Photographer Catches Whale Breaching Next to a Fishing Boat

A photographer was on a whale-watching trip when he unexpectedly captured incredible photos of a large humpback whale exploding out of the water right next to an unsuspecting fisherman on his boat. Photographer Douglas Croft was in California’s Monterey Bay on April 27th back in 2019 when the memorable moment occurred. “It was quite exciting! […]

Watch a Scorpion and Its Young Glow Different Colors Under UV Light

Did you know that Scorpions glow when you put them under an ultraviolet light? Ecological artist The Butterfly Babe (Sarah Folts) has shared a video showing a mother scorpion with her young gathered on her back and glowing a bright blue and purple under ultraviolet light.

A Portfolio of Bees Our Helpful Insects

As you all know, bees help us put food on the table. Their pollination of California almonds alone has been valued at a billion dollars. They have also become my favorite photographic subject. I wrote about this last September.

Can You Spot the Leopard Cub in This Photo?

This photograph by wildlife photographer Mohan Thomas contains two leopards. The mother leopard is easy to see, but can you find her cub looking into the camera? Thomas, who’s based in Bangalore, India, captured the photograph in the Kabini Forest Reserve, which is known for animals that include leopards, monkeys, deer, crocodiles, and more. He […]

The Winners of the PA2F Environmental Photography Awards 2021

Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation (PA2F) has announced the winners of its 2021 Environmental Photography Award, which examines the relationship between people and the environment. To mark the foundation’s 15th anniversary, PA2F launched a new environmental photography award that judged entries in three categories: Incredible Wildlife, Wildlife in Crisis, and Reasons for Hope. The […]

These Photos of Fireflies in Japan are Magical

In the summer, around June and July, firefly season kicks into full swing in Japan and watching (and photographing) the natural light show is a popular pastime. Photographer Daniel Kordan shot a beautiful set of photos that captures the magic of hotaru season.

Drone Captures Flock of Geese From Rare Overhead Angle

While incredible sweeping overhead shots of migrating birds is a must-have for wildlife documentaries on Discovery or Netflix, it’s rare to be able to capture those angles otherwise. Photographer Mark Zakurikan managed to do so with a drone and the footage is beautiful.

David Yarrow Accused of Feeding Fox for Photo, Denies Wrongdoing

Renowned wildlife photographer David Yarrow has found himself at the center of a new controversy this month after another photographer levied claims that she witnessed his crew feeding and enticing wild foxes in a National Park while Yarrow photographed them.

This Genocide Survivor Finds Peace in Photographing Squirrels

Wildlife photographer Niki Colemont never met his late parents and fled the Rwandan genocide to Belgium as a 4-year-old refugee. This 1-minute documentary about Colemont shows how he finds peace today in shooting beautiful photographs of squirrels.

Beautiful, Stunning Bokeh! Canon 100-500mm F4.5-7.1 L IS USM Review

It shoots birds. In fact, the Canon RF 100-500mm 4. 5-7. 1 L IS USM does a great job of that. Make no mistake, this is a beastly lens. It's large but not overly heavy. But if you're birding, then it's got exactly what you need if you're using higher megapixel bodies.

Kayaker Films Herself Almost Getting Swallowed by a Humpback Whale

Two kayakers on a whale watching adventure off the coast of California got a scare on Monday when a humpback whale came up from below and nearly swallowed them. One of the kayakers had her phone out at the time and managed to capture the experience on camera. In the 1-minute video above, captured by […]

The 30 Best Drone Photos Of 2020 Have Been Announced

Congrats to Photo of the Year honoree, Jim Picôt of Australia with "Love Heart of Nature!" and to all the talented photographers recognized at the Drone Photo Awards. See all winning images and artist bios at the contest gallery webpage.

How I Created a Magical Bear Photo

Two years ago in September, I was traveling in Kuusamo, Finland, and I had the opportunity to go see and photograph wild bears. We left our cars and started walking to the bear-watching hut with a small group.

Creepy Monkey Spy Camera Befriends Curious Baby Macaque

For the new PBS series Spy in The Wild 2 The North, a wildlife documentary crew used a creepy-looking monkey spy camera to capture footage of Japanese macaques bathing in mountain hot springs. While on its mission, the robot monkey befriends a curious baby macaque for a brief time before its mother pulls it […]

Photographer Captures Dolphins Swimming in Bioluminescence

Photographer Patrick Coyne was in Newport Beach, California, when he captured this stunning footage of dolphins swimming through bioluminescent waters and leaving glowing blue trails in their wake. Coyne is the same photographer who shared some incredible views of bioluminescent waves earlier this week, and he was on board a Newport Coastal Adventure whale watching […]

Photographer Spots Penguin Widows Enjoying the Melbourne Skyline

Photographer Tobias Baumgaertner was at the St Kilda pier in Melbourne last year when he captured this tender moment showing two penguins enjoying the city’s skyline together. “These two Fairy penguins poised upon a rock overlooking the Melbourne skyline were standing there for hours, flipper in flipper, watching the sparkling lights of the skyline and […]

Photography Cheat Sheet: Getting Up Close for Wildlife Photography

Photographing from afar is one of the most convenient and surefire ways to do wildlife photography. But some wild animals are simply great for close-up snaps. The challenge, therefore, lies in getting close to these creatures to get the perfect shots without disrupting them in their natural habitat.

Review: Olympus OMD EM1 III (A Travel Photographers Imperfect Gem)

Though I'm hesitant to call the Olympus OMD EM1 III a specialized camera, it could be the best way to describe it. Travel, landscape, wildlife and night photographers will adore its features. The small size combined with small lenses, deep depth of field at open apertures, and the build quality are all highly prized.

Review: Panasonic 70-200mm F4 OIS Lumix S Pro (Its Fast!)

Many of you are of the philosophy that you hate zoom lenses, but the Panasonic 70-200mm f4 OIS Lumix S Pro is genuinely one of the most capable that we've tested for the system. Thus far, I've found it to be the fastest focusing lens that L mount has.

Red Squirrels In Holland

So hard to photograph red squirrels in Holland, but I finally managed to capture some photos. I wanted to shoot these images for years.

My 17 Pictures Of Nemo In Real Life

My name is Daniel Sasse, I'm an owner of a dive center and an underwater photographer and videographer. I have 25 years of experience in scuba diving, teaching and photographing wildlife. Protecting our oceans must be our priority since every second breath we take is produced by our oceans.

The Sony a7r IV Is Out, So Where Is the Sony a7s III?

We're wondering the same thing you are: where is the Sony a7s III? With the Sony a7r series of cameras undergoing two other refreshes, the Sony a7s series hasn't seen a single one in years. We know that it's coming, but we don't have any idea when.

Photos of Sandhill Cranes Raising a Baby Goose

This spring, here in Michigan, something quite unexpected happened. It started out as it always does in early April, with the sandhill cranes preparing their nest. A week later, they laid their first egg and then a second egg appeared.

50 Winning Photos From Our #Light2019 Photography Contest

The light has been shed upon the top 50 finalists of the latest AGORA images international photo contest, and they don't disappoint! If there's one thing that matters more than any other in photography, it is definitely light.

Photos of Bees, Our Helpful Insect

As you all know, bees help us put food on the table. Their pollination of California almonds alone has been valued at a billion dollars. They have also become my favorite photographic subject. I wrote about this last September.

Winter Wetlands: Photographing Whooper Swans

A winter wetland has always held a special place in my heart. A unique wildness derived from the winter wildfowl that visit from the remote Arctic landscapes, birds of prey drawn to harry prey during the short, cold days the nervousness of wildfowl feeding anxiously ready to take flight as a menacing shadow […]

Ive Been Photographing Gorgeous Jays In My Garden For The Past Years And Ive Learned To Tell Them Apart By Their Black And Blue Barcodes

Over the past years, I have been photographing jays in the garden. I realized that they might be able to be recognized as individuals by their most gorgeous feature, the blue and black barcode. The post I've Been Photographing Gorgeous Jays In My Garden For The Past Years And I've Learned To Tell Them Apart By Their Black And Blue "Barcodes" first appeared on Bored Panda.

Photographing Bears in Finland

Photographing bears in Finland was an exciting and unforgettable experience that became one of the photographic highlights of a rather strange 2020. Its hard to explain the feeling of having these massive animals at only an arm-length away; its simply something that must be experienced. It was astonishing to have them so close but I […]

Owl Lands on Photographers Lens, Blends in Perfectly

Photographer Scott Dere was on an owl photography outing when an owl unexpectedly landed on his Canon 600mm f/4L IS III, blending in strangely well with the camouflaged lens. Dere had set out to photograph some great grey owls and, along the way, teamed up with three other photographers, including Beaumon Day and Olympus Explorer […]

Wildlife Camera Trap Captures Man Striking a Pose

Conservation photographer and wildlife tracker Jeff Wirth was reviewing the photos on a camera trap he had set up when he was surprised with this unexpected shot: an unknown man who had spotted the camera and decided to strike a pose.

Calculating the Distance of Wildlife in a Telephoto Shot

While enjoying a calm and misty morning at the pier in Malibu, California, I spotted dolphins. After observing them for a while, I noticed that their swimming was synchronized. There was a natural explanation for their circling: a feast had begun, quickly attracting sea lions, pelicans, and seagulls. After shooting a few photos from a […]

The Cuteness of Antarctic Penguins

I spent some time in Antarctica earlier this year and next to photographing landscapes, I couldn’t help but document the cute penguins. I quickly got addicted to photographing them as they’re just so nice to watch — the funny movements they make, the cute interactions they make with their little chicks, and even their funny […]

Photographer Captures Squirrel Flying Over Water with a Nut

Dutch wildlife photographer Dick van Duijn recently spent a day waiting in a hide in a forest in The Netherlands from sunrise to sunset. His patience paid off, and he managed to capture a viral photo of a squirrel leaping through the air over water with a walnut in its mouth. Van Duijn has been […]

Macro Photos of Plant Growths Caused by Tiny Wasps

Photographer Timothy Boomer captures beautiful macro photographs of plant galls, which are growths that form in response to some outside stimulus. For his work, Boomer focuses on growths caused by the tiny gall wasp.

Seven tips for shooting great landscapes for Licensing

Here are our top tips for making your landscapes more marketable to image buyers and upgrading your portfolio in the process. The post Seven tips for shooting great landscapes for Licensing appeared first on 500px.

Photographer Spots Sneaky Whale Next to Unsuspecting Whale Watchers

Photographer Eric Smith was photographing a whale migration last year when he captured this humorous photo showing a sneaky whale popping up right next to a group of unsuspecting whale watchers. Smith, a Los Angeles-based documentary photographer, was in Bajas San Ignacio Lagoon in March 2020 just before COVID-19 lockdowns to document the migratory gray […]

Wildlife Photographers Camera Fails, Humorous Drawings Ensue

When nature photographer Donny Moore went out to shoot an annual bird migration last month, his camera unexpectedly failed during the outing. To “bring some levity” to the sad situation and to make the most of his time in nature, Moore decided to start sketching instead with his kids’ art supplies. The Ontario, Canada-based Moore […]

Russian Fisherman Shares Scary Photos of Deep-Sea Creatures

Roman Fedortsov is a Russian fisherman who has been working on trawler for 18 years. For the past several years, he has been shooting and sharing photos of the strange and scary deep sea creatures pulled up in his nets from the dark depths of the ocean floor. Fedortsov lives in the large port city […]

Photographer Snaps Bird Catching a Ride on Bigger Birds Stick

A wildlife photographer in Michigan has captured a strange once-in-a-lifetime shot of a small bird catching a free ride on a larger bird’s stick. Photographer Jocelyn Anderson was recently photographing an osprey (AKA sea hawk) at a pond when the curious encounter occurred.

Photographing Red Squirrels from a Hide in an Irish Forest

Eurasian red squirrels are diminutive, skulking mammals with an extensive range from Ireland through Siberia to Japan. They are very photogenic and have that cute gene that really shouldnt be a winner when it comes to evolution.

Photos of Squirrels Jumping with Nuts

Photographer Niki Colemont has spent a considerable amount of time over the past five years photographing the red squirrel, and one of his focuses has been catching the little creatures in mid-air as they jump from tree to tree.

Nat Geo Photographer Gets Swarmed by Bugs, Keeps On Shooting

National Geographic photographers can find themselves in all kinds of strange and uncomfortable situations while on assignment and hunting for the perfect shots. Just check out what Nat Geo photographer Thomas Peschak is up to in Africa’s Kalahari Desert.