Googles Sprayscape App Lets you Paint a 360 Photo Into Existence

Google’s Android Experiments platform is all about wacky ideas, and the company’s own experimental app Sprayscape is nothing if not wacky. Using your smartphone’s camera and gyroscope, the app lets you paint ‘perfectly imperfect’ VR-ish 360 photos.

Facebook Can Reconstruct a 3D World from Your Photos and Videos

What if you could relive your photos and videos by stepping back into those locations in virtual reality? Facebook is about to make that possible. The company just showed off a mind-blowing new feature that creates 3D spaces from your 2D photos and videos.

DJIs VR-Like Goggles Let You Control Your Drone Cam with Your Head

If you want a more immersive experience from your Mavic Pro or Phantom 4, DJI’s got you covered. Almost a year after they first teased them, DJI has officially released the DJI Goggles: a pair of VR-like FPV goggles that let you control your drone camera with your head.

GoPro Fusion is a 360 Camera That Shoots 5.2K

GoPro today announced a brand new product called the GoPro Fusion. It’s a spherical camera that can shoot 360-degree photos and videos… in 5. 2K resolution. The Fusion is the latest member of the GoPro family, joining the standard GoPro camera and the new Karma drone.

Sphere is a Lens That Turns Your DSLR Into a 360-Degree Camera

Sphere is a new lens that’s designed to turn any DSLR camera into a 360-degree camera. It captures a full 360-degree view horizontally and a 180-degree field of view vertically. Created by a startup called the Sphere Optics Company, which is also working on similar lenses for GoPro cameras and smartphones, the Sphere Pro lens […]

Insta360 Pro 2 is a VR Camera with Six Cameras for 8K 3D 360 Video

Insta360 just launched the Insta360 Pro 2, a professional VR camera that packs six separate cameras and lenses in a sphere to shoot 8K-per-eye 3D 360-degree video. The 6 onboard cameras capture every angle of every scene at once, and the photos and videos can then be fused into two 8K 360 images — one […]

Nokia Shelves Its $25,000 VR Camera, the OZO

Back in mid-2015, as interest in virtual reality headsets was heating up, Nokia announced a $60,000 spherical virtual reality camera called the OZO. This week, Nokia announced that it will be halting development of the camera system and cutting 310 jobs in the process.

Startup Promises VR with Human Eye Resolution

Virtual reality is an up and coming industry. Big jumps are being made, with many genres of photography and film getting on board. But VR has always been limited in its resolution, with the experience feeling a bit pixelated to the user.

Apple Unveils the iMac Pro: The Most Powerful Mac Ever Made

Apple just overhauled their entire iMac lineup with better graphics, faster processors, and a killer new display. But if the “regular” iMacs just aren’t quite powerful enough for you, Apple has one more release up their sleeve today: the iMac Pro.

Google Launches Street View Ready Certification for 360 Cameras

Google announced this week that they are releasing a new certification standard that they are calling Street View Ready. This certification will be used for 360 cameras that are able to publish to Street View, and are guaranteed to support the level of quality required for Googles 360-degree mapping service. Google are launching Street View […]

360 Photography 101: How To Get Started

Learn all the essential tips & tricks in this step by step tutorial to begin shooting 360 photos and virtual tours. The post 360 Photography 101: How To Get Started appeared first on 500px ISO.

The Ricoh Theta SC: Powerful 360-Degree VR Features at An Affordable Price

Ricoh's Theta line of 360 degree 'VR' cameras have been a popular choice for people all over, but with their high-end 'S' model fetching a pretty penny, and the lower end 'M15' model not offering the same quality or performance, the company needed to address those needing a quality option under that $300 price point.