How His Childhood and New York City Inspired Bruce Gilden

Bruce Gilden remains one of the biggest names in the realm of street photography, so it's always worth learning about his insights on the genre. Not too long ago, he sat down with another esteemed photographer, Martin Parr, and talked about some interesting stuff about his beginnings and "fearlessness while photographing people out in the streets.

Book Review: Daido Moriyama How I Take Photographs

Is it snapshot photography or street photography? We find out in Daido Moriyama’s new book How I Take Photographs. How I Take Photographs is an insight into the workflow and creative thinking of Daido Moriyama.

These 10 Street Photographers Show the Medium Isnt Dead

Street photography is dead, proclaim the pessimists. We disagree. We believe that the scene is thriving more than ever before. Theres a worldwide community all coming together to try and keep the craft fresh and exciting.

8 Street Photographers Who Deserve a Solo Exhibition

A solo street photography exhibition is precisely what these folks need. Street photography festival season is fully underway. There are plenty of competitions and opportunities to get your work out there and seen by all the key players.

These Camera and Lens Combos Will Make Street Photography Fun

There are just some things in this life that go together. Mac and cheese, and peanut butter and jelly come to mind, but there are also non-food items that pair equally as well. When it comes to street photography, having the perfect camera and lens combinations can make, or break the experience for you.

Half a Million Historic Jack Rosen Photos Are Waiting to Get Digitized

Jack Rosen was one of the best photographers of his time, yet a lot of us most likely aren't familiar with him and his work. That is what a crowdfunding project seeks to change, first by digitizing and cataloging the lot of negatives and slides he left upon his passing in 2006.

Our Favorite Street Photographers with Under 10k Instagram Followers

If youre serious about street photography, then you will already know that a photographers number of Instagram followers is often no reflection of their ability to create great images. What is true, however, is that those with genuine skills and quality deserve all the online love they can get.

Cheap Photo: For Just $41 You Can Master the Art of Street Photography

Approaching and photographing strangers in the street is one of the most daunting, and most challenging things street photographers do but it is a skill set that, once mastered, will open up new doors, and thousands, upon thousands of new possibilities when it comes to street photography.

Street Photography: Our Favorite Gear and Accessories for 2019

Great street photography can be some of the most compelling forms of art that the human eye can fixate itself on. And whilst a photographer is only as good as their creative capabilities, having solid gear will certainly help them along their way.

Bruce Gilden Discusses His Coney Island Street Photos

Whether you're already familiar with Bruce Gilden's bold street photography or still familiarizing yourself with his work, it's always engaging to look back at some of his best known sets. There's probably no one that can best tell us the most interesting details and stories about his photos than the photographer himself, so we take once more to Gilden's Vimeo page to revisit his snaps, this time to listen to his commentary on his Coney Island project.

Philip Goldberg: Evoking Emotion Through Street Photography

I'm Philip Goldberg, raised in the Detroit area, lived in Costa Rica and China for a combined total of about 35 years, and now back in Miami. There are certain constants in our lives. For me, photography has been one of them, from looking at photos of my parents when they were young, being raised on Life and Look magazines, and watching movies.

9 Photographers Proving The iPhone Is a Great Camera

"The camera is just a tool. Is there any more evidence of this than the images being created with iPhones? A tiny camera that fits in your pocket, yet photographers are making professional quality images with it.

Jan Enkelmann: Moments of Calm Contemplation in Londons Chinatown

I am Jan Enkelmann, a London-based documentary photographer dividing my time between commercial work and personal projects. With my personal work, I often photograph people in public spaces, but struggle with the street photographer label in the classic sense.

6 Powerful Point and Shoot Cameras for Discreet Street Photography

Street photography is a genre that requires a certain finesse. You have to be able to capture images quickly, and in a lot of cases, discreetly. Having the ability to be able to blend in with the crowd with a camera that doesn't say "look at me" is a must, and so is one that is small enough to not get banged, tossed and roughed up while walking through the busy streets.

Alessandro Zanoni Uses Muted Colors to Tell the Story of Dusty Shanghai

A city has many faces so there's always something eye-catching or thought-provoking waiting to be uncovered by the discerning photographer. Shanghai, for example, is home to many fascinating subjects we've seen here so far -- from architecture and street scenes, to documentary portraitsand even abandoned symbols of childhood.

What Should You do When Someone Says Dont Take My Picture?

"Please don't take my picture. " This is something we have all probably heard before as photographers. Whether the plea comes from a friend or family member that you might be hanging out with, or from a complete stranger that you may pass on the street, it's a powerful statement, and it is one that should not be taken lightly.

The Best Accessories For The Enthusiastic Smartphone Photographer

Whoever thought we would be taking credible photographs on the same device we call our Moms on? Well someone did, hence why smartphone photography has become its own popular sub-genre. With that, its hardly a surprise that tech companies have created a plethora of accessories to help boost your smartphone photography experience.

The Best Accessories for the Enthusiastic Smartphone Photographer

Whoever thought we would be taking credible photographs on the same device we call our Moms on? Well someone did, hence why smartphone photography has become its own popular sub-genre. With that, its hardly a surprise that tech companies have created a plethora of accessories to help boost your smartphone photography experience.

Bruce Gilden on Gangster Types and Tough Guys

It's always fascinating to hear photography greats talk about their own work and the ideas or motivations behind them, even if it's the controversial Bruce Gilden. Whatever you want to think of his style as a street photographer, many of his works remain exemplary in street photography and documentary photography.

Antonio Priviteras Inner City Blues: The Story of a Dream Come True

Oh my god! I was super excited, thrilled to get there! says Antonio Privitera as he recounts how his childhood dream to shoot the streets of New York finally came true. His latest series is not just an exploration of New York, its a narrative that tells the story of a photographer in his element.

I Capture Reflections/ Reality As I See It

Someone once said that reality is for those who can't handle drugs. Well, I'm the one who can't handle drugs and reality at the same time. Therefore, I decided to take photos.

Street Photography With the Sigma 16mm F1.4 Art Lens

Photographer Stuart Hendricks practices street photography with his Sony a6300. His favorite lens is the Sigma 56mm f1. 4, but for a short while he decided to give the Sigma 16mm f1. 4 a spin around the streets of Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) in Vietnam.

The Six Best Places for Street Photography Beginners to Shoot in London

Forget Paris, New York and Tokyo for street photography, theyre overrated (ignore me. Im just jealous I dont live there). But as a British street photographer that cut his teeth in London, Im going to fly the flag and say its the best spot in the world for making street photographs.

Ludwig Favre Reveals the Beauty of Chicago in a Nostalgic Series

While looking at a city objectively has its merits, sometimes an artistic perspective also proves to be effective in creating its poignant portrait. Paris-based fine art photographer and Lumix Ambassador Ludwig Favre has given us a fine example in the past with his glowing portrait of New York Chinatown just before sunrise.

8 Steps To Help You Become a Super Focused Street Photographer

Street photography requires a lot of focus. With the world moves so quickly around you, if youre not paying close enough attention, images will pass you by. Thats why you need to do all you can to ensure youre fully in the zone, locked in on life and ready to pull the trigger.

Jeff Karps Beautiful Street Photography Finds Light in the Darkness

Jeff Karp is an exceptional street photographer. In a short period of time, he has amassed a strong, supportive following through Instagram. I am so grateful and humbled by every person who chooses to authentically follow, he says when speaking of his rise to success.

Im a Street Photographer Transitioning into Posed Portraiture

It took a long time for me to get confident when shooting on the streets. Now, as I embark on the world of portraiture, I feel like Im starting all over again. New worlds, different approaches, dealing with many personalities, all of this is putting me out of my comfort zone - and I love it! So as I move on this creative journey, Im taking you with me, sharing with you what my experience has been like so far.

How Street Photography Lead Mo Gelber to a Path of Healing

Mo Gelber is an NYC based street photographer, who gravitated towards the craft to sooth the pain he had been carrying most of his life. When recounting his childhood he tells us, I grew up in a dysfunctional home full of violence he continues my father would let out all his personal frustrations on me.

Five Fantastic Street Photographers Using Their Smartphones

Smartphone street photography has risen in popularity over the past five years. The cameras are getting crisper and the technology is getting smarter. The best part about them from a street photographers perspective is that they can always carry it around in their pocket - meaning its always readily available.

Josh Estey Sheds Light on Life in Jakartas Congested Streets

Since every city is a multi-faceted ecosystem, photographers are faced with a myriad of stories, issues, and realities to capture. In his photo essay titled No Land Left to Play, Josh Estey chose to paint a picture of how the Indonesian capital of Jakarta has become a congested mega metropolis with hardly any open spaces for its residents.

Erik Witsoe Captures Beautiful Slices of Life in Monochrome

While black and white is a popular look not only for street photography but also for any project that calls for a classic or dramatic imagery. From portraits to landscapes, documentary photography, and photo diaries, photographers turn to the simplicity and elegance of black and white for both professional and personal work.

Why Daily Life In South Africa Is So Magical

I go about my life here in the western cape and often can’t help whipping out my phone to capture the beauty of the scenery around me. Here’s just a small taste and appreciation post.

I Got Lost In The Beauty Of Milan At Night

My name is Davide Sasso and I'm a photographer. Italy is really beautiful, last year I had the opportunity to visit the most beautiful places: Venice, Florence, Rome and many other incredible places, full of art, history, and beauty.

While I Was In Paris, I Took Some Pic With My Smartphone

i'm Mounir Belmokhtar 19 yo from Algeria , i was in Paris and i took some shoots with my Iphone 5syou may know that i love photography , a smartphone or DLSR it doesn't matter as long as you try to see the beauty in everything and shoot what you see and share with your version of the vision you can chek my other post i'll alway say it ,,don't make excuses .

Photographer Captures Russia Like You Never See On The Postcards

Photographer Alexander Petrosyan has spent years and years discovering and documenting infinite layers of St. Petersburg. His wide collection - not only beautiful, but also grotesque - invites outsiders to step inside the raw and unpredictable streets and experience them without a filter, common for polished postcards or travel documentaries.

We/You All Suck at Street Photography; and Thats Okay

Street Photography isn't simple and instead is something that requires a number of incredible parallel factors to all line up accordingly--and when cameras start to do nothing else but constantly log life at a higher resolution, it will require human elements beyond algorithms scrubbing for "Good images" to actually have someone call themselves an artist.

10+ Images From The Time Fog Made My City Look Like A Blade Runner Movie Set

I'm a huge Blade Runner fan. It has inspired my style of photography in an endless number of ways, from the color-grading to the themes it represents. So when the heavy fog came rolling into Songdo of Incheon, South Korea, I was snapping away until the early hours - ensuring all these moments were not lost in time, like tears in rain.

Photography News Roundup, September 29

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Weekly Photography News Roundup, June 9th

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