NASA Unveils Beautiful New Starbirth Photo for Hubbles 30th Birthday

Hubble turned 30 years old this month. Well, actually, the space telescope celebrated 30 years in orbit, but either way, NASA took the opportunity to celebrate this milestone by capturing a spectacular, never-before-scene view that they’re calling a “tapestry of blazing starbirth.

How to Shoot Magical Portraits in the Pouring Rain

When it starts pouring outside, most photographers may run for cover and hide from the rain. For photographer Ilko Allexandroff, heavy rain becomes an opportunity to shoot stunning backlit portraits of subjects.

Students iPhone 6s Photo Makes the Finals of NatGeo Photo Competition

A grad student at the Chinese University of Hong Kong is receiving some recognition and praise from National Geographic itself this week … over an iPhone photo. Kira Waison Lee is currently pursuing a degree in Japanese studies, but when he’s not studying or going to class, he’s taking pictures. That’s how, almost by accident, […]

NASA Releases Most Detailed Photos of Saturns Rings Ever Taken

NASA just released the highest resolution photographs of Saturn’s rings yet. About 1. 2 billion kilometers )(746 million miles) away from Earth, NASA’s Cassini spacecraft is busy capturing a beautiful piece of our solar system in never-before-seen detail.

Photographing Frozen Baikal: The Deepest and Oldest Lake On Earth

Baikal is… impressive. It’s the deepest and the cleanest lake on Earth. When we were planning our trip, we had no idea how wonderful, majestic, and fairy it would be. We were enraptured by its beauty, so much so that we almost didn’t sleep all 3 days we were there. Lake Baikal is about 600km […]

50+ Stunning Black and White Nude Bodyscapes (NSFW)

Anton Belvodchenko's black & white nude 'bodyscapes' are simply stunning. More fine art than nude, they're a breath of fresh air for the genre. The post 50+ Stunning Black and White Nude ‘Bodyscapes’ (NSFW) appeared first on 500px.

Gorgeous 4K Drone Montage of the Oregon Landscape

When we’ve shared Michael Shainblum‘s work in the past, it’s usually been a timelapse or tutorial. But the photographer and filmmakers has continued to evolve creatively, and RISE is his debut into the world of aerial videography.