Natural Light Portrait Photography Is Easy with These 5 Lenses

Natural light portrait photography is easy to do but difficult to master. But indeed, some of the most beautiful portraits are shot with diffused window light, skylight, or outdoors. Always remember that a five-in-one reflector is your best friend.

But the love of your life, the one you'll always want by your side, is a lens that's a dime a dozen. Finding the right balance of color, bokeh, and sharpness is always pretty tough. Luckily, the Phoblographer has reviewed the most lenses of any publication out there. And we've got an essential list and a few pro tips right here for you. .

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Is the Canon EOS RP right for you?

Is the Canon EOS RP right for you? We've put the wraps on our full review of Canon's EOS RP, where we look at its image quality, autofocus and more. But is it the right camera for you, and the style of photography you enjoy? Taking the RP into account as a whole, here's how we think it stacks up for these common photographic use-cases.

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How To Shoot Live Music Performances

Live music photography is often as challenging as it is rewarding, and those starting out can easily feel disheartened. Having to contend with constant movement and lights changing all the time, and only having a short amount of time to get the shot right, might not sound like some peoples idea of fun, but other photographers thrive in this kind of environment.

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Dear Apple, The SD Card Isnt Dead

Dear Apple, Weve been a big fan of yours for quite a few years now. All of us have owned or used Apple products at one time or another, but really, whats the deal with these new MacBook Pros? Lets cut to the chase with the most obvious issue - the SD card slot.

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