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This Solar System Photo Was Shot From a Photographers Backyard

Check out this family portrait of our solar system. It’s a composite photo created by a single astrophotographer who photographed the planets from his own backyard in Sacramento, California. Photographer Andrew McCarthy shot the individual photos with a Sony a7 II camera, Canon 60D, ZWO ASI224MC color astronomy camera, Orion XT10 telescope, Meade 2120 telescope, […] petapixel.com

2019-1-16 20:42

Gear of the Year 2018 - Barney's choice: Nikon Z7

This year seems like it went by in a flash (although thinking back to some of the news headlines I'm still tempted to say 'good riddance'). In the photo industry, 2018 has definitely felt like a year of transitions: not least because this was the year that Canon and Nikon finally entered the full-frame mirrorless market, and in so doing began the slow process of moving beyond their respective legacy EF and F mounts. dpreview.com

2018-12-23 17:00

I Energised Athletes & Cyclists Through Blurred Lines And A Painterly-Like Essay

I was in a creative Rut, and worked on a series of images pulling out what I felt was the essence of the motion, energy, power and dedication athletes put into their craft. These images were shot during collaborative shoots with athletes, during sport events I was working on and during commercial shoots for which I would pull a couple of images for the series. boredpanda.com

2018-12-19 13:54