5 One-Light Modifier Setups: Portrait Lighting in 10 Minutes

In this article and video, youll get five one-light studio setups, and were going to do it in less than 10 minutes. Im using a Profoto A10 for this setup, but you can use any flash. Im also going to limit our modifiers to just the basics, so well mainly use an umbrella. For all […]

28 Composition Ideas to Help You Take Better Photographs

Nobody likes rules. Ok, well some people like rules. Your old school principal? He liked rules. So does that scary lady in the HR department. When it comes to composition in photography, I dont like to talk in terms of rules; I prefer instead to talk about composition ideas. Some of the ideas presented in […]

You Can Have Your Home Blurred for Privacy in Google Street View Photos

Google Street View cameras have now captured over 170 billion photos from 10 million miles around the globe. But if you’re not comfortable with the fact that anyone can “visit” your home digitally, did you know you can request to have it blurred from public view? Certain things in Google Street View (e.g. faces and […]

How to Make a LIDAR-Driven Motorized Film Carrier

Despite what some people think about LIDAR for cars, in the near future it is foreseeable that this technology will take its rightful place in our daily lives. Not just for cars but with almost anything and everything.

35+ Rules and Guiding Principles in Photography

A primary question in photography is, What is composition? Photo composition governs the manner in which our eyes travel through an image. It defines how objects within an image are placed relative to each other in such a way that generates visual excitement.

Making Relative Adjustments to Sets of Photos in Lightroom

Sometimes it may be necessary to make a set of images darker or lighter, more or less contrasty, or otherwise change their appearance but retain their relative appearance. Lightroom has the ability to make relative adjustments on a selected set of images to facilitate that.

This Page is a Fantastic Primer on How Cameras and Lenses Work

If you want to learn the science and technical details of how cameras and lenses work, there’s a fantastic new resource on the Web for you. Developer Bartosz Ciechanowski has published an interactive 5,700-word article that explains things in great depth.

How to Shoot Fun and Creative Small World Photos with Your Smartphone

Capturing creative photos of miniature worlds is definitely not a new idea, but you don’t need to be a small-world master like Tatsuya Tanaka to give this kind of photography a shot. As this COOPH tutorial shows you, all you need is some creativity, a few mini figures, and a smartphone. The short tutorial runs […]

4 Steps Every Photographer Should Know To Balance Strobes and Sunlight

In this video and article, Chanda AM is going to help me illustrate how to balance ambient light with strobes. I love shooting in this situation with ambient light and strobe light. I want to be able to combine the ambient light here in this beautiful area with strobes. So the way I generally do […]

How to Turn a Photo from Day to Night Using a Few Photo Editing Tricks

Photographer Serge Ramelli recently put together a fun tutorial that shows you how to do something that might seem, at first, impossible: he takes a daylight photo and, using only local adjustments, he turns it into a nighttime or “blue hour” shot complete with lamplight. The tutorial takes about 17 minutes in all, and he […]

Adobe Supercharged Select Subject in the Latest Photoshop Update

Unmesh Dinda over at PiXImperfect recently took the latest update of Photoshop for a spin, and he was blown away by the improvement to ‘Select Subject.’ This AI-powered selection tool was always okay as a baseline, but now it’s gotten so good that Dinda isn’t sure he’ll be using the Pen tool at all anymore. […]

A Beginners Guide To Photographing Comet Neowise

The comet C/2020 F3 (NEOWISE) has arrived in the night sky here in the northern hemisphere, delighting skywatchers and photographers alike. With planning, patience, and clear skies, you can capture an unforgettable image of this celestial event.

The Best Way to Sharpen Your Photos in Lightroom vs Photoshop

The good folks over at PHLEARN have put together a really useful comparison and tutorial that shows you all of the different ways you can sharpen your photos in Adobe Lightroom vs Photoshop. For many photographers, deciding where and how to sharpen your photos can be a real Sophie’s Choice. If you never pull your […]

Photography Cheat Sheet: A Super Easy Guide to Rembrandt Lighting

Chances are that if you're really into portraiture, that you've studied work that includes Rembrandt lighting. This method is popular partially because it's such a flattering lighting option. It's known for the signature triangle that you see on the face because of the angle.

Diffraction Explained: Why Your Lens is Worse at f/22 than f/8

It’s common knowledge that most lenses are at their best (i. e. sharpest) between f/5. 6 and f/8, depending on the lens. But why is that? Why does stopping down further actually make the image softer? This is what YouTuber ZY Productions explains in the video above.

Sports Photography Tips to Help You Nail Your Action Shots

My name is Andy Chua, and I’m a professional photographer based in Singapore. In this article, I’ll share tips for nailing your action shots in sports photography. Team Russia competed in Team Free event of Artistic swimming during Fina World Championship (Gwangju) 2019.

Adobe Launches New Video Series of 60-Second Lightroom Tutorials

If you’re looking to hone your Lightroom CC and Lightroom Mobile skills, Adobe has launched a new series of bite-sized video tutorials that you might be interested in. The series is called “In a Lightroom Minute,” and it’s made up of 60-second (give or take) tutorials that cover a wide variety of topics. Those of […]

Concert Photographer Shoots Striking Bokeh Panoramas

In Summer of 2019, while working with Elbow in Manchester, concert photographer Peter Neill had an idea. He decided to try and stitch an epic panorama… with a twist. Instead of using a wide-angle, he would use an 85mm f/1.

Sock Puppet Teaches You How to Use Your Cameras Manual Settings

If you’ve been looking for a fresh, entertaining take on the standard beginner’s guide to getting out of Auto Mode, look no further. The YouTube channel TheCrafsMan SteadyCraftin has released the strangest (and yet still very informative) tutorial we’ve seen in this genre.

A Beginners Guide to Focus for Landscape Photography

Landscape photographer and educator Mads Peter Iversen has put together a helpful focus ‘primer’ for the aspiring landscape photographers out there. In the video, he goes over auto and manual focus technique, his personal workflow, and a few basic tips and tricks that work well for him. Note that Iversen doesn’t go into the details […]

Video Tutorial: Youre Adding Too Much Clarity. Try This for Sharper Photos

When you're editing a photo, you'll most likely boost the clarity or the sharpness of the image to make it more appealing. But there's another trick that you're probably not using. Did you know that when you edit the black levels of a photo, that the rest of the scene pops out more? It's a simple psychology trick that can make someone think that the image they're looking at is much sharper than it really is.

How to Take Better Photos of Your Kids

If you are a parent with a passion for taking good photos of your kids, this guide will walk you through it and help to improve your skills. Posed vs. Candid Shots The first thing you might be asking is; What do you mean by candid’ and how is that going to help me take […]

Catchlights: The Small Detail that Can Make or Break Your Portraits

Photographer Joe Edelman has put together a helpful beginner’s guide that explains one of the most important (and easy to overlook) details in portrait photography: catchlights. These specular highlights can make or break your photo, and in this video, Edelman covers all of the basic “dos” and “donts” of catchlights in portraiture. “Dont overlook the […]

How to Change Someones Eye Color in Adobe Lightroom

When it comes to major retouching like changing eye color, most of us choose to use Photoshop or a similar pixel editor rather than a RAW editor like Lightroom. But as Anthony Morganti shows in the tutorial above, you don’t actually have to leave Lightroom to make this kind of edit. In this quick tutorial, […]

How to Make and Photograph Frozen Soap Bubbles

Nature and macro photographer Don Komarechka made this 4-minute video tutorial in which he shares how you can make and photograph frozen soap bubbles (if you live somewhere cold enough). First, you can mix up your own soap bubble solution using water, dish soap, and white corn syrup. The white corn syrup, what Komarechka calls […]

7 Tips for Taking the Perfect Beach Silhouette Photo

Silhouette images can really pack a punch — they can be very striking and have the wow factor. But how do you take them? Follow the tips below to take your own perfect beach silhouette images! A silhouette is an image of a person (animal or object) represented as a solid, usually black shape. All […]

How to Shoot Creative Macro Photos of Skeleton Leaves

Today we are going to use skeleton leaves and glycerin for a creative macro project. Skeleton leaves are fascinating and intricate structures that make great subjects for macro photography and creative projects.

5 Shots You Need to Get When You Are the On-Set Photographer

The first time I was hired to photograph on set at a music video was decades ago. The client was a record label and they didnt give me any detailed instructions. I was just starting out and it didnt even occur to me to ask just what I was supposed to take pictures of. I […]

How to Shoot the Milky Way: A Crash Course in Less Than 5 Minutes

Photographers Ian Norman and Diana Southern of Lonely Speck made this helpful video that will teach you the things you need to know to shoot the Milky Way in less than 5 minutes. The topics blazed through in the tutorial include gear, planning, camera settings, and focusing. While the video won’t instantly make you an […]

Whats That Spray Can in Lightroom For?

If you’ve ever noticed a little spray can icon while using Lightroom but have no idea what it’s for, this 8. 5-minute video by photographer Anthony Morganti was made for you. The spray can is the Painter tool.

Photoshop 101: How to Create a Stop Motion Animation

The latest episode of Adobe’s YouTube series “3 2 1 Photoshop” is for anybody who wants to get into stop motion photography, but has no idea how to actually create a simple animation from a series of still photos.

How to Get Great-Looking Skin Tones in Lightroom

Ryan Breitkreutz over at Signature Edits has created a useful tutorial that dives into one of the most critical aspects of portrait photography: skin tones. In this 30-minute video, he shares some his personal tips and techniques for capturing natural-looking skin tones, first in-camera, and then in Lightroom. Critically, Ryan begins the tutorial by emphasizing […]

Street Photography 101: Shooting from the Hip

In this article, I’m going to share my basics of shooting from the hip, a fun way to get candid, up-close street photos. Well cover camera settings, what to look for, and other techniques along the way.

Capture One Pro Basics: How to Adjust Exposure, Contrast and Saturation

When it comes to Lightroom alternatives, nobody has taken more users away from Adobe than Capture One Pro. But if you’ve never used Capture One and you need a crash course on the basics, Ted Forbes of The Art of Photography has put together a helpful video that you might find handy. This short beginner’s […]

5 Common Portrait Photography Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Portrait photographer Miguel Quiles is back with another useful video for aspiring portrait photographers. This time, he’s put together a video outlining the five most common portrait photography mistakes that he’s seen over the years, and how he suggests that beginners avoid or fix them.

How to Make Solid Developer Cubes for Easier Darkroom Film Processing

Over the past year, it seems the whole world has been on hold due to the rampages of COVID-19. In the Facebook groups Im in, many users were seeing shortages in analog photography supplies. Some online stores stopped shipping Rodinal (a caustic liquid) and other products were just nowhere to be found. Added to all […]

An Intro to the Rule of Thirds in Photography

Learn photography rules, learn to apply them, learn their advantages and limitations. Finally, learn to bend them, break them and explore beyond them. Rules are prison cell walls for the creative mind so beware of them — dont let them take over your life.

How to Use Teleconverters for Macro Photography

Teleconverters are handy lens add-ons that multiply the focal length of the lens they are attached to. They can be mounted in between the camera body and lens (typically a telephoto lens) and increase the focal length of the lens to which they are attached. By how much is dependent on their power, which is […]

How to Fix Sitting Posing Mistakes

Were going to walk you through common posing mistakes, particularly for sitting poses, and how to fix them. I want to cover this subject from both a masculine and feminine body language standpoint so you can see the differences and know how to fix issues on the spot no matter who you are photographing. Learning […]

How to Get Professional Results with Photoshops AI Sky Replacement Tool

One of the major updates to the latest version of Photoshop is the addition of Sky Replacement: a tool that has the potential to save you a ton of time when editing your landscape images. But as Aaron Nace explains in this video, this AI-powered tool requires a bit of thought if you want to […]

How to Build a Giant Soft Box on the Cheap

Cinematographer Shane Hurlbut of the Hurlbut Academy recently shared a great DIY tutorial in which he shows you how to build a giant soft box using just some foam core and a few lengths of 1×3-inch wood.

How to Correct Perspective Distortions with Photoshops Camera Raw Filter

Here’s a 1.5-minute video tutorial that could improve your workflow if you’re often correcting perspective distortions in your photos. In it, Photoshop Training Channel teaches how to get the job done by converting your photo into a Smart Object and then using Photoshop’s Camera Raw Filter. In the new version of Camera Raw, the tools […]

Heres a Free 2.5-Hour Tutorial on How to Shoot Portraits with Speedlights

If you’ve been wanting to get better at shooting portraits with speedlights but aren’t sure where to start, check out this free 2.5-hour tutorial by UK photographer Damien Lovegrove. Shot back in 2009, the tutorial shows Lovegrove demonstrating 23 different setups using one or more flashes, from simple one-flash portraits to setups that use 3 […]

4 Top Tips for Taking Better Photos of Your Kids Indoors

Were forever taking photos of our children. We want to remember those first experiences, milestones, and adventures. But how many of those photos come out the way you intended, and how many make it onto your walls and into photo books? I have 4 top tips anyone can use to help improve your photography and […]

Create This Dual-Lighting Effect Using Just 2 Layers in Photoshop

Want to create an epic ‘dual lighting’ effect for your studio portraits, but don’t have any gels or LEDs to work with? No problem. In this short tutorial, Photoshop master Unmesh Dinda of PIXimperfect will show you how to create this effect in post using just 2 layers! As Dinda shows in the video, the […]

Heres a Free and Easy-to-Follow DSLR Beginners Guide PDF

Just starting out with doing photography with a DSLR (or mirrorless) camera? Here’s a free PDF you can download that will take you through some of the basics of understanding and using the camera so you can hit the ground running.

How to Shoot a Rim Light Product Photo with One Light

Here’s a 12-minute tutorial by AdoramaTV in which photographer Gavin Hoey shows how you can capture a perfect rim light shot without using multiple stripboxes and flashes — all you need is just one light.

How to Photograph the Milky Way Core Season

Milky Way core season is right around the corner. I wrote this quickie guide on how to photograph our galaxy for anyone interested in going out to do some astrophotography this season! So first a little bit about myself.

How to Make a Negative from a Peel-Apart Instant Photo

Although the original Polaroid as a company is no longer manufacturing their film, their ethos and idea behind instant imaging is still very much alive and kicking. Brands like the new Polaroid (formerly the Impossible Project) and Fujifilm are both making instant film and in recent times the whole analog market has seen a big […]

Photographing Rainbow Eyes By Using Birefringence

One of the many fascinating effects of cross-polarization is called birefringence, which is responsible for the psychedelic gradients in the seen here. This article is part two of a two-part series explaining cross-polarization and birefringence.

6 Editorial Self-Portraits to Shoot at Home

Lake Tahoe-based photographer Tajreen Hedayet made this short, sweet, and inspiring 2-minute video tutorial on six different editorial self-portraits you can try shooting at home if you’re looking for a way to exercise your creative muscles.

How to Use the Exposure Diamond to Balance Ambient Light with Strobes

You might be familiar with the exposure triangle, but in this 7-minute video, Mark Wallace from Adorama TV describes the exposure diamond and how to effectively balance a strobe with ambient light. The exposure triangle is a term used to describe how ISO, aperture, and shutter speed work together to create an exposure, but is […]

3 Beginner Wide Angle Mistakes to Avoid in Landscape Photography

Landscape photographer Mark Denney has put together a quick tutorial that will be particularly useful for beginners. In it, he covers the most egregious mistakes he made when he first started shooting landscapes with a wide-angle lens, and explains how you can avoid falling into the same traps. “I think without a doubt a wide […]

How to Bake an Ultra-Realistic Camera Cake

YouTube star and food scientist Ann Reardon of How to Cook That films videos for her 4. 4+ million subscribers with a Panasonic GH5. At Panasonic’s request, Reardon baked a 3D cake version of the camera, and this 16-minute tutorial shows how you can do it too.

How to Swap Faces in Photoshop in Four Easy Steps

Our friend Pye Jirsa from SLR Lounge recently teamed up with the folks from Adorama to put together a very handy Photoshop tutorial you may want to bookmark for later. In this video, he shows you how to swap faces and expressions in four easy steps.

Olympus Tutorial Shows You How to Deep Clean and Disinfect a Camera

Olympus Europe recently teamed up with “extreme photographer” Fernando Marmolejo to create an in-depth tutorial that shows you how to properly deep-clean and disinfect both a weather sealed and a non-weather sealed camera bodyin this case, three Olympus OM-D cameras.