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STC expands Clip Filter series with new Panasonic Lumix M43 ND and IR filters

STC Optics has expanded its Clip Filter Series to include new filters for Panasonic Lumix M43 camera systems, as well as the Z Cam E2 4K Cinema Camera and Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K. As with the existing Clip Filters, the new series is designed to be sandwiched between the camera body and lens, positioning the filter over the sensor instead of on the front of the lens. dpreview.com

2019-9-14 01:42

Camera Drone Follows Rollercoaster to Capture Dizzying Cinematic Footage

FPV Drone pilot and YouTuber Viggo Koch recently teamed up with the folks at the Liseberg amusement park in Gothenburg, Sweden to film something pretty epic. Using his substantial drone racing skills, he followed the park’s HELIX rollercoaster to capture some dizzying footage that holds its own against any CGI out there. To be clear, […] petapixel.com

2019-9-12 18:40

Phase One announces new XT camera system

$(document). ready(function() { SampleGalleryV2({"containerId":"embeddedSampleGallery_0117372915","galleryId":"0117372915","isEmbeddedWidget":true,"selectedImageIndex":0,"isMobile":false}) }); Phase One has announced its XT medium format system, which the company is marketing as a 'travel-friendly' solution for landscape photographers. dpreview.com

2019-9-11 14:00

Hands-on with the Phase One XT camera system

Introduction Phase One has just unveiled their new XT Camera System, which uses the same IQ4 digital backs as their XF system, but in a much smaller and lighter overall package. Phase One is billing the XT system as a 'field camera,' explaining to us that, while the XF system is really about ultimate image quality in a studio environment, the XT is about making it easier to achieve that quality beyond the studio. dpreview.com

2019-9-11 14:00

Review: Vuze+ 3D Stereoscopic 360 Camera

Vuze+ VR camera$995 | vuze. camera As someone who has been involved in the 360 video community for what is (too) quickly approaching half a decade, the rate at which the medium has evolved in recent years, from both the hardware and software perspective, continues to blow my mind, and the Vuze+ is just another reason why. dpreview.com

2019-9-10 16:00