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Interview with an astronaut: What it's like shooting photos from space

Jared Polin (aka. Fro Knows Photo) recently scored an interview that has us all extremely jealous here at DPReview. A phone call to NASA to find out if astronauts shoot Raw in space led to an interview with Marine fighter pilot and NASA astronaut Randy Bresnik, who had arrived back to Earth from the International Space Station just three days before Jared spoke with him! The entire interview is fascinating from first question to last, but first things first: yes, astronauts do shoot Raw in space. dpreview.com

2017-12-28 20:36

Photographer From Kiev Creates Absolutely Incredible Macrophotographs Of Flowers And Plants Using A Smartphone

Self-taught photographer from Kiev (Ukraine) Vitaliy Marchuk (@vitalii85vm) not so long ago revealed in himself the talent to see what the other will miss without paying attention. This particular view of things he decided to fix using photography, which showed him one more talent - the ability to create fairly high-quality macrophotographs. boredpanda.com

2017-12-12 20:54

Kuo-Chiao Lin: Moving from Street Photography into Portraiture

Im Kuo-Chiao Lina Taipei native, a New Yorker at heart, and a vagabond wandering back and forth over New York City, Tokyo, Montreal, and Taipei. Im an official Fujifilm X-Photographer who, to all genres of photography and visual stories, applies street photography as a method, a way to accept randomness/chaos and react to what's happening around. thephoblographer.com

2017-11-30 23:00

Gnarbox 256GB Version Adds Lightroom Integration

Mygnar have announced the release of the expanded version of their core product, Gnarbox. This latest edition features an expanded storage capacity of 256GB, up from 128GB as seen on the original device, and an integrated mobile workflow with Adobe; making the import of content from Gnarbox to the Adobe Lightroom Mobile app and Creative Cloud ecosystem a seamless user experience. photographyblog.com

2017-10-21 20:00