First Impressions: Panasonic LX1 II (Maybe the Best Cam for Street?)

I'm not going to lie, I was wondering if the Panasonic LX1 was ever going to be replaced, and today Panasonic is announcing their new Panasonic LX1 Mk II. The camera keeps pretty much everything that was great about the Panasonic LX1 but replaces the internals.

Basically, take the Panasonic GX9 and smush it into this body. Yes, the lens is still a zoom--and though I'd much prefer it to be a fast prime I can totally understand why Panasonic would create a lens like this. But if you combine it with the Monochrome effects, it's bound to be a camera that's almost perfect for street photography. At least, in concept and theory it all makes sense to us. .

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2018-8-22 10:00