The Worst Camera We’ve Ever Tested. Yashica MF-2 Super DX Review

I'm not even sure that this should be called a review. I'll admit to a few things. I'm breaking our own review format that I've hammered into our team for over a decade. I'm also incredibly furious with my purchase of the Yashica MF-2 Super DX camera.

When a friend told me about it, I wasn't even aware. But it's easy to get hyped up for something that you've wanted for a while. That hype, in this situation, leads to anger and fury. Before I purchased it, I went to look for reviews online. Unfortunately, there weren't any that were objective. Long-time readers of this site know that I believe that no one is making bad cameras these days. However, they also know that I sometimes rightfully bring out the sledgehammer. In this case, I feel like the sledgehammer isn't enough. .


2021-7-21 01:00