Instagram Now Lets You Control How Much Sensitive Content You See

Instagram has launched what it calls “Sensitive Content Control” which will allow users to decide how much sensitive content shows up for them in Explore. The goal is to allow users to have a hand in the kind of experience they want to have on Instagram. The company has a strong statement of what is […]

The Great @PetaPixel Instagram Revival (and How to Get Featured)

Instagram means different things to different photographers, whether thats the place to search and be found for new work opportunities, the go-to spot for becoming inspired, or where to post photos and get feedback from the largest photography community on the Internet.

NASCAR Mocked for Posting Contact Sheet of Color Photos on Ilford HP5 Film

The folks running NASCAR’s social media accounts gave photographers a good chuckle this week. In a post announcing a big victory by one of its drivers, they mocked up some “contact sheets” of positive color images that look like they were taken with Ilford HP5 Plus black and white film. Oops… The post was created […]

Dutch Court Orders Woman to Delete Photos of Her Grandchildren from Social Media

A court in the Netherlands has ordered a woman to delete all of the photos of her grandchildren that she’s posted on Facebook and Pinterest without their parents permission. The ruling, handed down last week, is calling into question what qualifies as “purely personal” usage in the age of social media. According to the BBC, […]

Celebface: Why Everyone Looks the Same on Instagram

In Guns, Germs, and Steel, author Jared Diamond describes two systems of invention transmission: 1) idea diffusion: imitation of an idea, and 2) blueprint copying: literal copying of an idea. Diamond uses the development of writing systems as the medium to discuss the concepts, noting that written writing systems probably only rose independently in Sumeria […]

Why Your Instagram Isnt Growing

First off its not you, its Instagram. It comes down to a few very simple things that can be summed up in three words and two reasons: chronological order and saturation. There are so many people on Instagram, and the organic, chronological order news feed is sadly a thing of the past. These two things […]

Social Media Influencer Woes

I had read this story about a social media influencer who posted professional photos of her accident on Instagram along with what appeared to be a product placement. I thought it unbelievable until… it happened to me.

Algorithms Replaced Gatekeepers and Lowered the Bar on Quality

The rise of social media has had a massive impact on the art we see, consume, and interact with on a daily basis. Some of that impact was positive, some negative, but one of the most radical changes has also been one of the most detrimental: the demise of the gatekeepers. Gatekeepers were the tastemakers […]

How to Grow Your Instagram in 2019

How do I grow my Instagram? it’s a question I get asked often… too often. So Im writing this article for my own selfish benefit. Rather than spend time repetitively composing a response, from now on, I can just link here when the next person asks me how they can grow their Instagram. And […]

Popular #GatesofHeaven Instagram Spot is a Faked Photo Op with a Mirror

It should come as no surprise that everything on Instagram is not as it seems. And yet, the revelation that the famed #GatesofHeaven photo op in Bali, Indonesia is a fake photo op that will cost you one or two bucks has surprised many as the news rippled across the Internet this week. The instantly […]

Instagram is Designed to Make You Feel Bad, Madonna Says

Madonna has about 14 million followers on Instagram, so the American singer knows first-hand how powerful the photo-sharing social network is for “influencing. ” But now she’s speaking out against Instagram and the darker side of using it.

Instagram: No, Were Not Hiding Your Photos from Your Followers

There has been a viral “chain letter” type of post that has been spreading on Instagram that warns users of the social network limiting post reach. Instagram has officially responded by saying that it does not do anything to prevent posts from showing up to all your followers. Over the past few months, Instagram users […]

Facebook is Now Fact-Checking Photos

Facebook is making it a priority these days to fight misinformation being spread on its social network, and the company has just announced that it’s now fact-checking photos and videos being shared by users.

How to Grow an Organic Instagram Following as a Landscape Photog

If you are a landscape photographer trying to get your work out there, you have surely heard about that one big imaging platform called Instagram. So you made yourself a profile and started sharing all the gorgeous work that you worked hard for and suddenly you wonder: why is nobody liking my images and why […]

How to Start Crushing Your Instagram Game

If you use your Instagram account as a main online portfolio for your photography, it’s important to make sure you’re presenting your work and skills well. Here’s a 14-minute video in which photographer Peter McKinnon shares tips for taking your Instagram to the next level.

The Paradox of Instagram

Without a doubt, Instagram is one of the most exciting social media platforms anywhere. It is now ranked the number two most active social media platform by number of users (just behind Facebook) with over 600 million participants.

Anti-Social Photo App Challenges What Social Media Should Be

Minutiaecoins itself as the “anti-social” social app. It challenges conventional design by restricting users to just one minute of usage per day and anonymizes shares in an attempt to encourage users to “embrace the boring and mundane.

B&H Removes Employee Over Anti-BLM Posts

Yesterday, an employee in retailer B&H Photo‘s Human Resources department posted some controversial anti-Black Lives Matter content to his public social media accounts. Today, that employee has been “removed from his position.

Instagrams New Feature Warns You if Youre About to Post an Offensive Caption

Instagram has launched a new anti-bullying feature that uses AI to recognize potentially offensive language and warn you that you’re about to post something that could get you in trouble. The feature uses a machine learning algorithm that Instagram developed and tested to “recognize different forms of bullying” and provide a warning if and when […]

Employees Say Instagram is Hiding Likes to Make You Post More: Report

From the beginning of its “experiment” with hiding likes, Instagram has maintained that the move is meant to improve users’ mental health. But according to three former Facebook employees, there’s another, more selfish reason why the photo sharing app is making this change: it’ll get you to post more often. This report comes from CNBC, […]

Has Social Media Turned Photography Into a Contest With No Closing Date?

Being a photographer used to be pretty simple. You had a camera, you had a subject you liked photographing, and you used to go out with your camera and photograph the subject you liked. And apart from perhaps showing off the occasional print at the local camera club to a group of like-minded tragics, thats […]

Facebook to Provide Additional Insight into How Photos Are Used

Facebook Rights Manager, which helps creators protect unauthorized image use, has been gradually rolling out since it was announced last year. As part of that process, the system can now provide detailed insights to photographers into how photos are used, including unauthorized use.

Lawmakers Want Details on Facebooks Instagram for Kids

In March, Instagram was reportedly working on a version of its app that was designed specifically for children. Today, four Democratic lawmakers have expressed concern over the project, and have written a letter to CEO Mark Zuckerburg asking fourteen pointed and technical questions about the initiative.

Clubhouse for Photographers: Social Media as We Know It is About to Change

Many photographers have had the same reaction that I did upon hearing about yet another new social media app hitting the radar: a yawn and a roll of the eyes. We have seen countless apps and image-sharing sites emerge with fanfare and then fail to gain traction in the crowded sphere of social media, and […]

Instagram Adds Professional Dashboard for Creators

Instagram is rolling out a new Professional Dashboard that will act as a central destination to track the performance of posts and access “professional tools. ” Instagram says the new Professional Dashboard has three key features.

Facebook to Be Hit by Antitrust Cases Over Purchase of Instagram: Report

Facebook may reportedly be hit with both state and federal antitrust lawsuits, with one of the main focuses being its 2012 acquisition of the photo-sharing app Instagram. The Washington Post reports that the lawsuits will likely accuse Facebook of removing competitors from the social media landscape, leaving consumers with fewer alternatives and helping to “create […]

Dont Let Social Media Ruin Your Photography

Im at a Starbucks in Hanoi. Typically its a peaceful location where I can write and think, but today its overrun with young people smoking cigarettes, occasionally smiling and laughing, but mostly consumed with their phones browsing Instagram and taking selfies to reload their feed with an annoyed older man in their background typing away. […]