I Dont Want to Photograph Models

I dont want to photograph models. They are lovely and beautiful and work with you and do what you ask and most are a dream to photograph, resulting in beautiful images. All this is true, but I dont want to photograph them.

Flash Duration: How to Avoid Blurred Flash Images

Flash duration isnt a very glamorous topic, but its certainly something that every single photographer that uses flash should be aware of. When we first learn photography, we are taught that flash freezes motion, and although this is true, it is an extremely relative term. In this article were going to look at exactly how […]

A Simple One-Light Portrait Setup Every Photographer Should Master

Portrait photographer Miguel Quiles‘ most recent video breaks down his favorite one-light setup for portraits. The tutorial is perfect for beginners who are just getting started with flash photographynot only is it easy to replicate, but having a one-light setup in your back pocket is a must as a portrait photographer. The seasoned shooters among […]

I See You: Avatar Photoshoot Turns Into a Meaningful Experience for Everyone

Im always searching for interesting personal projectsideas that are worth the effort and time it takes to make it visible. Nowadays, I often get suggestions for themes or models for photoshoots. For my personal projects I prefer to come up with my own concepts, but every once in a while along comes a project that […]