This Panoramic Photo was Shot with Multi-Plate, Multi-Lens Daguerreotype

Today's technology has given us many ways to create panoramic photos, but we bet that all of you are yet to try shooting with this technique. San Diego-basedAnton Orlov has been busy experimenting with some daguerreotype techniques, but there's one project that he was able to do successfully.

Heres How a Digital Collodion Compares to a Real Wet Plate Photo

Can you achieve the unique look of wet plate photography in a digital photo? The short answer, of course, is yes. But the real question should probably be, how close does it look to the real thing? We find out in this interesting quick comparison video.

Grab a Deardorff Ultra Large Format 2020 Camera for $25,000

If you've ever wanted to get into ultra large format photography, we've got the right stuff for you. Our latest ebay find is an impressive-looking Deardorff Ultra Large Format 20x20 Camera, perfect for all kinds of wet plate photography.

Watch a 360 Video of Ultra Large Format Wet Plate Photography in a Historic Studio

Wet plate photography, one of the traditional photographic methods, gives a completely different but fascinating experience, as you've probably learned from our previous features. Portrait and wedding photographerMarkus Hofstaetter shares with us another interesting look into his ultra large format wet plate process, from the cameras he uses, traveling with his wet plate gear, and shooting in a historic studio.