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Photos of Car Attack and Refugees Win 2018 Pulitzer Prizes

The 2018 Pulitzer Prize winners have just been announced. Photographer Ryan Kelly of The Daily Progress in Charlottesville, Virginia, won the Breaking News Photography category for his chilling photo of the moment a car attack slammed into racially-charged protests in his town — an incident that made national headlines. “A vehicle plows into a group […] petapixel.com

2018-4-17 23:31

20+ Rarely Seen Photos Of America In The 1950s Show How Different Life Was Before

The 1950s are often viewed as a golden era in U. S. history, a time of happiness and prosperity, despite the threat of nuclear annihilation, racial segregation and the looming Cold War. While most photos from the time are in black and white, color photography was still a relative novelty at the time and the film was quite expensive for regular people, the photos below are in glorious color. boredpanda.com

2018-4-14 12:56

Get the Ultimate Photography Bundle for Just $97!

Ever been hesitant to print out your photos or even post your latest capture of your kid on Instagram, because youre not exactly proud of them? (Even if youre so proud of the people in front of your lens?) Then I have really good news:Photography is simply a skill, so that means you can learn and get better at it! If you want a shortcut to photos youll be proud to share, you need to check out something called theUltimate Photography Bundle. photographyblog.com

2018-2-28 14:00