Balloon Portraits That Pop!

Crummy Gummy's newest body of work, "AIR HEADS", is a series of portraits featuring artists from various backgrounds exploring their identity and creativeness by using a balloon(s). The artists chooses what he or she wishes to draw on it as an extension of their personality or art style.

Creating Beyond Reality

I invite you to discover the work of the Polish photographer Ezo Oneir, who leads us into a universe through surreal creations. Ezo uses inspiration from other worlds and dimensions. She offers us beautiful pictures, featuring her models in dark esoteric and oneiric compositions.

I Went To Meet Women Accused Of Witchcraft

I went to meet these women accused of witchcraft. Judged and imprisoned on simple arbitrary charges by relatives or neighbors. In the Central African Republic, as in many other countries in the region, witchcraft is a belief and even part of the legislative framework.

Get On Your Bikes And Ride

Bikes are an integral part of Dutch society. The flat landscape and short distances make it an ideal country for that. 84% of the Dutch population has one or more bikes.

We Have 174+ Reasons To Smile Every Morning!

Photographer Cristian Manta, is from Romania and he travel around Europe trying to find sincere smiles and at the same time diversity. The Project 174 Reasons To Smile is a little help to make this! In January 2015 i started this photo project! 174 Reasons to Smile is a photo project dedicated to smiling.

10+ Best Bird Photos Of 2017 Have Been Announced, And They’re Truly Amazing

Birds are a secretive and mysterious species, which makes them one of the hardest to photograph. The British Trust for Ornithology, however, is taking time to appreciate photographers around the world who have mastered the art of capturing the quiet, gentle beauty of birds, and they've just announced their winners for 2017.

10 Pictures Of Ginger Twins I Took In Scotland

Meet Mya and Kaitlyn McDonald, redhead twins from Fyfe, Scotland. The location I had in mind was very windy that day (which is no wonder) so we had to change it. Even though Mya and Kaitlyn are twins, I wanted to show how different the girls are by using the instruments that are supposed to make them look identical: same clothes, same hair, even the same poses sometimes.

I Create Magical Pictures With My Children (Part 2)

Being a parent, crafter and photographers seems an ideal combination if you dream of creating unforgettable images of your children. Even more, when you can enjoy and take advantage of all the inspiration around you - the result must be a success.

A Walk Through The Abandoned Athens International Airport

Hellenikon International Airport served Athens from 1938 till 2001. It is located in the south part of Attica, in the municipality of Hellenikon (Elliniko). After its closure (2001) some of its parts were used for the 2004 Summer Olympics (canoe/kayak slalom, field hockey, baseball, and softball) but the main buildings were left and still are unused.


New Year In Moscow

@yustinaaa If you are suddenly losing your Christmas mood we’re happy to share with you these beautiful pictures from Moscow celebration. This is a really Happy New year with thousands of artists, trees, fireworks and other things. Moscow, one more time, please.

I Shoot Streetcars In Helsinki, Finland

Not easy for a street photographer specialized in people to work in Helsinki in the dead of winter ! The sun rises around 9.30 and sets as early as 3.30pm consequently the only sources of light are the tramways crisscrossing the city.

The Seascape Photography Of Durban In South Africa

I have to confess, I really love the sea so much. I can't even comprehend to imagine what it would be like to live somewhere where you won't see the Sea, I would be okay living among the Mountain, but if there were no Sea by where I live, it might just sound like a cynical thing to say, but I could lose my mind from that.

The Best Wedding Photos Of 2017 Will Absolutely Amaze You

Trusting a photographer with your wedding is a huge risk. You're not entirely sure if the pictures will satisfy your eye, and there's no way of redoing them. That's where Fearless Awards comes in, a site dedicated to celebrating the best wedding photographers from around the world whose stellar images would please even the pickiest soon-to-weds.

I Asked People What Do They Believe In

Wiara (belief/faith) is a word from the Polish language which means that something exists which is powerful and supernatural; it can have some connections to religion but it can have other references.


I Documented The Abandoned Houses Above The Arctic Circle (Part 2)

Norway is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, with northern Norway being a popular tourist destination. Small islands, white beaches and crystal clear waters nestled underneath enormous mountain peaks make for a dramatic and impressive landscape.

Traveling Above The Clouds

It’s been a year that the project “Seasons-photo diary” is collecting Georgia’s most distinguished and interesting places in its photo-shoots. We are traveling two, me and my husband, David Khelashvili. Locations, colors, heroes change according to the seasons.