“Flora” Is an Upcoming Zine for Double Exposure Fans

Double exposures may not be a recent invention in the photography world, but the last decade saw more and more photographers experimenting with it. We've seen this creative technique become popular for portraits juxtaposed with buildings, seascapes, foliage, and flowers.

‘Their Grind Not Mine’ Is a Zine That Explores the Human Form

“I shot quick candid portraits and my obsession with documenting this further was born. ” Lester Jones is a photographer that connects to the daily life of the people that he lives amongst. His project - and now zine - Their Grind Not Mine, takes a candid look at the mundane, difficult routines people have.

This Photo Zine Showcases the Ubiquitous Vending Machines of Japan

Attention, photo zine collectors! If you're fond of projects that are set in the eye-catching streets of Japan, here's one you might want to support. Perth-based Natalie Blom is putting together a Vending Machines of Japan zine, which highlights the vending machines dotting virtually every corner in the country.

What I Learned After One Year of Trying to Make My Own Zine

It's 2018; who the hell in their right mind would want to sit there and create a zine? Well for one, me. In fact, tons of photographers do it for their own marketing purposes. Emulsion, my latest zine and experiment with my company, was more or less a labor of love for a year.

Instants: An 80-page Nude Photo Book Made of Impossible Film (NSFW)

Instant Film, and film in general really, is enjoying a burst of popularity recently and it is bleeding over into all genres of photography. Many photographers are using instant prints, be it Instax, Impossible or one of the many other options on the market for whole projects with really interesting and wide-ranging results.

Zine Review: She Shoots Film No. 1

A while back we wrote about She Shoots Film: a special analog photography zine put together by a number of designers and photographers using money from an IndieGoGo campaign. The magazine, which has won quite a bit of acclaim thus far, is a continuation of the underground photography culture's progression into moving off of the social web and back into a distraction free environment.

J.M. Golding: Creative Black and White Film Photography

Photographer J. M. Golding is a special breed of artist that has a major affinity for analog film, black and white, plastic cameras, etc. She loves landscape photos, but she is also really in love with experimentation.

She Shoots Film: A New Magazine Featuring Women’s Film Photography

Photography magazines, at least the mainstream on store shelve types, are more or less a thing of the past (there are still a few who persist). But some smaller publishers are using capabilities of today's technology to market niche magazines to specific demographics.

Be Inspired By Some of the World’s Best Modern Analog Photographers

We're still raising funding for our Analog Photography zine which we're going to deliver later on this year. We're profiling some of the world's best analog photographers in this by giving pledges 100 pages of beautifully printed photos and stories from these photographers.



Our Analog Zine Kickstarter Ends in a Few Days. You Can Still Donate!

This is one of our last reminders: our Analog photography zine Kickstarter is now fully funded. Again, a big thank you to everyone who made this possible. It means a whole lot to us. However, if you still want one and were afraid to donate before, you've got no worries now.