Film Photography: Alive and Clicking in the 21st Century

This has been driven by a fantastic twelve months of innovation and is a critical milestone for an industry that was on its knees a short decade ago. It is also a great opportunity for the community to celebrate! Here at Analogue Wonderland we have been thoroughly enjoying the celebrations.

Camera Bag Review: Peak Design Everyday Messenger 2

The first version of the Peak Design Everyday Messenger bag was a hit with many people; although personally I wasn't a huge fan of it. The originalPeak Design Everyday Messenger wasn't very ambidextrous and although the second version has surely made strides forward, there is something that is still very awkward about the bag that I think appeals more to tech bros more than anything else.

I Travel To Parallel Worlds Of Puddles With My Smartphone

Traveling and taking pictures are two of my favorite things in this world. Just an introduction of myself, my name is Guido Gutiérrez Ruiz and with my Instagram account,  I like to demonstrate you don’t need a professional camera in order to take a nice picture.

Inside the Photographers Mind: Dance Photographer Omar Z Robles

In our most recent episode of Inside the Photographer's Mind (hosted at Adorama) we interviewed Omar Z Robles about his journey as a dance photographer over the years. Omar first started out as a mime and then went back to school to rediscover himself.

This is Why Your Photos are Boring (But Its Not Really Your Fault)

The lead image of this piece is to me, one of the most boring images that I've created in the past few months. It's true. But to many of us, photography is self serving. It's very much just about you all the time; but in order for photography to be less and less boring, it needs to be about others. That statement is significantly more complex than it sounds.

My Life Story In Pictures

Hey guys, my name is Ervin Boer, I am a photographer working mainly in the automotive industry but I also love to travel. After years and years of work I finally managed to combine travel with automotive and had the honor to travel along with some crazy automotive tours through Europe with tens of supercars (Belgium, England, Scottland, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, France, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Hungary, Romania). Enjoy some highlights of my trips .

Its the Little Things That Matter Most: An Intro to Shooting Macro Images

My introduction to real macro photography came more than a decade ago when I was reviewing the Canon MP-E 65mm F/2. 8 1-5x Macro lens and Canons macro strobe setup. I had shot macro before, but this was my first time shooting with a lens that captured images greater than life-size, and it was a mesmerizing experience.

Listen to How Jonathan Higbee Creates Beautiful Street Photography LIVE

Street photographer Jonathan Higbee is our next guest on Inside the Photographer’s Mind. Street photographerJonathan Higbeeis one of New York’s up and coming photographers who not only has an interesting approach to street photography but also has a very curious background in photography.

Long Nguyen Pushed Himself to Take Epic Landscape Photos

Photographer Long Nguyen is a financial accountant during the day who turns into a sun seeking photographer at sunrise and sunset--or at least that's what he says about himself. "Currently I live in Seattle, Washington that provides me opportunities explore numerous areas of this 'evergreen state' and in addition to other beautiful places around the world.

Inside the Photographers Mind: Ira Block

It was a pleasure speaking with Ira Block--a photographer who says that he's mastered both the creative side and documentary side of his craft at the moment due to his wanting to continually push himself forward and always create different images.

I Photograph The Strangest Museum Youve Ever Seen

The Museum has been started in 2005 in a 1000 meters ground in Lavasan area ( Tehran / Iran ). It is directed by Prof Naser Houshmand Vaziri who is one of outstanding sculptors in Iran and all of designs, creativities and inventions have been made by him.This is the first private and personal caved museum in Iran.

I Create My Own Fairytales Through Photography

I started this self-portrait project 1.5 years ago and it quickly became a big passion of mine. I was missing something extra in my landscape shots and I wanted to add a human element to them in order to demonstrate the connection that I feel when I’m out in the nature.

All The Colors Of My Bath: 12 Bubble Bath Ideas That Prove I Have Too Much Time On My Hands

I'm not sure how this started to be honest, but a couple of years ago now I became obsessed with creating my own little bath sanctuaries after a long day at work. As time passes these seem to get more and more elaborate, but I can't deny that creating them is one of my favorite things to do! You can see more of my bath shots on Instagram but in the meantime please enjoy the following creations, with a few at the end that is yet to be shared on my Instagram account! I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy creating them! Also, credit to @mywalkinthworld for originally writing a blog post about my bath shots.

Every Photographic Artist Should Take a Look at These Books

While print may not be what it used to be for many photographers, one cannot deny just how important it is in our understanding of looking at images. Look at a book of prints and you'll be amazed at what's possible and just what they look like.

How to Get Lightrooms Basic Adjustments Panel in Capture One

Fact: Most people using Adobe Lightroom when editing really just use the basic adjustments panel. I mean think about it, that's why the company went and made a completely different version of the software for folks who know nothing about editing.

I Create Magical Floral Art From Mundane Photographs

I'm a photographer from Southern California, and although I specialize in portraits I think my favorite pastime is creatively editing floral photography. Each of my images look drastically different from what the scene actually looked like, and I like it that way because it creates a whimsical vibe.

What A Canadian Has Seen In Hong Kong So Far

Hong Kong is a city with a bit of everything: cityscapes, architecture, landscapes, and the ocean. Living in this wonderful city for over a year and a half, these are my highlights so far.

Hey Pandas, Share Your Cool Childhood Photos!

Looking at old photo albums makes me think that kids were way cooler back in the day. We built majestic snow castles in our backyards, climbed trees, wore fashionable sunglasses and had crazy haircuts.

Professional Photographers Shoot A Model Using Only Mobile Phones

We (Mango Street) teamed up with Jessica Kobeissi and Irene Rudnyk in Downtown Los Angeles to challenge ourselves to shoot a professional model using only our phones. Rachel, Daniel, and Jessica shot with an iPhone 7+ and Irene shot with a Google Pixel 2. Comment with your favorite(s) below!

The Creator Behind the Camera Matters More Than the Camera

We want to start this article off by saying that we live in a day and age where every camera is good if not great. It's possible to create a fantastic photo with a DSLR. It's pretty much equally possible to create a stellar photo with a mirrorless camera.

35+ Fall Photos That Will Make You Want To Become A Photographer

Ever since I became a photographer 2 years ago, I started to see things in a whole new way. It was like getting a brand new set of eyes. I started to really appreciate the normal everyday things that we seem to have blocked out and forgotten that they are surrounding us.

Cute Newborn Photography

Tatiana Trofimova is a professional photographer from Minsk, Belarus. Her specialization is newborn photography. She is young, talented and brave to experiment.

The Winter Melancholy Of A Summer Hotspot

I've always liked this strange feeling when you visit a summer hotspot during the winter season. People leave, the warm energy in the air disappears. It's kind of sad, but also calm and hopeful.

The Beauty Of Florence

I'm Davide Sasso and during the last summer I went to Florence, in Italy. This city is really incredible, it is considered the birthplace of the Renaissance, and has been called "the Athens of the Middle Ages".

A Common Mistake New Photographers Make: A Lack of Focus

In this blog article I will share a very useful tip which Brendan Van Son explained to me when I was on the second day of his photography workshop in Hucachina, Peru. He saw what I was doing when trying to photograph the above scene and saw that I was making the same mistake that lots of photographers make when photographing landscapes and showed me where I was going wrong.

App Review: LightLeaker (Apple iOS, Apple iPhone 6s)

Very few apps really make me want to review them, but in the case of LightLeaker I'm more than eager to do so. LightLeaker joins the list with LensDistortions and RNI Films as some of my favorite apps for iOS that appeal to the photographer that wants much more than what the current suite of editing platforms offer simply because of their emphasis on creating a clinically perfect photo.

Showcasing Modernist And Brutalist Architecture Of Belgrade, Serbia

Showcasing modernist and brutalist architecture of Belgrade, Serbia. The series is trying to represent these concrete giants on the effective and beautiful way. Looking from the perspective of a single citizen, from an urban environment, these photos are appreciating the heritage of past times.

Where to Get Your Film Developed in NYC

Yes, we obviously know that lots of photographers everywhere across the country and the world shoot film. But arguably, some of the most film development labs per capita are in NYC. So if you're in the tri-state area or want a lab that will develop your film, check out these offerings.

How We Find The Right Image Out of Thousands in Our Photo Library for Stories

The reason for this article has a bit to do with organizing and managing your photo library in addition to a reader request on how to exactly do something like this. Indeed, organizing your photo library has always been a pain and the only way to fix the problem is to have good practices to begin with.

I Use Flowers To Create Magical Images

"There are always flowers for those who want to see them." - Henri Matisse I have always been very much inspired by the beauty, colours and simplicity of flowers. For me, flowers are the living proof that magic do exist in this world! I always try to portray little visual stories which are atmospheric, dreamy and give a sense of emotions.

I Combine Thousands Of Photos To Create One Image Of A Butterfly Wing

I never thought I would be running around with a net desperately trying to capture butterflies and dragonflies. But that was exactly what I was doing two summers ago at the local golf course. Living north of San Francisco I am surrounded by natural beauty with flowing waterfalls, giant redwoods, and luscious green hillsides.

Fun Portraits Of Flying Dogs By A German Photographer

Julia Christe is a German photographer specializing in photographing pets. One of her most recent works is a funny series in which the dogs are "flying". The project began when the photographer decided she would like to capture pictures of her favorite animals from a new perspective.

I Photograph The Special Bond Between Horse And Human

At the age of 13, I was traveling all over Denmark, to photograph horses with their humans. Of course, it was because of my own love for horses, that I combined this with taking photos. I myself have never spent much time in the saddle.

Japanese Great-Grandmother At Age 90 Continues Conquering Social Networks With Her Incredible Joy Of Living

This lovely Japanese lady could even teach millenials a trick or two on how to capture the life's most joyful moments and turn them into magic.   Last year, Kimiko Nishimoto took the internet by storm with self-portraits casting herself as a dog, a frog or even a witch roaming the vicinity on her broomstick - almost like a Harry Potter character that accidentaly made their escape from the pages of the book.

Ever Since This 90-Year-Old Japanese Grandma Discovered Photography She Cant Stop Taking Hilarious Self-Portraits (New Pics)

This lovely Japanese lady could even teach millenials a trick or two on how to capture the life's most joyful moments and turn them into magic.   Last year, Kimiko Nishimoto took the internet by storm with self-portraits casting herself as a dog, a frog or even a witch roaming the vicinity on her broomstick - almost like a Harry Potter character that accidentaly made their escape from the pages of the book.

Ir Photography On The Cheap

One boring, wet day, I was browing the web when I found an article on how to convert a point & click camera to an IR point & click camera. It looked pretty simple. All you needed was an old camera and some exposed 35mm negative strips.

I Love To Runaway With My Camera

Hi! My name is Maciek, I' m 25 yo amateur photographer from Poland. Photography is my biggest passion. I love to take photos of landscapes and cities

I Finally Got To Live Out My Horror Fangirl Dreams!

I've been a massive horror buff since I was a child and always wanted to do some horror-icon photo shoots but it can be hard finding models willing to have a bit of fun, so when my favourite make-up artist (Quinn.

I Make Amazing Fantasy Art Images To Cosplayers

I have been drawn to the cosplay scene for many years and been making plenty of images on the basis of their costumes and characters. Here are some of my favorites over the years. Do you recognize them all? Most of them looks like the real deal!

We Created A Christmas Card Thatll Make You Laugh

I had a client who simply wanted to make the family laugh for the Holidays! They told me their idea and I was definitely down for something different from the typical Christmas card photos. I usually tell people how to pose or how I want them, but for this session, there was nothing but laughs from me. More of my work can be seen on my website.

Painting New Life Into Abandoned Buildings

Littered across the prairie of North Dakota sit countless abandoned buildings, left to their own by generations past. I combined my fascination with them with light painting photography techniques to create photos that put a new twist on these old buildings.

Photography is the Bastard Art

Photography is the bastard art. There are many reasons for this, not the least of which is that everyone owns a smartphone and many of those people are under the mistaken impression that they are excellent photographers.

Skull Shaped Pencil Eraser

Hello! I want to share with you a couple of my light painting photos. I'm an amateur photographer and I love to take pictures of small items and toys. Recently, I'm trying to photograph a living model - my patient girlfriend.

I Made A Camera Lens With An Iceberg

I wanted to share with you my latest personal photographic experiment: creating the first ever camera lens made of ICE - "Iceberg Lens Project". Shooting photos and videos using the ice lens was my dream for almost 2 years.


Walking through Brazil, I captured some images of workers who use their hands to excuse their livelihood. This is the result of that tour.

Minimalism In Landscapes

The term minimalism is usually used in art, where the elements or objects are reduced to minimal. Minimalistic images have a certain attractiveness, and even philosophical sense. Minimalism can be found everywhere – Minimal music, design, architectural, literary minimalism, minimalism in photography.

I Photograph Flowers With Dutch Light

I wanted to steer my career in a different direction, more outside instead of inside behind the computer. So I took a flower growing course to learn to grow flowers, but I ended up in a dark studio photographing these gorgeous creatures that I have grown.