Debmalya Sinha: A Black and White Personal Documentary Photographer

My name is Debmalya Sinha and Im a personal documentary photographer. As Martin Parr once said, Unless theres some vulnerability there, I dont think youre going to get good photographs; I started looking for my vulnerabilities inside my otherwise easy and mostly satisfying life and quickly found out one can find pain even in the intense orgasms inside the most loving embraces of life if one is looking for it.

Emptiness and fear became central to my photographs and my life during this period. A downward spiral of self inflicted sufferings later, I slowly realised that crisis is not only about pain and suffering. Simultaneous joy of an ephemeral moment and the sadness as it floats away is a projection of vulnerability too and can be expressed together. This helped me start my current project Mono No Aware where Ive explored emptiness and togetherness concurrently in a dreamlike fictional sequence. Here is a very short video of a subset of the pictures from the project. .


2017-5-23 01:00