Review: Zeiss 28mm f2.8 ZM (Leica M Mount)

If you were to consider one lens for street photography and urban geometry, then there isn't a fantastic reason why the Zeiss 28mm f2. 8 ZM lens shouldn't be on your list. The lens is designed for the Leica M mount, which means that it has a whole lot of versatility when it comes to mounting it to something else.

Sample Image Gallery: Leica 28mm f5.6 (Leica M Mount)

Perhaps one of the more exciting lenses to come from Leica in years isn't a fast 50, but instead the Leica 28mm f5. 6. Now, why is such a slow lens so fascinating? Well for starters, it all has to do with street photography and documentary photography.

How to Use a Rangefinder Camera For the Best Results

Fact: If you think you know how to use a rangefinder, you're probably using a rangefinder camera completely wrong--or at least inefficiently. Lots of photographers think that they can't at all be faster than autofocus lenses on cameras but the truth is that in the hands of a photographer that knows what they're doing, they can actually be faster.