The Best Gear for Storm Photography

I first became interested in storms when I was a boy growing up in Texas, the only state in the US that experiences tornadoes, hurricane and blizzards on a regular basis. I built a scale model of a supercell thunderstorm inside a clear plexiglass box using cotton and a light bulb for lightning, and won […]

Blair Sugarman: The Magic of Cityscape Photography and Bad Weather

"I take a lot of drone shots, usually at ridiculous hours of the morning," says photographer Blair Sugarman in an interview with the Phoblographer. "Im also a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to taking shots, sometimes taking the same angle repeatedly just because the conditions have changed slightly.

Camera Canopy Puts a Roof Over Your Camera to Keep it Dry

The camera rain cover is a popular option for keep cameras dry while shooting in wet weather, but there’s a new product that brings a new idea to the table. It’s called Camera Canopy, and it puts a hard roof over your camera gear to shield it from the elements. The main problem that Camera […]

Black Stations Cityscapes of Dubai in the Fog are Both Eerie and Soothing

Dubai has perhaps one of the most famous skylines in the world. The sprawling desert city sprouts from the the flat land, and is dominated by some of the largest buildings on the planet. The large glass, futuristic looking towers are spectacular all by themselves, but add in some advection fog, and this city gets completely transformed.

Camera Bag Review: Billingham Rucksack 35 (Just the Essentials)

Reviewing theBillingham Rucksack 35 helped bring me back to basics; and sometimes that’s all we need. I’ve been using theBillingham Rucksack 35 for a number of months now, and it has made me carefully consider what gear I bring on different occasions.

Think Tanks Emergency Rain Covers Keep Your Camera Dry in a Crunch

Think Tank Camera has announced its new Emergency Rain Covers, simple and ultra-portable covers that can help protect your gear when the weather and/or conditions unexpectedly change. While the company already sells a line of Hydrophobia line of rain covers, the Emergency line is much more simple and, as its name suggests, designed to come […]

This Massive Dust Storm Was Shot from a Fleeing News Helicopter

Photographer Jerry Ferguson was flying in a news helicopter this week to cover seasonal monsoon weather in Phoenix, Arizona, when a massive dust storm showed up on the horizon. As they flew away to outrun the wall of dust, Ferguson managed to capture this photo of it sweeping across the land. Ferguson, who has been […]

Tornado Forms in Front of a Timelapse Photographers Camera

It’s extremely difficult to predict when and where a tornado will form and touch down, so stormchasing photographers rely on long days of chasing and waiting for luck. But luck is exactly what Mike Olbinski met with recently: he captured a tornado forming and touching down while shooting a timelapse. The 1-minute video above, titled […]

How to Use Your Camera In the Coldest Places on Earth

When you take your camera to some of the coldest places on Earth, you’ll face a unique set of challenges that most photographers never have to worry about. Here’s an interesting 9-minute video in which filmmaker and photographer Anthony Powell shares some of his top tips for shooting in the extreme cold. Powell has been […]

This Epic 4K Film Captures the Beauty of Lightning at 1,000FPS

Photographer and filmmaker Dustin Farrell spent the summer chasing lightning with a $110,000 Phantom Flex4K high-speed camera. What resulted was this 4K short film, titled “Transient,” that shows the epic beauty of lightning in 1,000fps slow motion.

Pulse: A 4K Storm Time-Lapse Film in Black and White

Storm chasing photographer Mike Olbinski is known for his gorgeous time-lapse films of thunderstorms, tornadoes, and monsoons. His latest project, however, was a bit different from the rest: it’s one of the first storm time-lapse films to be entirely black and white.

Shooting Landscape Photos in a Sub-Zero Blizzard

Want to see what it’s like to do landscape photography in sub-zero blizzard conditions? Photographer Thomas Heaton made this 10-minute video showing such an experience recently. Initially planning to visit a national park during the winter storm, Heaton found that all the roads out of his town were completely clogged to a halt. So instead, […]

Cameras Capture What Its Like to Fly Into the Eye of Hurricane Irma

Want to see what it’s like to fly into the eye of one of the most powerful hurricanes ever recorded? After Hurricane Irma developed into a Category 5 storm yesterday, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) flew airplanes directly into the hurricane to gather weather data. Cameras on the planes captured videos and photos […]

How Crappy Weather Turned a Boring Shoot into a Memorable One

It’s been a pretty dismal autumn in Vancouver. The sun makes guest appearances, but the rain has the stage for the most part. Business as usual, if you’ve ever been here. I’ve been finding it difficult to go out into the rain and do what I enjoy. Though, it got me thinking two years […]

A Long Exposure of Fog Rolling Over California Under a Full Moon

Three weeks ago, photographer Lorenzo Montezemolo hiked up Mount Tamalpais in Marin County, California, in the middle of the night. After waiting around for the weather, he captured this amazing 3-minute long-exposure photo of fog flowing like a river over the valley under a full moon.

Bad Weather Rewards Photographer with Stunning Graduation Photos

Canadian freelance photographer Christy Turner recently ran into a bit of good luck in the form of some “bad” weather. In the aftermath of a violent thunderstorm on the day of a graduation shoot, nature rewarded her with a spectacular backdrop of mammatus clouds … and a rainbow to boot. The story began when a […]