Moment Delivers Photography Accessories for Brand New Google Pixel 3

Google announced the brand new Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL smartphones earlier today, and Moment is releasing brand new photography accessories for smartphone photographers looking to upgrade to the new Android devices.

As part of this release, Moment is introducing new photo cases, lenses, and as well as the Moment Pro Camera app for Android. .

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2018-10-10 01:00

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Moment Pro добавляет HDR+ с поддержкой Visual Core в Pixel 2

Moment выпустила обновление своего приложения камеры Moment Pro, которое даст владельцам смартфонов Pixel 2 доступ к режиму HDR+, который используется в стандартной камере Google. Компания Google ещё в феврале выпустила обновление Android, которое открывает доступ к функциональности HDR+ и дополнительному визуальному процессору сторонним разработчикам. »

2018-08-03 12:49


Moment Pro adds HDR+ with support for Pixel 2's Visual Core hardware

Moment has released an update for its Moment Pro camera app that gives Pixel 2 smartphone owners access to the same HDR+ shooting mode available in the Google Camera app. The third-party shooting mode utilizes the Pixel Visual Core co-processor hardware Google built into the Pixel 2 smartphones, which Google activated for third-party apps via a software update issue in February. »

2018-08-02 22:54

Google and Moment Announce Moment For Pixel 2 Case At Launch

This is not really anything new, but one of the biggest ways that the big phone makers are setting their products apart from each other is through their cameras and imaging technologies. This trend again reared its head at Google’s launch of the Pixel 2, where they teamed up with Moment to have a specialized Moment for Pixel 2 case specifically for smartphone photographers. »

2017-10-05 19:00