Neal Auch: Memento Mori Styled in 17th Century Dutch Still Life

Thought-provoking photography projects also tend to be bold and disruptive, and this work of Canadian photographer Neal Auch certainly fits the bill. By combining conceptual photography with the styling of 17th century Dutch still life painting, he makes a strong case for his ideas on mortality.

He describes his work as seeking to "engage with mortality headlong and encourages reflection on the fragility of life" done in the age-old tradition of memento mori. While death and mortality are some of the most widely explored topics in various creative disciplines, we don't always see them interpreted as both beautiful and macabre. In this body of work, art, philosophy, and sentiment converge to inspire us to confront the fragility of life in imagery we most likely have never imagined. .

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2019-4-13 13:00

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