Review: Canons PowerShot G1 is Still a Joy to Shoot With After 21 Years

21 years ago Canon put everything it could think of into a compact camera aimed at enthusiasts who couldnt stretch to a DSLR or simply wanted something more portable. The result was the PowerShot G1, launched towards the end of the year 2000, costing $1,100, and the first in an enormously popular series thats still […]

Weve Updated Our Leica M10R Review. Its Amazing

We've done another update to our Leica M10R review, and you should totally go check it out. It's now being awarded the Editor's Choice award and five stars. For sure, this has to be the most unique full-frame sensor camera we've tested.

Why I Bought a Leica M Monochrom (Typ 246)

I used to view digital Leica cameras as a classic example of style over substance. Surely this is a perfect example of a company developing a luxury brand on the back of their, admittedly wonderful, history and heritage.

The Most Innovative Pinhole Yet. Lensbaby Obscura Review

It's an intriguing concept that Lensbaby deserves multitudes of praise for. A tilt-shift pinhole optic? Indeed, the Lensbaby Obscura is truly a first of a kind. When our team was first pitched about the idea of a pinhole, we were told that it would work with the Lensbaby Composer Pro II system.

Youll Love Our 4 Favorite Medium Format Film Cameras

If you love film photography, you're missing out if you don't use medium format film cameras. Arguably, this is where you'll really to start a major advantage over digital photography. There's also things like the look, the feel, and the overall approach to how you work with subjects.

3 Tools to Help Photographers Deliver Their Best Images

Many photographers have indeed felt a little burned by Apple in the past few years. So we've worked on and experimented with various computers, printers, and monitors to cater to this. Many photographers end up never jumping ship because they don't even know where to start.

DJI Air 2S Review: Solid Performance Where It Counts Most

DJI is labeling the newly announced $999 Air 2S its all in one drone. When something is claimed to do it all, I always wonder where the sacrifices are being made. One year ago, DJI released the Mavic Air 2 to favorable reviews.

A Guide to the Leica 35mm Lens: Choose the Best One

You love your Leica! Let's be honest--it's a badge of honor that you've worked hard to get such a high-quality product. You adore the way it feels in your hand. The way that the classic ergonomics suit anyone and everyone is just a wonder to us.

Fuji GFX 100S: I Found the Landscape Photography Camera of My Dreams

I have to say that I absolutely love when Fujifilm gives me a project. I tend to make some of my best work when I am under a deadline. And of course, Im incredibly honored that I am one of the few that they trusted with this beast pre-launch. Now, Ill start like I do […]

Review: Canon PowerShot Zoom

Chris at DPReviewTV has completed his review of the Canon PowerShot Zoom, a unique camera (or “device” as Chris calls it). This camera is shaped Read more...

Apple Silicon M1 MacBook Pro Review: This Changes Everything

On January 15th, 2008, Steve Jobs pulled a MacBook Air out of a manila envelope and changed laptop computers forever. Blink and you might have missed it: the instant when an entire industry shifted to accommodate a new breed of device that made more sense to more people. And last month, Apple had the audacity […]

How to Fall in Love with Film Again. Fujifilm Acros 100 II Review

Fujifilm truly amazed me and showed how they've got guts. How often does a company discontinue a film, listen to their fans, and then bring it back? I mean, would you ever expect Apple to say that they were wrong? Or Canon? Fujifilm basically did that, and they deserve lots of praise for it.

Review: Canon EOS R5 by DPReview

DPReview has completed its review of the Canon EOS R5. They come away very impressed with the camera, with the caveats that we’ve read about Read more...

The Panasonic S5 Shouldve Come Out at the Last Photokina

The Panasonic S5 is so far shaping up to be a good camera. It's one of the smallest and lightest full frame mirrorless cameras on the market. And there is the inclusion of Live Composite. But as we test it further, we wonder why Panasonic didn't release this camera ahead of all the others on the market.

Want a Kodak Black and White Film Guide? Check This Out!

Some photographers have shot their entire portfolio with one film. It's helped them get a very signature look. But others like to experiment. Today, we're sure that many of you sometimes wonder which Kodak film to choose.

Review: Canon imagePROGRAF Pro-300

Keith over at Northlight has completed an exhaustive written review of the upcoming Canon imagePROGRAF Pro-300 printer. This review should tell you everything you need Read more...

Review: The Laowa 50mm f/2.8 Macro for M4/3 is Small and Sharp

Over the past few months, pre-production copies of the new Laowa 50mm 2:1 F/2.8 Super Macro Lens for Micro Four Thirds (MFT or M4/3) had been going around among some M4/3 macro photographers. With COVID-19 lock-downs happening across the globe, there werent any photos taken in the field with this new lens. After Singapores circuit […]

Youll Want to Come Back to Canon: Canon EOS R5 First Impressions

The Canon EOS R5 is fantastic and checks off so many boxes. What’s going around the internet about the Canon EOS R5 is all about video issues and overheating in 8K video mode. But if you’re a photographer and don’t really care about that or you want to shoot in a different mode, then I’m

Review: Canon EOS R6 by DPReview

A couple of my favourite reviewers have finished their review of the Canon EOS R6. Both Chris and Jordan came away quite impressed by the Read more...

Video Review: Is the Fujifilm XT4 Your Next Camera?

Reviews Editor Paul Ip has been working on his review of the Fujifilm XT4. He's used it for landscapes, long exposures at night, protests, and a bunch of other things. The new camera received a few significant specs updates.

The Classic Look: 3 Cameras That Capture Black and White Beautifully

"Black and white creates a strange dreamscape that color never can," is a quote by photographer Jack Antaonoff. And if you're smitten with black and white photography, you know this to be true. Even the process of thinking in black and white is an entirely different one that engages your brain like no other.

Review: Canon EOS Webcam Utility Beta

DPReview has taken the time to review the new EOS Webcam Utility Beta, a nice surprise from Canon to help people be productive during the Read more...

A Real-World Review of the Canon 1D X Mark III

As many of you know, I have been lucky enough to have a Canon EOS 1D X Mark III in my possession for more than a month now. People have been asking me to review this new top-of-the-line camera, but I really wanted to put it through its paces in order to do a fair […]

First Impressions: Using the Canon 1D X Mark III for Family Photography

Its a brilliant start to the year for Canon with the full announcement of the Canon EOS-1D X Mark III. Updating their flagship DSLR in time for the Olympics, its an announcement eagerly awaited by photographers across different genres who are looking for the best camera on the market. I was lucky enough to get […]

Nikon Z MC 50mm f/2.8 Macro Lens Review: A Solid Introduction to Macro

The Nikon 50mm f/2.8 Macro Prime lens is part of a pair announced in June. While the lens is designated as a macro, the 50mm focal length makes it more of a walkabout lens with macro capabilities. While Nikon’s legacy macro lenses would still work using the FTZ adapter on the Z-System, the new lenses […]

Shooting with the Canon EOS R3 for a Full Week

As a Canon Ambassador, I had the opportunity to work extensively with a pre-production version of the new Canon EOSR3. This article isnt a test report, but rather, a report on my experiences with the camera, and an account of how it compares to my current EOSR5. This report is based on my real-life work […]

A Review of the 7Artisans 60mm f/2.8 Mark II Macro Lens

Macro photography in the field is not always easy or comfortable, often requiring long hours outdoors in the heat. So now more than ever, Im seeing the benefits of lightweight lenses and bodies. Something as simple as being less burdened by a heavy camera in the field can help you brave the heat just a […]

Nikon NX Studio Review: A Good Start That Will Get Better

Nikon recently announced the launch of its free NX Studio software, which has hopes to be a Lightroom/Capture One Pro alternative for Nikon RAW processing on Windows and Apple computers. This new application is supposed to view, process, and edit still images and videos from any Nikon digital system (past, present, and future), merging the […]

DJI FPV Review: A Racing Drone for the Non-Racing Pilot

When I first heard DJI was bringing the FPV drone to market, I was excited but also a bit skeptical. Even though DJI’s history in the consumer drone market is second to none, the company’s offerings to the FPV market are a bit of a mixed bag coming from the perspective of a pilot from […]

Yes, the M1 MacBook Pro Really is THAT Good

Right before Christmas, PetaPixel published its review of the M1 Macbook Pro, heaping praise upon the new computer, saying it was “much further ahead than anybody expected. ” That review isn’t alone: in this 17.

Lensbaby Omni Color Expansion Pack Review: Adding Foreground Interest

For those that have followed my work for a while, youll know that I love to show a sense of depth to my images. Sure we can all shoot wide-open (f/2.8 for example) to get that shallow depth of field, but nothing beats the depth of showing not only a separation between subject and background, […]

Hands On with the 13-Inch MacBook Pro: Half the Update We Wanted

Earlier this week, Apple released the latest iteration of the 13-inch MacBook Pro. And while the update came with some very welcome additions, many felt that it was a half-step: a refresh rather than a redesign, like we saw with the 16-inch MacBook Pro earlier this year. Now that we have one in hand, we […]

Review: The DJI Mavic Air 2 is a Good Drone with Consumer-Level Caveats

I love drones, but I don’t love the stereotypes, stigmas, attention, and negativity that comes with them. I’ve been flying since the Phantom 4, so I got into it right as the wild west of drone flying was coming to an end, and restrictions and regulations were being rolled out. Now several years after that, […]

First Impressions: The Lumix S Pro 70-200mm f/2.8 OIS is a Solid Performer

Though it might seem less popular than other systems (probably due to marketing), the L Mount Alliance is producing some of the best full-frame lenses currently available. In this case, Panasonic Lumix worked in tandem with their buddies at Leica to release their second 70-200mm lens for full-frame systems: the Panasonic Lumix S Pro 70-200mm […]

A 3.5-Year Review of the $4K Leica Q

If theres a fundamental flaw with product reviews, its the typically short duration that reviewers have with the item before hitting a publishing deadline or needing to return the product to the manufacturer.

A Pro Photographers Review of the Leica M10-D

Could you and would you shoot with a digital camera without an LCD screen that costs and arm and a leg? I spent two days in Singapore wandering the streets with the Leica M10-D and here are my thoughts.

Pentax K-3 Mark III Review: An Excellent, Expensive DSLR

Pentax put a lot of time and effort into making the K-3 Mark III, and it shows: it’s a huge leap in tech for a DSLR. But it’s still a DSLR in a mirrorless world, and that perception combined with a premium price might hold back Pentax’s latest $2,000 APS-C camera. The APS-C K-3 Mark […]

Apple M1 Mac mini Review: The Best Mac for Most Photographers

When Apple debuted the M1 system on a chip (SOC), it released three computers equipped with the same CPU/GPU/RAM combo: the M1 MacBook Air, the M1 MacBook Pro, and the M1 Mac mini. It might seem like this makes for three redundant options, but after reviewing the MacBook Pro and spending a month with the […]

This Bronica Camera Shoots Vertical Images When You Hold It Normally

The scourge of vertical video was many years away when Bronica released the RF645 in the year 2000, but this medium format rangefinder was obviously ahead of its time. Unlike most cameras, when you hold the RF645 in “normal” orientation, you’ll capture a vertical portrait orientation image.

I Worked with the Canon 1D X Mark III for Two Days

Last month, as a Canon Ambassador, I had the opportunity to try out the new DSLR flagship camera, the Canon 1D X Mark III, for 2 days. This is neither a technical review nor a test report. The video above will show you how I worked with the new camera. Im not going to cover […]

Review: Is the 7artisans 50mm f/1.1 an Affordable Noctilux or No Luck?

Is it too good to be true? A cheap M mount lens that goes all the way to f/1.1? Does the $369 7artisans 50mm f/1.1 lens belongs in the bargain bin or on your camera? From what I have been reading on forums and reviews sites, people either think this lens is brilliant OR the […]

Review: Polaroid Originals OneStep 2 is Familiar and Exciting

As a photographer who still uses film, 2017 feels like the industry is in a bit of a time warp. Kodak is bringing back Ektachrome, Hollywood blockbusters are being shot on film, and apparently the part of Polaroid we care about exists again.

Nikon D850 Best DSLR Ever, Gets First Full 100 Score at DxOMark

The Nikon D850 was just awarded the first full 100 overall score ever given out to a DSLR by the testing lab DxOMark. The D850 now sits alone in the top spot on the camera leaderboard, with the full-frame mirrorless Sony a7R II sitting at #2 with a score of 98. This is the first […]

A Look at Googles $20 Photo Book in a Hands-On Review

Expanding into its ever-growing range of products and services, Google is now offering photo books. They’re competitively good value, and in this quick video review we get a glimpse at what they’re all about.