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Dutch Court Orders Woman to Delete Photos of Her Grandchildren from Social Media

A court in the Netherlands has ordered a woman to delete all of the photos of her grandchildren that she’s posted on Facebook and Pinterest without their parents permission. The ruling, handed down last week, is calling into question what qualifies as “purely personal” usage in the age of social media. According to the BBC, […] petapixel.com

2020-5-22 01:53

DPReview TV: Create beautiful abstract photos with polarized crystals (DIY project)

Tiny crystals on a glass slide may look unimpressive to the naked eye, but with a macro lens and some polarizing filters they become magical. We show you how to make your own. Know the answer to Don's polarization trivia at the end of the episode? Tell us in the comments! Subscribe to our YouTube channel to get new episodes of DPReview TV every week. dpreview.com

2020-4-23 16:00

These Highest-Res Photos of the Suns Atmosphere Show Magnetic Threads

Researchers have released the highest-ever resolution photos of the Sun’s atmosphere. The images reveal “magnetic threads” in the star’s outer layer for the very first time. The images were published by scientists at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) working in collaboration with NASAs Marshall Space Flight Centre (MSFC). They were captured by NASAs High-Resolution […] petapixel.com

2020-4-14 19:10