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Apple patent shows yet another design for an optically-stabilized periscope camera module.

Apple's iPhone 12 Pro Max has a 5x 'zoom' camera (65mm full-frame equiv. ), the longest yet used in an iPhone. To quote Ricky Bobbys father, If youre not first, youre last. While poignant, that mantra has never seemed to bother Apple, who has historically held off on newer technologies to ensure theyre ready for prime-time use by the masses. dpreview.com

2021-8-18 17:21

Gitzo takes a battering for lack of communication over L

Historic tripod manufacturer Gitzo is taking a beating in the comments section of its Indiegogo campaign page for the Lannounced in March this year. A comment from the L Customers are not angry so much about the issue with the product, but about an alleged lack of response to questions posted to the email address the company has provided for the purpose of getting in touch. dpreview.com

2021-6-15 19:37