The Camera in the New DJI Mavic Air 2 Shoots RAW, and More to Know

". . . the newly added SmartPhoto mode, which includes three technologies: Scene Recognition, Hyperlight and HDR photos, which can intelligently identify 5 types of scenes and optimize algorithms to capture the best photo," says the Product Manager of the DJI Mavic Air 2 in an interview.

Canon Confirms Key EOS R5 Specs to Shut Down Speculation

Canon Australia has just published an aggressive press release that means to “shut down speculation” from detractors who think specs like 8K video are “a fantasy” that will be characteristically crippled by the camera brand.

This is Sonys New Real-Time Tracking in Action

In unveiling the new a6400 last week, Sony also announced its next-generation AI-based tracking features that are also coming to existing cameras in a firmware update. Sony Artisan Patrick Murphy-Racey shared this 2-minute video showing just how impressive the tracking is.

Nikon D850 Autofocus Tracking Not as Good as D5, Test Finds

Nikon’s marketing says the $3,300 D850‘s autofocus components are the same as the $6,500 D5, but how do the two cameras stack up in real-world autofocusing? PhotographerMatt Grangerdecided to put the systems to the test, doing a shootout to see how the two cameras’ focus and tracking abilities compare. First, Granger made sure both of […]

This Basketball Demo Shows the Sony a9s Blazing Fast Autofocus

Sony is touting its new a9 camera as a sports camera with blazing fast autofocus and shooting speeds. If you weren’t impressed with the camera tracking a pole vaulter at 20fps, check out the demo in the video above: the camera accurately keeps its focus locked on a basketball being tossed back and forth near […]

Earths Rotation Captured Using a Star-Tracking Telescope

Instead of capturing a night sky time-lapse with the stars spinning overhead, Windston attached a GoPro HERO4 to his star-tracking telescope rig and shot the 1-minute video above that show’s Earth’s rotation in a different way.

Instagram Uses iOS Notice to Convince You to Accept App Tracking

Facebook and Instagram have been vocally against any attempts to curtail its apps from tracking users, but with the launch of iOS 14.5, the company has taken that up a notch by subtly threatening to charge its users for access to its networks if they choose to turn app tracking off. A major part of […]

AI Tracking Camera Mistakes Referees Bald Head for a Soccer Ball

AI cameras have come a long way when it comes to object recognition and tracking, but sometimes the “intelligence” can fail in humorous ways. At a recent professional soccer match in Scotland, the AI broadcast camera tasked with tracking the soccer ball kept getting distracted by the sideline referee’s bald head. As you can see […]

Camera Drones May Soon Be Required to Have a Remote ID System

Ever since camera drones first became available to the average consumer, authorities across the world have had growing concerns about them. No-fly zones are being widely established, and regulations are becoming stricter to restrict when, where, and how the unmanned aircraft can fly.

GearEye Uses RFID To Track Your Gear

As photographers, we are constantly lugging around a ton of gear. Everything from tripods and light stands to lenses and SD cards. It can sometimes be an incredible pain to keep track of all your gear, making sure you have it with you, making sure you have the right equipment for a given shoot, etc.