Canon, King in SLR Cameras, Makes Inroads Into Mirrorless

It appears Canon will be shifting a lot of focus to the mirrorless segment in very near future, and claim the EOS M50 is a step in that direction according to a report from the Nikkei Asian Review. TOKYO — Canon will shift more of its focus to mirrorless cameras, a change in strategy spurred by sharp growth Read more...

Canon Announces the EOS M50 Mirrorless Camera

New Additions to the Canon EOS Family include EOS M50 and EOS Rebel T7 MELVILLE, N. Y. , February 25, 2018 – Upgrading from a smartphone camera to an entry-level interchangeable lens camera (ILC) can be considered to some people a daunting task.

Canon EOS M50, More Images and Specifications

Specification updates are in bold. (via digicame-info) Here is a more detailed list of specifications for the Canon EOS M50 that we expect to be announced on February 26, 2018 in most places on earth.

Certification Update of Unreleased Canon Gear

Here’s a reminder of unreleased Canon gear that has appeared for certification and that we’ll likely see ahead of CP+ in March. The only thing we haven’t heard much about is the new lenses, but we are trying to get them confirmed.

Will The Next Mirrorless Camera From Canon Have 4K Video? [CR1]

We have confirmed that a mirrorless camera will be announced next month ahead of CP+ show which begins on March 1, 2018. While we cannot confirm the “EOS M50” moniker is the camera coming next month, that’s the logical assumption based on past information.

EOS 2000D, EOS 3000D, EOS 4000D, EOS M50 Registered

Four new Canon EOS cameras have been registered with a Russian certification agency. Canon EOS Cameras Registered (Google Translated): EOS 2000D Номер нотификации: RU0000034331 Digital single-lens reflex camera Kit: Body, 18-55mm IS II, 18-55mm DC III EOS 3000D Номер нотификации: RU0000031323 Digital single-lens reflex camera Kit: Body, 18-55mm IS II, 18-55mm DC III EOS 4000D Номер нотификации: RU0000033405 Read more...

New Flash Coming in Early 2018, Aimed at Mirrorless Shooters [CR2]

We’re told that the new flash that recently showed up for certification will be geared towards smaller cameras and mirrorless shooters, but give prosumer level features. The flash was supposed to be announced in the summer of 2017, but has been delayed for unknown reasons.

The Canon EOS Kiss M / EOS M50 Shows Up for Certification

Nokishita has uncovered a new Canon camera that has appeared for bluetooth certification. It looks like it will be called the EOS Kiss M / EOS M50 depending on the market. The naming scheme is interesting, as “Kiss” is usually held for DSLRs in Japan. Could this be the first EOS M camera with an Read more...