NASA shares the first 8K footage from space, shot aboard the International Space Station

NASA has published the first 8K footage from space on its YouTube channel. The three minute video, filmed aboard the International Space Station, details "the in-space experience and see how the international partnership-powered human spaceflight is improving lives on Earth, while enabling humanity to explore the universe.


Throughout the video, more than a dozen experiments and devices are shown, each of which are listed and timestamped in the video's description on YouTube. There's even a glimpse or two of Nikon D5 cameras and Manfrotto mounting equipment.

In order to view the video in full resolution, you'll need to either stream it on Google's Chrome browser or download the 3GB MP4 video directly from NASA's Image and Video Library website.

Of course, in order to watch it in all its glory, you're going to need a display capable of showing off 8K footage — something you might not have sitting around the house or office — so keep that in mind.

Experience high-res #science in the first #8K ultra high definition video from @Space_Station, featuring @esa. Watch and download: https://t. co/6HqkKKmoLj #UHD pic. twitter. com/FiDMrSQgKe

— ISS Research (@ISS_Research) November 2, 2018

NASA specifically thanks the European Space Agency, the ISS National Lab, and astronauts Alexander Gerst, Serena Au, Ricky Arnold and Drew Feustel for their efforts in the making of the video.


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2018-11-7 01:26

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