Adobe RGB vs sRGB: Explaining It in the Simplest Terms to Photographers

Fact: most cameras are automatically set to the sRGB color mode straight out of the box. This applies to JPEG images as said cameras are also typically set to shoot JPEGs when taken right out of the box.

But the Adobe RGB color mode is arguably even more important. In the most common vernacular, the sRGB color standard is what has applied to the web for many years. It's a number of colors and most monitors for years only rendered this color space. As time has progressed though, monitors have become better and so too has the web. This has resulted in more tests being done to accommodate to the Adobe RGB color space--which is much larger than the sRGB color space. But in truth, unless you're willing to stop worrying about dynamic range and high ISO output, you're probably not going to care about the Adobe RGB space and the sRGB space for practical reasons. .

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2020-1-13 14:00

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