Mark Broyer Highlights Color in Latest After Hours Installments

We've been following the night strolls of Hamburg-based photographer and art director Mark Broyer through his After Hours series, curious about the persona his town takes on come nighttime. We find ourselves wanting to do some street photography at night with each installment, and the two latest ones are no exception.

If you too are looking for inspiration for your next street photography project, you've come to the right place. .

mark broyer highlights latest after hours installments

2019-2-8 20:00

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Mark Broyer Captures the Beauty of After Hours in Hamburg

Cities take on a different persona at night, and they can either be full of energy or melancholy, depending on the city, the districts, or time of the night. Street photographers who prowl their towns by nightfall sure know this very well, and it's interesting how their photo narratives reveal which part of the night they prefer to document.

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