How to Get Great-Looking Skin Tones in Lightroom

Ryan Breitkreutz over at Signature Edits has created a useful tutorial that dives into one of the most critical aspects of portrait photography: skin tones. In this 30-minute video, he shares some his personal tips and techniques for capturing natural-looking skin tones, first in-camera, and then in Lightroom. Critically, Ryan begins the tutorial by emphasizing […]

Street Photography 101: Shooting from the Hip

In this article, I’m going to share my basics of shooting from the hip, a fun way to get candid, up-close street photos. Well cover camera settings, what to look for, and other techniques along the way.

Capture One Pro Basics: How to Adjust Exposure, Contrast and Saturation

When it comes to Lightroom alternatives, nobody has taken more users away from Adobe than Capture One Pro. But if you’ve never used Capture One and you need a crash course on the basics, Ted Forbes of The Art of Photography has put together a helpful video that you might find handy. This short beginner’s […]

5 Common Portrait Photography Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Portrait photographer Miguel Quiles is back with another useful video for aspiring portrait photographers. This time, he’s put together a video outlining the five most common portrait photography mistakes that he’s seen over the years, and how he suggests that beginners avoid or fix them.

Back to Basics: A Beginners Guide to Capturing Moody Portraits

Rachel and Daniel of Mango Streetone of the most popular photography channels on YouTubehave put together a great, straight-to-the-point guide to capturing that “moody” style of portrait that’s become a popular counter-point to the “dreamy” overexposed look that often dominates lifestyle imagery.

Macro Photography Trick: Create Rainbow Flares with a CD

The glorious colors of summer are fading away, and the windy weather makes outdoor macro photography difficult. In other words, its the perfect time to take photography inside and stage creative photos with things around the house.

Tutorial: How to Shoot Great Portraits with a 135mm Lens

The 135mm lens is a favorite of so many portrait photographers for great reasons. They compress your subject quite a bit, make everyone look fantastic, can be used for headshots and wider portraits, and blur the background into oblivion.

A Beginners Guide to Black and White Photography

Video journalist Logan Baker over at Shutterstock put together a handy primer for anybody who is looking to get into black-and-white photography for the first time. The tutorial amounts to an easy-to-follow beginner’s guide that we highly recommend you check out if you’re just getting started in this genre. Baker starts the video by admitting […]

How to Use ND Filters to Dodge and Burn Landscape Photos In-Camera

Photographer Karl Taylor recently put together a quick tutorial video that shows you how to use ND filters to “burn” a long-exposure in-camera while you’re taking the shot. It’s a neat trick, and a good solution for those times when a graduated filter won’t work.

How to Create a Focus Stack in Photoshop

Did you know that Photoshop has a built-in focus stacking function? This article explains about how it works and how to make the most of it. The reason why Photoshop is a great tool for stacking images is the incredible amount of flexibility that it provides. Not only does it gives you full control over […]

Tutorial: How to Properly Dodge and Burn Your Landscape Photos

Talented landscape photographer Michael Shainblum has put together a helpful tutorial that shows you two ways to dodge and burn your landscape photos depending on how selective you want to be. First, he shows you how to use the proper blend modesSoft Light is recommended, Overlay for a punchier lookto paint over the highlights and […]

How to Quickly and Easily Animate a Still Photo in Photoshop

There are all sorts of tools out there for making cinemagraphs and “plotagraphs” by animating certain parts of your still photos, but you don’t need any of them. This short tutorial shows you how to create these animations using Adobe Photoshop.

How to Shoot People-Free Photos of Crowded Places

It’s more and more difficult these days to photograph places without crowds or cars. One of the strategies that can help achieve that is to wake up early and be there at sunrise, but in very popular places, there will be other photographers with the same idea as you. So, how can we take a […]

Pro Tip: How to Shoot Cinematic Portraits with Hard Light

When it comes to portraits, soft and diffused light is often the go-to setting to create the most flattering results. However, hard light can also open up your portrait photography to a lot of creative techniques, such as cinematic effects.

Photoshop Tip: How to Sharpen Photos Without Creating Halos

In this short tutorial, Unmesh Dinda of PiXimperfect lays out his “Sharpening Separation” technique: a more advanced sharpening technique that allows you to sharpen your images as much as you like without creating those dreaded halos.

How to Do Back Button Focusing on Your Canon DSLR or Mirrorless

Back button focusing involves decoupling a camera’s autofocus from the shutter button and moving it to a button under the right thumb on the back. Here’s a helpful 4.5-minute video by Canon Australia showing how you can get started with this next-level focusing technique on your Canon DSLR or mirrorless camera. Canon Collective Ambassador Kass […]

4 Landscape Photography Tips to Last a Lifetime

Scottish landscape and wildlife photographer Wayne Robertson recently shared what he’s calling “4 Landscape Photography Tips to Last a Lifetime. ” These aren’t “tricks” or “hacks” or “secrets,” because Robertson doesn’t believe there are any secrets when it comes to great landscape photography.

How to Shoot Pro Portraits on a Budget with Just One Flash

Shooting professional-quality portraits with artificial lighting doesn’t have to weigh heavily on your bank account. Here’s a 22-minute video in which photographer Sean Tucker shares how to shoot great portraits using a single speedlight and a cheap modifier.

Shooting Double-Exposure Photos with a Tilt-Shift Lens

Photographer Eric Floberg made this 10-minute video showing how he creates in-camera double-exposure photos using a tilt-shift lens, a technique he calls his “creative bread and butter.” “A lot of people do double exposures with a typical lens, but I like doing it with a tilt-shift lens because it kind of distorts reality,” Floberg says. […]

Shooting the Milky Way in Missouri

Living in St. Louis almost my entire life, I was lead to believe the lights of the bustling city were too bright to make seeing stars anywhere nearby impossible. As I grew older and started getting serious about photography, I realized that was correct… kinda.

A 1-Minute Intro to Using Photoshops Refine Edge Brush

If you need to make a complex selection in Photoshop that involves hair or fur on a background, the powerful Refine Edge Brush is ready to help. Here’s a 1-minute Photoshop Magic Minute video by Adobe that will show you how to get started with the tool. When your selection of a person’s hair or […]

7 Tricks for Making Basic Selections in Photoshop

Making selections is one of the most basic things that you do in Photoshop, but there are many handy features and tricks that can help you work with selections. Here’s a 2-minute video by Adobe with 7 helpful tricks, some of which you may not have known before. Here’s a rundown of the tips: 1. […]

How to Get Creative with the Double Exposure Effect

Double exposure is among our favorite creative photography techniques, and we're sure it's also high on the list of many experimental photographers out there. We've featureda lot of projects that make great use of this technique, whether it's done in camera or crafted in post-processing.

Portrait Posing Tutorial: Making the Nose More Flattering

One of the biggest things that photographers shooting portraits need to learn is how to pose. The idea that you can simply just capture things happening isn't creative and it doesn't necessarily do your subject any justice.

How to Light Glass in a Studio

What is the best way to light glass? Glass doesnt look good when you shine light directly at it. It soaks up the light it doesnt define it. It just gives you specular highlights little pinpoints that dont photograph well.

A Guide to Shooting the Milky Way

This guide will be a walkthrough on the basics of Milky Way photography. It is best for beginners, but even intermediate and expert photographers might find something new! Plus, I always find it never hurts to refresh yourself on the basics.

13 Photoshop Curves Tips in 2 Minutes

Even if you’ve worked with the Curves Tool in Photoshop for years, they may still be some useful tricks that you’ve never come across before. Here’s a helpful 2-minute video by Adobe that contains 13 different tips.

Up Your Portrait Game With These Basic Portrait Lighting Techniques

Adding artificial lighting into your portrait workflow can really make your images stand out from the crowd. There are so many photographers out there though who are scared to use speed lights, strobes, and monolights, but there really is no need to feel so overwhelmed.

This is Why Lighting Height and Angle Matter in Portraits

How you light your subject is one of the key decisions you’ll need to make when shooting portraits. The Koldunov Brothers published this 9-minute tutorial showing the impact the height of a light source makes and some typical mistakes photographers make in placing and angling lights. The video examines the problem areas on a face […]

Quick Tips on Shooting Natural Light Portraits Indoors

Have you ever tried shooting portraits using only natural light indoors? Its always worth a try because it could be a pretty fun and educational exercise, considering doing so would force you to work with whatever light you got to produce the best possible images you could.

Shooting Landscapes: Exploiting the Benefits of Medium Format

A lot of things need to come together for me to snap the shutter. The light needs to be right and the composition needs to be perfect. A lot of times this can mean a lot of waiting, moving closer to the subject, or a lens change before I feel like taking the photo.

How to Photograph Bioluminescent Oceans

There are certain natural phenomena that most photographers would love to capture. Aurora, eclipses, meteors, rainbows, eruptions, lightning and tornados all present challenges to the photographer, not least of which is (with the exception of eclipses) having a camera pointed the right way when they happen.

Heres an Intro to Three-Point Lighting for Portraits

Here’s a 9-minute introduction to the three-point lighting setup! If you havent seen our video about portrait lighting, we go over five portrait lighting positions and what type of emotion you can get from those positions.

5 Portrait Composition Ideas (Not Rules)

Photographer Eric Floberg made this 5-minute video tutorial on the subject of composing portraits. “Rules are rules for a reason, but they are meant to be broken, so let’s follow the rules and also break them a little,” Floberg writes.

Laws of Light: Shooting in Direct Sun

The Difficulty of Shooting in Direct Sun A lot of the times when youre shooting in direct sun, its very harsh on your subjects face. Many people try not to put themselves in this situation because of it.

Three Cheap Options to Achieve Beautiful Diffused Light

Whether you're doing portrait photography or YouTube videos, good lighting is one of the first and most important element you should set up in a studio. The most straightforward way to this is to get a softbox for diffused light.

How to Make Your Own Profiles for Adobe Camera Raw and Lightroom

Earlier this month, Adobe released an update that massively revamped its Camera Profiles, renaming the feature Profiles. In addition to 6 new Adobe Raw profiles, there are also creative profiles. And instead of downloading and/or buying third-party creative profiles, you can make your own.

How to Shoot a Landscape at Any Time of Day: Different Qualities of Light

If you’re not sure how to photograph a landscape, one primary factor you should consider is the current position of the sun in the sky. Here’s a fantastic 3. 5-minute video by CreativeLive in which National Geographic photographer Frans Lanting shares tips on harnessing different kinds of sunlight.

Dodging and Burning in Lightroom to Transform Your Landscape Photos

Theres a common misconception among beginner photographers, especially those that are just getting started with post-processing and editing their landscape photos. This mistaken belief is that dodging and burning is a highly complex procedure that should only be attempted by seasoned professionals and Photoshop wizards — this belief could not be further from the truth! […]

The Best Lightroom Tool For Improving Composition in Photos

How many times have you returned from what you felt was a productive photography trip only to find that some of the compositions of your favorite images weren’t exactly what you expected? This happens to me rather frequently, but fortunately for us, we have access to one of the best Lightroom tools for improving composition […]

9 Single-Key Lightroom Shortcuts I Use Every Day

In all honesty, I only use single-key shortcuts as opposed to multi-key for the simple reason that I cant remember much beyond a single keystroke. I thought about printing every shortcut and hanging it on my office wall for reference, but that would defeat the purpose of using shortcuts in the first place as Id […]

How to Balance Strobe Light with Ambient Light

My name is Jay P. Morgan from The Slanted Lens, and in this 6.5-minute video and article, I’ll illustrate the balance of strobes with ambient light. Whether its inside or outside, youre going to have to learn the formula to balance strobes with ambient light. Its not that hard, so lets go back to 1930 […]

How to Land a Photography Assistant Job

I firmly believe that assisting a photographer whose work you admire is one of the greatest learning opportunities available to us and can provide invaluable experience. I remember the first time I was on set with a real fashion photographer.

3 Camera Settings To Master For Landscape Photography

When you purchase a new camera, how much time do you spend reading the manual? I find most camera manuals rather difficult to follow along with, and I for one very rarely use them. Whats interesting is that camera manuals only describe the technical how to side of things, like how to turn on your […]

The Best Smoke Bomb for Photos (and Tips for Using It)

Over the past couple of years, smoke bombs have become a popular photography accessory that adds a colorful new twist to portraits. They are being used for street portraiture, gender reveals, engagement shoots, and so much more.

How to Build a $30 DIY Rain Machine (and How to Shoot with It)

Ive written about this project in the past, as I originally made the rain machine and shot with it in 2012, but weve now done it in video form! Hopefully it shows a little more detail about the construction and how I shot with it. I made this just for fun really, it rains enough […]

sRGB vs Adobe RGB vs ProPhoto RGB: Color Spaces Explained

Have you ever exported a photo, uploaded it to the Web, and then noticed that the colors looked off on your monitor? The reason is likely the color space of your photo. Here’s a helpful 15-minute video by PHLEARN that provides a crash course on color spaces and how to use them. “A basic understanding […]

Building an Off-Camera Flash Portrait: A Step-by-Step Look

When it comes to online educational content, there arent many photographers out there willing to share their mistakes when trying to create a photo. I think its fair to say that there are easily far more who only share their best work online and for good reason; as educators, you want to create an image […]

How to Find the Sweet Spot of Your Lens for Sharper Photos

When it comes to purchasing a new lens there are two questions that immediately come to mind for me, how much is it and how sharp is it? Now, I know theres more to the lens buying process than overall sharpness, but as a landscape photographer, sharpness is king! As I was recently conducting my […]

This Crash Course Will Help You Master Luminosity and Luminosity Masks

Photoshop expert Sid Vasandani of StyleMyPic has put together a fantastic, in-depth look at luminosity masks that could significantly speed up your photo editing workflow. If you don’t understand luminosity or you’ve never used luminosity masks, this tutorial could legitimately change the way you make selections.

Everything You Need To Know About Night Sky Photography

Night sky photography shots are impressive. Lets go on a trip together and take stunning night sky photos. In this tutorial, you will learn how to hunt for a dark sky, choose the right equipment, discover the 500 rule, and take awesome photos.

Everything you need to know about cat photography

Zoran Milutinovic is a professional pet photographer based in Serbia. As a lover of cats himself, he specializes in photographing cats in their natural environment, capturing all their quirks, habits, and facial expressions.

Photo Challenge: Capturing Creative Portraits Using Only Continuous Lights

Photographer Neil van Niekerk recently invited his friend Marco Leibetseder into his NYC studio for a photo challenge: rather than using flash, Niekerk and Leibetseder set themselves the challenge to capture some creative portraits that showcased “depth” in-studio using only continuous lighting.

9 post-processing steps you need to add to your workflow

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10 ways to improve your fine art photography

500px Ambassador Taya Ivanova, and gallerists Daniel Cooney and Michael Foley, give their tips for breaking into the genre of fine art photography. The post 10 ways to improve your fine art photography appeared first on 500px Blog.

12 tips to help you start and grow your photography business

In order to launch and maintain a successful career as a professional photographer, its important to prioritize the business side of your workflow. The post 12 tips to help you start and grow your photography business appeared first on 500px Blog.