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Turn a Broken Laptop’s Screen Into a View Camera Ground Glass

Iranian photographer Alireza Rostami loves experimenting with camera equipment, from flipping a lens element for “magic bokeh” to creating a working analog watch camera. His latest experiment is also off the beaten path: he found that a display from a broken laptop works perfectly as a view camera’s ground glass. After the display on his […] petapixel.com »

2019-1-18 20:17

(SR5) Sony likely to introduce a new A6xxx camera with usual body design, 4k30p and some “exciting” features…

Image on top shows the current Sony A5100 I am still not 100% sure but the evidence is getting stronger that within 24 hours Sony will actually announce a new Sony A6xxx camera. UPDATE: I corrected the specs with the new info I got! – This is going to be a new entry-level camera replacing […] The post (SR5) Sony likely to introduce a new A6xxx camera with usual body design, 4k30p and some “exciting” features… appeared first on sonyalpharumors. sonyalpharumors.com »

2019-1-15 19:55

Maybe It’s Time for Samsung to Return to Making Camera Sensors

Over the last few years Sony have emerged as the the world's leader when it comes to camera sensor manufacturing and supplying. The Japanese powerhouse develops and keeps the very best sensors for use in their own cameras of course, but they also supply sensors to most other camera manufacturers too, with the likes of Nikon relying heavily on their technology. thephoblographer.com »

2019-1-11 20:00

Review: Nikon Z6 (The Better of Nikon’s Two Initial Mirrorless Cameras)

When Nikon first announced the Z6, we were certainly hoping for a camera system that would blow us away. Instead, what we got was a camera system that felt half-baked at best. Coming into the mirrorless marketplace five years later than the competition, you would expect Nikon to avoid pitfalls that have plagued competing camera manufacturers, but the reality is they seem to be making a lot of the same mistakes. thephoblographer.com »

2019-1-10 14:00

Ricoh Pentax в 2019. Из интервью Nippon Camera

В интернете активно обсуждают предновогоднее интервью топ-менеджера Ricoh Pentax японскому журналу Nippon Camera, в котором было рассказано о планах компании на 2019 год. Нельзя сказать, что интервью получилось откровенным и, уж тем более острым, но некоторые взгляды на ближайшее будущее этого безусловно авторитетного фотопроизводителя будут интересны, как минимум, пентаксистам. photowebexpo.ru »

2019-1-10 00:30