport in the UK was forced to suspend its runways for a total of 14 minutes because a drone was flown in restricted airspace. This 2-minute visualization released by NATS shows the chaos that ensued.


A Collective Portrait of Paris Made with a Sea of Instagram Photos

What does Paris look like when seen through the eyes and lenses of thousands of unrelated photographers? That’s what researcher and artist Moritz Stefaner explores in Multiplicity, a mesmerizing new art installation that’s on display in France’s capital.


How NASA’s Iconic ‘Earthrise’ Photo Was Shot

“Earthrise” is an iconic photo of Earth rising up from the Moon’s horizon that’s considered one of the most important environmental photos ever made. Here’s a fascinating 3-minute visualization by NASA that recreates how the photo was shot in real-time.