This Blended Timelapse Shows a Man Aging 21 Years in 2 Minutes

Photographer Noah Kalina is famous for his everyday project for which he has captured a selfie a day since the year 2000. 21 years in, Kalina has released this new video titled “7777 Days” that shows himself aging 21 years in the span of 2 minutes.

A Mesmerizing Aerial Timelapse of Sheep Herding in Israel

Haifa, Israel-based aerial photographer Lior Patel shot this mesmerizing timelapse video showing a bird’s-eye view of sheep being herded in his country. From this perspective, the flock looks almost fluid-like, flowing through the green pastures, through gates, and around objects.

Jason De Freitas Takes His Time Shooting Astrophotography on Film

"I'm so starved for light that I'm usually exposing for as long as I have time for or my tracking accuracy can achieve," says Jason De Freitas. Jason is based on the South Coast of New South Wales and is one of the worlds few long exposure film astrophotographers.

This Timelapse Captures 8 Years of Singapores Changing Skyline in 5 Minutes

Photographer Keith Loutit spent 988 days between 2012 and 2020 shooting thousands of different perspectives on the island nation of Singapore. Using the huge number of photos created, Loutit created this beautiful 5-minute timelapse that shows how Singapore’s skyline changed over the past 8 years.

Quit Your Hate! This Is Great! Canon EOS R5 Review

There was a time when I was angry at Canon. But when the Canon EOS R launched, that anger subsided. It was a nice entry into the serious mirrorless camera world. But the Canon EOS R5 is arguably the camera that they should have launched at the start.

This Timelapse Shows Growing Plants Dancing to Jazz

Boxlapse photographed various plants growing from seeds over 123 days and turned all the images into this 2. 5-minute timelapse. Set to jazz music, the video makes the plants look like they’re dancing as they grow.

This is What Comet NEOWISE Looks Like from the ISS

As photographers across the world are trying their hands at shooting Comet NEOWISE before it’s gone for the next 6,000 years, astronauts onboard the ISS have a nice view of the comet that isn’t obscured by Earth’s atmosphere.

This 10-Year Timelapse of the Sun was Made from 425 Million Images

NASA has released a new timelapse titled “A Decade of Sun,” and it’s exactly what it sounds like. Using 425 million images captured by the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) since it began monitoring the sun in 2010, NASA has created a timelapse of the sun in which every second represents one day. The final creation […]

A Hollywood Animation Artist Learns Timelapse Photography

When Im not working on animated films like How To Train Your Dragon, I spend my free time photographing architecture. These are my passion projects. It is the creative outlet that stretches my brain in a totally different way then when Im working on animated films.

Photographer Noah Kalina Has Shot a Selfie Every Day for 20 Years Now

Before photo-a-day selfie timelapses were a popular project, photographer Noah Kalina helped the concept explode into mainstream awareness with his viral 2006 video titled “everyday. ” Kalina hasn’t stopped since, and his latest video features 20 years of his life passing in 8 minutes.

A Timelapse of Earth Rotating Around the Milky Way

Photographer Aryeh Nirenberg made this 55-second time-lapse video that visualizes Earth’s rotation by fixing the Milky Way as the point of reference and having the landscape spin instead. Nirenberg shot the photos a couple of years ago over a span of a few hours using a Sony a7S II and a Canon 24-70mm f/2.8 on […]

Timelapse Photographer Captured New York Citys Blackout on Camera

This past Saturday, just before sunset, the lights went out in New York City. Well, a big piece of it anyway. A massive blackout left a large section of Manhattan dark, and across the river in New Jersey, a timelapse photographer captured the whole thing on camera. The full blackout lasted about five hours and […]

7 Simple Tips for Better Timelapses

In this 3-minute video and article, I want to share 7 tips on how to create better timelapse footage. Those tips are mostly related to your camera and settings. Here’s a summary of the 7 tips: 1.

Heres the First Timelapse Shot on the 102-Megapixel Fujifilm GFX100

When Fujifilm asked award-winning and Emmy-nominated time-lapse photographer Beno Saradzic to test its new GFX100 102-megapixel medium format mirrorless camera, Saradzic took the camera around Dubai and created this eye-popping 3-minute time-lapse titled “HERMES.

A Gorgeous Tour of the Earth, As Seen from the ISS

Philadelphia-based photographer Bruce W. Berry Jr. took recent photos and videos captured from the International Space Station (ISS) and edited them into this gorgeous 6-minute short film that takes viewers on a journey around the world.

This 4K Timelapse is a Dazzling Tribute to New York City

Time-lapse photographer Michael Shainblum has released a new 4K time-lapse short film titled “Liberty” that beautifully captures the scale, beauty, and pace of New York City. “I vividly remember my first experience of New York City as a kid, before I became a photographer,” Shainblum writes.

This is the Longest Time-Lapse Shot from Space

To celebrate 20 years of international collaboration, the European Space Agency released this 15-minute video that’s the longest continuous time-lapse shot from space. Captured by German astronaut Alexander Gerst, the time-lapse takes you on two trips around the world with labels marking countries that pass through the frame. Traveling at 28,800 km/h (17896 mph), it […]

A Tilt-Shift Time-Lapse of Pyongyang, North Korea

Joerg Daiber of LittleBigWorld traveled to Pyongyang, North Korea, and created this 5-minute time-lapse that uses a tilt-shift effect to make the hermit kingdom’s capital city look like a tiny diorama.

This Beardlapse Shows a Mans Beard Growing Over 911 Days

A Canadian man named Jon and his Russian wife named Eva spent 911 days between 2015 and 2018 hitchhiking around the world through 33 different countries. Jon didn’t shave during the entire journey and afterward, he turned his selfies into this time-lapse showing 911 days of beard growth. Jon shot the selfie clips using his […]

A Star Trail Timelapse of the Perseid Meteor Shower

A photographer named David from Hood River, Oregon, went out this weekend and photographed the night sky during the Perseid meteor shower. He then turned 400 of the photos into this star trail timelapse that contains several of the shooting stars he saw.

How to Shoot and Edit a Holy Grail Timelapse at Sunset or Sunrise

A holy grail timelapse sequence is a timelapse shot during sunset or sunrise. As the ambient light changes, so should your exposure settings. In this 11.5-minute tutorial, Ill walk you through how to set up your camera (any type of camera with a Manual mode will do), how to shoot it properly and how to […]

An Intro to Timelapse Photography by a Hobbyist Who Became a Pro

If you enjoy watching timelapse videos but aren’t familiar with the ingredients that go into making one, check out this 3-minute video by Guardian Australia. In it, professional timelapse photographer Matthew Vandeputte talks about the process as well as his passion.

Girl Shoots Selfie Every Day from Ages 14 To 22 for 8-Year Timelapse

A 22-year-old woman has created a viral timelapse video of herself aging 8 years in 3.5 minutes. She has been faithfully shooting a selfie a day since age 14 for the frames in the video. Design student Eadington says that she was inspired after seeing all the other “selfie-a-day” projects (popularized by Noah Kalina’s “everyday”) […]

This is a 7.3-Gigapixel Timelapse of London

The UK contact lens retailer Lenstore has released a 7. 3-gigapixel “timelapse” of London. Titled 24 Hour London, the images show a view of England’s capital city over a period of 24 hours in February 2018.

This 8K Moonlight Timelapse Was Shot on the Nikon D850

Back in September, we shared an 8K timelapse shot using the Nikon D850 in Iceland. Nikon has just released this new 8K time-lapse that shows what the D850 can do at night. This 1.5-minute promo film is titled “Hercules Rising” and was shot by Dutch nature photographer Marsel van Oosten. An alternate version of the […]

This is How You Replace the Shutter in a DSLR

Want to see how the shutter system in a modern DSLR is replaced once it fails? The South African camera repair company Photographic Repairs shared this time-lapse of a shutter replacement surgery involving a Canon 6D.

This Guy Made a Time-Lapse of Himself Singing with 3 Years of Daily Selfies

Here’s a video by YouTube user oOtoke, who shot selfies for three years to create a timelapse of himself singing. Around 1,000 selfies were captured between March 2012 and April 2015. Somehow oOtoke was able to plan the photos well enough for his mouth in the photos to properly lipsync the song when played quickly […]

Watch a Camera Get Dissolved by Nail Polish Remover Fumes

Here’s a timelapse video showing how an old plastic camera melts away when you expose it to acetone fumes. The 3-minutes in the video spans 25 hours of real time. Acetone is the organic compound that’s the primary ingredient in nail polish removers and paint thinners.

This Infinite Loop Timelapse Spins the Earth While the Stars Stay Still

If you point your camera at the sky and film, the stars will arc overhead. Thats because your camera is attached to a giant spinning orb called Earth. This interesting 24 hour time-lapse from YouTuber AlphaPhoenix stabilises the stars by spinning the footage in the opposite direction to Earths rotation. AlphaPhoenix shot the time-lapse over […]

This Timelapse Shows a Cell Dividing Over 33 Hours

What to see what cell division looks like? Documentary and wildlife filmmaker Francis Chee captured it beautifully on camera. The amazing 23-second time-lapse above shows a frog egg dividing over 33 hours.

This Infrared Timelapse Reveals the Invisible Landscapes of Oregon

Photographer Sam Forencich recently created something really special. It’s a timelapse of Oregon’s beautiful landscapes that stands out from the hundreds (if not thousands) of other Oregon nature timelapses out there, because he shot it entirely with infrared converted cameras.

This Hyperlapse Was Made from 3,305 Google Maps Screenshots

Today is Google Maps’ 12th birthday, and graphic design student Matteo Archondis is paying the platform homage in a really cool way. A fan of timelapse and hyperlapse techniques, Archondis created a visual hyperlapse tour of the world using only screenshots taken within Google Maps.

Capturing the Northern Lights from a Window Seat at 35,000ft

On New Year’s Eve, you might think the people in Times Square were treated to the best light show… but you’d be wrong. Photographer Aryeh Nirenberg, enjoying a full row of seats on his flight from JFK to Reykjavik, Iceland, was treated to a more spectacular show. New Year’s Eve might be the only night […]

5 Projects to Push Your iPhone Camera to its Limits

For the past few years, I have been really enjoying pushing the iPhone camera as far as it can go, to do photography projects that many people might not have realized you can do with an iPhone. I also use other cameras, but theres something fun about the always-in-your-pocket aspect of iPhone photography. #1: Snowflake […]

Fascinating Macro Timelapse Footage Shows the Life Cycle of Ladybugs

Photographer Jens Heidler has recorded a fascinating macro timelapse story of ladybugs hatching that gives viewers a rarely-seen glimpse into the lives of insects. Heidler, who is both a photographer and YouTube creator, has previously shared several of his creative ideas — with a strong focus on macro photography and video —such as his shiitake […]

Macro Timelapses of Organisms Drying Out

“Dry Out” is a new short film by Vienna, Austria-based photographer Christian Stangl. Using macro lenses and a microscope, Stangl shot timelapses showing various organic things drying out.

This Stunning Supermacro Timelapse Captures the Hidden Beauty of Mold

Even the most mundane, unremarkable, or sometimes disgusting phenomena take on a totally new life when viewed at a supermacro scale. Case in point, a new timelapse film dubbed “The Rise of Molds” captures the mesmerizing growth of a subject we’ve all at one time or another cut out of a slice of bread or […]

This is a Milky Way Timelapse Shot on 35mm Film

Photographer Jason De Freitas recently took his 35mm film camera out into the night and spent over an hour manually shooting a photo every minute. He then turned those photos into this 30-second time-lapse of the Milky Way.

This Night Sky Timelapse is Not What It Seems

Here’s a beautiful new short film titled “Night Light” by UK-based photographer and filmmaker Arthur Cauty. While it may look like timelapse photography, it’s actually comprised entirely of still photos with motion and lighting added in.

A Time-Blended Star Trail Timelapse of the Night Sky

San Francisco-based landscape, aerial, and timelapse photographer Michael Shainblum made this gorgeous 3-minute 4K star trail timelapse titled “Drifting Through The Night. ” It features years of Shainblum nighttime shoots presented in a “time-blended” way.

Intervalometerator: Open Source Code for a Remote Timelapse DSLR

Want to set up a remote DSLR for shooting a time-lapse? The Intervalometerator (AKA ‘intvlm8r’) is an open-source intervalometer that can help you do so at minimal hardware cost (as long as you’re comfortable tinkering with hardware and software).

A Star-Stack Timelapse of a Lightning Storm in Hawaii

Star stacking is a popular technique astro-photographers use to create photos and time-lapses of star trails. But what do you get when a lightning storm is also in the frame? Maui-based photographer Joe Domrad created a mesmerizing time-lapse that will show you.

This is the Worlds First Gigapixel Timelapse

The UK contact lens retailer Lenstore has released the world’s first gigapixel timelapse. Titled 24 Hour London, the images show a view of England’s capital city over a period of 24 hours in February 2018.

This Music Video is a Weird Photoshop Editing Timelapse

Here’s the new official music video for the song “Do I Have to Talk You Into It” by Spoon. If you’re a photographer who has watched post-processing tutorials online, the concept of this music video will be strangely familiar to you: it’s a Photoshop editing timelapse.

This Guy Photoshopped a Crane Out of a Building Photo as a Challenge

It’s amazing what can be done with Photoshop these days with simple techniques and a lot of patience. Case in point: UK-based photographer Denyer shared this 4-minute timelapse of an edit he did for fun, removing a large crane covering a busy building over 2-hours of retouching. It all started when Denyer was chatting in […]

Heres the First 8K Timelapse Shot with the Nikon D850

The new Nikon D850 lets you create 8K timelapses using the 45.7-megapixel sensor and the built-in Interval Timer. If you’ve been wanting to see what 8K shot with the camera looks like, today’s your lucky day: we got our hands on the first 8K timelapse short film shot on the D850. The 2.5-minute video above […]

How a Photographer Shot Butterflies in Her Stomach

This time-lapse of a mammoth 3. 5-hour photo editing session by Anya Anti is fascinating. The concept behind the shot is that she wanted to create a self-portrait based on the term ‘butterflies in your stomach’.

A Mozart-Inspired Infrared Timelapse Shot with a Converted Sony a6300

In this stunning 3-minute infrared timelapse, director and filmmaker Matthew Rycroft sought to answer the question: What would a Mozart music video look like?. The result is a dramatic 3-act cinematic opera titled “Siege of Salzburg,” and filmed in the city of Mozarts birth.

Timelapse Shows Enthralling Process of a Growing Shiitake Mushroom

A photographer, fascinated by the fungi world, has recorded a creative timelapse of a growing shiitake mushroom, which shows the fascinating progress up-close. Photographer and YouTube creator Jens Heidler, who has previously shared his innovative approach to documenting macro and timelapse work of various objects and the natural world with PetaPixel, like the 10-day cracking […]

This is the Worlds First Ceiling-Mounted, Motion-Controlled Camera Dolly

YouTuber, actor, and content creator Josh Yeo created a device that he says is the world’s first ceiling-mounted, motion-controlled camera dolly that allows him to create incredible motion timelapses and cinematic video shots in a way that dramatically elevates the quality of his work.

Ultimate Smart Gadget Automates Photography via System of Sensors

MIOPS, a camera trigger/accessory company PetaPixel has featured numerous times, has launched its fourth Kickstarter campaign for a new device called the Flex, a camera triggering system that can assist in shooting HDR images, timelapses, high-speed action, and more.

This Guy Shot a Milky Way Timelapse on 35mm Film

Photographer Jason De Freitas recently took his 35mm film camera out into the night and spent over an hour manually shooting a photo every minute. He then turned those photos into this 30-second time-lapse of the Milky Way.