‘Feline’ Observed

Did it ever happen to you to feel observed? It has happened me several times during the past years trying to photograph cats. They are very expressive so I decided to collect some photos from my projects where different cats look straight to the camera..


I Do Post-Marriage Private Shooting With Cats

When I got married, I wanted so much to have some Photos with my cat Arthur so I decided to do a special shooting just for us. Later a couple of friends asked me to do The same for them with their 3 cats, so we managed an After-marriage shooting. This is the lovely result.


C-At Work: I Photograph Cats That Live In Beautiful Working Places

Spending time taking photos of cats, naturally turned out that there are many people who have a cat in their working place, so I decided to start a new project called C-AT Work. It is a very interesting project that allows me to see the cats entered in the most unusual environments, in beautiful locations where we are not used to seeing them.