Landscape Photographer Ben Horne Shares Why He Enjoys Working with Film

Landscape photographer Ben Horne is known for working with large format cameras to take breathtaking images of the wilderness. And in one of his recent videos for his series on YouTube titled “Film Photography: The Beauty of Working with a Mature Technology,” he shared with his followers why he enjoys shooting with this medium more than with any digital camera.

The Contax T2 Price Tag Is About to Skyrocket to Asgard

If you've long been lusting after a Contax T2, you might have to think twice about getting it. Otherwise, grab it now before you need to shell out a lot more than you've already set on spending. After Chris Hemsworth announced on Instagram that he's gone "full hipster" and that he'll shoot only with film from now on, the price tag soaring to new heights isn't a matter of if, but when.