Alone Together – A Journey Made In Fragments

Alone Together – A Journey Made In Fragments

Seeing with the image-makers eye is at once both an act of being present and yet distant from a particular point of view. In bearing witness to each discrete world, an observation emerges; in every individual situation, there is something shared.

Despite the singularity and isolation of these bodies in space, in the sense of the infinite, they too are universal within the gaze of the lens. .

alone together journey made fragments

2018-1-12 15:46

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Alone Together: Photos That Show the Loneliness of Cities During Blue Hour

Alone Together is a photo project by Aristotle Roufanis that looks at the “loneliness of cities during the blue hour.” Roufanis is based in London, and this ongoing photographic project shows small, individual apartment lights as the only thing visible in a large metropolitan city at dusk. It’s easy to feel lonely in a big city. […] »

2017-09-16 18:36