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Photos of Celebrities Posing with Their Younger Selves

Dutch artist Ard Gelinck has been working on an ongoing “then and now” project in which he uses Photoshop to create portraits of famous people posing with their younger selves. Richard Gere Tina Turner Justin Timberlake Michael Jackson Lady Gaga Ellen DeDeneres Elton John Harrison Ford Paul McCartney Sylvester Stallone Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Clint […] petapixel.com »

2019-2-7 19:45

18 Photos That Show What Happens When You Go Surfing During A Polar Vortex

"As the photographer, the most challenging part was being able to see through my viewfinder. The cold windchill caused my eyes to water a lot and it would freeze in my eyelashes. The cold air temperature meant I couldn't exhale with my face raised to my camera because it would cause a layer of water vapor from my breath to freeze over my viewfinder and sometimes my lens." boredpanda.com »

2019-2-5 17:19

Фотографы агентства Magnum Photos создадут в «Зарядье» экспозицию о современной Москве

С 28 января по 9 февраля всемирно известное фотоагентство Magnum Photos впервые представит в столице экспериментальную лабораторию Magnum Live Lab/19. В проекте примут участие три фотографа — Томас Дворжак из Германии, Алекс Майоли из США и Нюша Таваколян из Ирана. photographer.ru »

2019-1-21 03:00