Analogue Wonderland Now Has One of the Few Female-Led Film Labs

We're always super stoked when a new film-lab opens open. But if you add a dash of inclusivity, and our staff goes pretty wild. The folks over at the Analogue Wonderland are opening up their own processing lab in the UK.

But what's even better is that it's being lead by Marina Llopis of IFWEFILM. With that said, Analogue Wonderland is one of the few female-lead film labs in the world. I truly wish we didn't live in a world where that needs to be said, but it's pretty obvious. The traditional photography world and the way things have been done are very stale and not inclusive. And so, we're welcoming and commending Analogue Wonderland on doing the forward-thinking thing. We talked with Marina Llopis about her passions, the challenges of opening a film lab in 2021, and the love of film. .

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2021-10-13 19:00

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